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Visionair.nl is a website for visionaries; people who look beyond everyday life. The website aims to stimulate visionary thinking. With that goal in mind, this website brings together interesting news and new insights. Let's all get our brains to work, because there is still a world to improve ...


For questions, comments or visionary ideas, the editor-in-chief can be reached at info [a] visionair.nl. Do you want the visionary messages hot off the press every day? Then follow us via these social media:

The Visionary Commandments

On Visionair.nl there are few rules because we assume that if you are intelligent enough to find this site worthwhile, you are also intelligent enough to make the website worthwhile for others.

Not descended from heaven, but originated in the forge of fierce debate, here are the rules of the game to keep Visionair.nl a bit livable in the long term. Unlike other websites, the Visionary Commandments also apply to the moderators, administrators and owners of Visionair.nl and therefore give visitors certain rights. The rules can and will be amended if circumstances warrant this.

  • Spraying opinions without substantiation is not the intention. Visitors are asked to provide substantiation if there is reason to do so. By substantiation we do not mean links to books without an exact page indication, documentaries of 3 hours without the exact time when the relevant statement is made, etc.
  • Discrimination is allowed, not generalization. So: “redheads are bloodthirsty aliens who use small children in their purple garlic soup” is prohibited, “some redheads are bloodthirsty aliens…” is allowed, of course with scientifically valid evidence (for example: a recipe for purple garlic soup with baby fingers in it. Klingon in a magazine of the Redheads Association).
  • Criticizing invisible beings and self-proclaimed prophets, mediums and sorcerers is wholeheartedly encouraged. The latter, of course, in a humorous and / or tasteful way. Persons, invisible beings and deceased prophets who feel insulted can personally report to info (at) visionair.nl. Complaints from third parties will not be processed.
  • Posting criminal matters or punishable statements (such as death threats, copyright-violating matters, etc.) is prohibited. Not because we are full of admiration for the pile of crooked international treaties and disastrous laws that generations of puzzling politicians and visionless administrators have stuck with us, but because we have no money or desire to be the martyr of the free word for the sake of it all too clever brazier.
  • Threats and personal attacks are strictly prohibited and will be banned until the perpetrator has written a deeply thought-out, heartfelt excuse of at least ten thousand words to the victim or the victim forgives him or her. With each subsequent violation, the required number of words doubles. An alternative punishment can also be proposed in consultation with the victim. Objections about this state of affairs can be expressed to the editors in classic Nahuatl.
  • Advertising is allowed, as long as the advertisement ties in with the topic of the thread, has informative value and is relevant to the discussion (“on topic”). For alternative advertising options, please contact the editors, info [at] visionair.nl.
  • Do not post more than two links in your comment below an article on the site or your message will become fodder for our Akismet watchdog (that's our spam filter).

Frequently asked questions and comments (FAQ)

  • What do you want to achieve?
    In short: a fun and dignified life for every intelligent life form that the Golden rule puts into practice. This will only succeed if we make the most of a resource that has so far been underused, the human mind and fantasy. That is why we try to stimulate it with our ideas, analyzes and philosophical considerations.
  • Your fantasies and speculations are way too wild. Couldn't it be less?
    Sorry, we are visionary handicapped. That means we don't feel bound by the status quo bias. We try to apply scientific principles, otherwise there are no restrictions.
  • You are way too good.
    Don't worry, your favorite sacred house is coming up.
  • Why are you so blatantly optimistic?
    As humanity, we have already achieved so much on balance. The universe is so wonderfully big. And… the stupidity of man is endless, so is the potential to improve it.
  • You are a far cry from… (enter your favorite site).
    We do not try to become a copy of another site, but we put our own emphasis. As we hope our colleagues do too. There are too many copycats.
  • You insult my prophet / god / guru / supreme spirit.
    Have him or her personally report complaints here instead of sending a subject along.
  • I would like to consult your scientific sources, but coughing up 30 euros for a small article is too much for me. 
    Publishers like Elsevier make only 40% profit on scientific publications. That is why it is quite right that you cheerfully pay this 30 euros or more. We therefore strongly advise you not to go to the sci-hub.io website and enter the title of the scientific article as a search term. There is a very good chance that you can read this article there for free and of course we should not want that all together. What you should definitely not do is give the villain who set up this system a donation, say ten dollars, and encourage her to continue with her work.

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