What is Health? - Tom Watkins only eats raw

Since yesterday (Monday, December 17, 2012) the Dutch documentary 'Rauwer' was shown on TV, various discussions have flared up in the Netherlands. The documentary is about a mother (Francis Kenter) and her son (Tom Watkins) who have both been eating raw food for about 10 years. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, nothing more. The predecessor of this documentary had already been premiered in 2008 under the name 'Rauw'. See below:

On November 14, mother and son were guests at Pauw en Witteman, where they told their story. Below that excerpt:

One point I DO NOT want to focus on is the mother's view that it is better for the child to stay at home to learn because there can be too many bad influences at school. In the Netherlands every child is of compulsory school age; whether that is justified or not (it doesn't seem to be the case in England) is another discussion that we might be able to pursue in our forum.

Another discussion that has been heard a lot in response to these documentaries is the question of whether that mother 'maltreats', 'indoctrinates', 'protects', etc. She is responsible for the health of her child and should treat him accordingly. that a healthy and happy life awaits him. But what is '(un) health' actually? If the doctor says you are unhealthy, is that true?

Characteristics of health
Tom, who is now probably about 15 years old and thus in his puberty, is small. Despite the fact that he is growing, he remains a lot smaller than his peers. According to a doctor, this has to do with my diet, which means that he has far too little energy, does not get enough protein, his calcium level is too low and also lacks specific fats. In addition to the fact that his body grows less, according to the doctor, this also has consequences for the development of his brain. The reason Tom eats this way is because his mom thinks it's better for him. According to her, it has been proven that there are substances in cooked food that can cause cancer. Baking in oil or heating in the microwave is out of the question for her. Millions of years ago we didn't eat hot food either, the reasoning goes, so why not go back to this more natural form of consumption? Or to come up with another example: if you're going to feed monkeys pizzas and energy drinks, that will certainly not be good for those animals.

Image source: wikipedia.
It's quite tempting to blame the mother for everything. She may not immediately look like the friendliest mother and she may not always speak her words well. But does that detract from her reasoning? Unfortunately, I am not an expert in the field of biomedical sciences and I do not know to what extent certain points of view that she cites are 'proven'. But: the same will apply to the doctor's position; he will also base his diagnosis on scientifically recognized theories. Still, I think she has a point: 'health' is relative and therefore depends on what you take as standard. Is Tom sick, or is the rest of society sick?

Various illnesses
According to CBS, in 2011 slightly more than half of men overweight, as well as over 40% of women. Also there are in absolute numbers more and more deaths due to cancer in the Netherlands, even though a decrease can be seen in relative terms. Still, the number of deaths from cancer is the Netherlands relatively high compared to other countries. In the Netherlands, between the 60,000 to 100,000 children with ADHD (although this number has not increased in the last 20 years). To name a few examples. To give an honest picture, shouldn't the doctor also express his concerns about the dietary patterns of some of these people? By this I mean: although Tom may be missing some nutrients in his food (which may be essential for a healthy continuation), the same probably applies to many more children in the Netherlands. The doctor's diagnosis can thus be put into perspective: the diet is 'unhealthy', but that applies to many more children.

The difference between Tom and these 'other children' is probably that Tom looks perfectly healthy. He has just as much energy playing football as his peers and also comes across as a sober, reasonably bright boy. Moreover, he does not indicate that he does not feel well (unless he eats food that he should not actually eat, because his body is not used to it). Okay, it's smaller, but since when is height a measure of that? health?

Different points of view
The great thing about science is that we can predict things based on research results. In the above videos, the mother expresses fear of cancer in particular, unfortunately I cannot immediately conclude whether there are other things that she wants to protect her child from with this diet. The doctor explains next to the growth problem (what in itself doesn't really have to be a problem), a risk of stagnation in brain development. How do these two points of view weigh against each other? As far as I know, no research has been done into exactly this consideration, but it is likely that considerations can be made. Adding a few dietary supplements to the food can possibly significantly decrease the likelihood of stagnation in brain development than the same supplement reduces the likelihood of cancer (difficult sentence, I am trying to balance the two points of view here). The mother has clearly chosen not to do this, thereby making a clear stand against our Western eating habits, and perhaps also against our Western views of what is medically 'healthy'.

Another point that comes back in the videos, which I would like to mention briefly, is nicely summarized by Tom's grandmother. She says: "I don't have to live to be 150 years old, I want to be able to enjoy it." This resembles a hedonistic attitude, which more people seem to adhere to. Is this so? Do we mainly have to follow what we can enjoy and do we not have to be so aware of the consequences? I don't necessarily agree with Mother Francis in encouraging her child to adopt these eating habits, but she certainly has a point where we can learn to appreciate our food better and be more aware of our food. She herself may have gone a bit too far, but only the future can tell whether that is the case.

Nb A small disclaimer: I absolutely do not know the situation of Tom and his mother, and only base the above story on the two above videos that I have seen. I have not seen the documentary 'Rauwer' either.

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  1. I saw the documentary last night and still sympathize with the mother. And the only thing that surprised me a bit was that she does not give her child milk while calcium (in measure) just needs it. And a piece of fish for the necessary fatty acids also seems healthy to me, despite the increased concentrations of toxins that fish contains. A while ago there was also an item on cash register about fish that contains a lot of old medicines, chemicals, etc. because the sea is very polluted. For the rest, she must know for herself, that boy looks healthy and he is happy too. And in the meantime, recent studies have strongly highlighted the fact that sugars and bad fats are major causes of the current wave of our affectionately termed diseases of prosperity. While they are only out to keep food longer and to replace ingredients with chemical variants for pure cost savings in order to increase turnover / profit. Our health is not important as long as we consume because that way the economy remains healthy and they can more easily keep large groups of people under control.
    Everyone knows the current schooling system is more like an indoctrination camp full of modern Western propaganda in support of the system, but the social aspect of school for that boy seems important to me. It's best to build contacts when you're young and there will no doubt be kids who don't see him as some sort of freak. But tend to believe the mother more than all these so-called experts because they just look healthy and not everyone who wants to walk in the pageant full of sheeple should be forced back in line. Let them relax, it doesn't bother anyone, right?
    It would also be high time that people start living their own lives again as they want to, not as forced by government that has completely overshot its goal. It is high time for an era full of freedom for the individual and without all the fuss no one has asked for.

    1. Harry, even though you have a point up to a certain height, rules still remain rules to be able to steer us a bit in a regular manner, otherwise it will become a mess. Mvg Paul. :-D 

      1. Well ordinary rules, you are right, but come on it gets worse and worse, you no longer have privacy, everything is controlled, you should not have your own rules if they think it does not belong in this society, they bless children have their own freedom to say what they want or not, if you punish too often that is not allowed because the child must be a child, and they are used for this (talk to children about sex from 9 years old you must prepare them, they have to get condoms on time, ah yes a beer that is allowed, baby is 12, or why not just smoke a joint with mommy, ow I have cool mother, ah you want to stay in caffe until 3 in the morning ah why not all the children do that) AND THEN YOU ARE GOOD MOTHER ??? So if I don't want all that for my child, then I have strict upbringing CHILD MUST BE CHILD And how do they help, will we put baby out of the house, and then give baby all the freedom in the world, can be abused, can become criminal THAT MAG! But if they fall as a system, as a child welfare system (so many children unhappy about being away from their parents, so many criminals after growing up in child welfare institutions or at pedophiles' homes, murderers, rapists and why they were How many suicides have been committed in connection with bullying of children, why is that school still supervise students how is that possible do we have to close those schools, because they have fallen, no but how much I know an interwiu sorry blessing and we go on as if nothing is wrong. But making families black and giving children away to loving families THAT HELPS !!! Where does society go, get worse and worse !!!!

  2. Ps the funny thing I find myself that when you talk about this subject most people immediately say that she is completely insane while they themselves are completely stuck in thinking. They only say the things they have been told by others without delving into this topic any further, which in my opinion is very important. Food-drinks are essential to our survival. The environment and the world around you and everything that grows there are indispensable. So who are those people to judge her while they themselves have no interest in knowledge at all in food / drink and how the earth provides us with it.

  3. First of all, I think Francis looks bad. Sometimes she does not appear made up / cut down for a while: her eyes are hollow and now admit: it is just like a walking skeleton - without any female shapes - with a pale skin drawn over it.
    I find scary how she 'works' her son, not even talking about what she pumps in in terms of 'information': she is on top of the child. Not only figuratively, but also almost literally when mother and child are talking on the couch. I also find her symbiotic attitude towards Tom scary.
    I feel bad about letting this guy saddle up with his life about whether or not to eat raw, who, what, where, how and why. And then also isolate him from peers. It seems that Tom only gains social skills with his mother or with his girlfriend. Francis denies Tom quite a bit by not letting him go to school.
    And whether or not that boy is healthy, and also healthy when he reaches adulthood, and stays healthy in the rest of his life, I am almost sure that Tom will come into contact with the social services in the future. His life is all about eating / not eating and being central in this. It is normal for him to be an exception, not to belong to others, to be isolated. A mom who needed him to make a statement. Obstructed in its development on a psychological and physical level, in social behavior, etc.
    Watching the documentary made me wonder: aren't we all 'just' watching Francis as a mother with Munchhaussen's Syndrome by Proxy? As far as I am concerned: get the boy out of the house as soon as possible and since he is so hammered what to do in this case: closed institution. Let that mom eat wraps of iceberg lettuce with seeds and shredded red cabbage. Yummy. She has to get her own life on track without parental authority. Finally: who brings the dog a bowl of food? After 3 days, the animal is entitled to this, also to a vet who takes a look at what is wrong with the ear ...

    1. Janna, I think you are drawing conclusions here that are enriching for the information you are getting. In my opinion you can say little about the relationship between the mother and the child outside the camera. Of course she is on top of the child, otherwise it would be boring TV. We do not know what that is like in everyday life (when the camera is not rotating).


      By the way, have you seen Rauwer? I wonder if it says anything about the boy's social life. Because it is not necessarily the case that she prevents him from doing so: in Rauw you can see that the boy does play football.


      On the other hand, there may be something wrong with that mother, but we simply cannot draw that conclusion from this material.

    2. Janna, I totally agree, although I fear that out-of-home placement will cause even more damage to damaged Tom. I also think the mother-son relationship looks scary, during one of the court hearing she was also indoctrinating him nicely: “Don't you want to tell the lady of the child protection that you want to stay with mommy yourself?” Tom makes a catatone impression, not cheerful and full of life and certainly not like a 15 year old boy! And finally, Francis herself proves her insanity by having the dog fast as medicine for an infection! (She had not yet managed to make these disappear with beets and lettuce wraps)

    3. I also fully agree, that mother in any case has an eating disorder (orthorexia?), because she has gone so far in this. She looks super slim and slim. otherwise I think it's just child abuse, just let that boy eat what he needs in terms of nutrients. I also wonder if that boy really feels good, since he only eats raw

  4. I came across this reaction somewhere about the home school aspect which I found interesting.

    Are children state owned?

    The government claims through the Compulsory Education Act the mandatory right to educate our children from their fifth to sixteenth year of life. The qualification obligation starts immediately after compulsory education. The qualification requirement ends when a student has obtained a basic qualification or has reached the age of eighteen.

    A child in secondary education is obliged to attend 1,000 lessons per school year. Absence due to illness will only be accepted if the illness is diagnosed by a government recognized doctor. Taking your child on holiday outside of school hours is not allowed. The attendance officer supervises unauthorized absenteeism and takes action if necessary.

    Prussia was the first country to successfully introduce compulsory schooling in 1819. The aim was to create uniformity and obedience. State schools provided soldiers for the military, workers for the mines, farms and industry, and officials for the bureaucracy. The US followed in 1872, England in 1876, France in 1882, the Netherlands in 1900, and Belgium in 1914.

    The quality in state schools is often poor. Many HAVO and VWO students leave school with a diploma while they are unable to write Dutch without errors. Calculating change at the till is too difficult. Ordering a sandwich in French or German often does not work.

    A German family recently applied for and was granted political asylum in the United States for wanting to teach their children at home which is illegal in Germany. The judge who granted the asylum accused Germany in the decision of violating "fundamental rights that no country may violate".

  5. I did not see that report, but heard about it and immediately thought of a BBC documentary:: How our food changed our evolution ”(or thereabouts) a group of volunteers lived on a chimpanzee diet for a week, (everything raw and vegetaries) they were just like chimpanzees they spent all day getting rid of the food and all appeared to lose a lot of weight that week.
    Because the human body is no longer able to efficiently convert uncooked food into building materials, a cooked carrot provides almost twice as much nutrition as a raw one.
    Madam is right: millions of years ago people didn't eat hot food either, that's right, they just remained small and had a brain capacity that is less than a third of the current one. and actually the same thing happened to this boy now.
    nice mother in my opinion more concerned with her own ego than with the well-being of her child. (unfortunately no exception)

      1. Dear Kamion, I think it's special how the research is so easily twisted to make a point against this mother's choice. Results were, more energy, better sleep, enormous improvement for a potential diabetic patient and above all a huge drop in blood cholesterol. This diet was a confirmation of the fact that our current diet is not good.
        It is a special phenomenon, people who do everything they can to kill people who stick their head above ground level ... probably out of their own insecurity and often jealousy.

        1. Dear Paul, I absolutely do not distort research, I just link my memory of an extremely interesting program to the announcement about a woman who keeps herself and her child alive with raw food. When I first heard about it, my spontaneous response was: “ Is she nuts ?! ”
          after being exposed to some more media attention about this I think: "Sure she is."
          In particular, you should not counteract the current bad food pattern by using another bad food pattern.
          If the lady really wants to adhere to a healthy diet, she has to spend the whole day collecting herbs and tubers with her child and chasing a rabbit in the park together: after all, the fossil bones of the hunter collector show that it was a lot healthier than the neolithic peasant from the same period. Yet peasant culture was the future and not that of the hunter gatherer.

      1. I have often made mistakes like this as a result of a damage to my memory, but if you want to fuck word you can have an orgy here on this site. We all do this from time to time, ma'am.

  6. As I wrote before, every individual has its own metabolism, in the wild nature you can choose your own food with feeling. That animals in captivity eat unilaterally is just like people who are under civil law. So it means being able to adapt with contemporaries or looking for a way out, with all the risks associated with it. There are also several individuals who have to live on a raw diet because of their physical condition and metabolism.
    Nature often strikes a large group of one-sided people all at once and most of them perish as happens in most civilizations, so life on the earth remains in balance ... A natural phenomenon that the scholars (including literate doctors) do not answer because it just is… ..

  7. If you do not send your child to school because you are afraid that he will consume cooked food, then you are not just a bit freaked out, but just obsessive.

  8. I did have some sympathy for the mother. Especially when I see how unhealthy some children live; here in front of the supermarket, for example, I also see a group getting rid of energy drinks almost every day. I understand her point somewhere.
    What surprised me, however, was that she used quite a bit of substantiation with “if you just google…” That is also how conspiracy thinkers try to empower their ideas. After 2 hours of googling, you can find evidence everywhere on the internet: Bush was a Reptilian, bananas give you AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry tries to give people cancer. If you try to refute the advice of several specialists, then something is wrong. Then you have a rather gross self-overestimation, but that is the downside of the internet; people think they are experts by reading internet pages.
    She has simply gone too far in her fanaticism, but she has the right intentions.

  9. @ Harry:
    Everyone knows that the current schooling system is more like an indoctrination camp full of modern Western propaganda in support of the system.
    [/ quote]
    Either you are using fallacy, or I have overlooked a trivial fact. Personally, I think you are very exaggerating.

  10. Once again carefully thinking about this article and having read the responses about it again, I actually come to one conclusion, namely, 1- The story that the media presents us is a fragmentary image. 2- The real underlying thoughts of this mother is also only partly expressed and does not create a total overview of the actual reasons. 3- Through the media, we tumble over our general emotional reactions about this mother and condemn her without knowing the real reasons. 4- Youth care, in my opinion absolutely has a negative name with regard to these kinds of matters and have already made many mistakes in the past due to their stubbornness. Often it is the case when you actually know the reasons, you usually get a completely different train of thought regarding this subject. 5- I do respect the mother for going against the rules of the established order, regardless of whether she made the right decision. 6- If I have looked closely at the face and expression and eyes of this boy, I have also not got the impression that it is subject to anything that he disagrees with. I think it is our emotion that condemns the whole thing. Hence my respect for this mother. This whole story shows once again how we are all indoctrinated by the imposed rules of the established order. There must be rules, otherwise it will be a mess, but in my view there must always be a free opportunity to make choices and the latter is usually hard to find. Mvg Paul.

    1. Paul and others,

      If I remember correctly, the child often looks to the bottom left in his answers. What does that say again? I wondered when I saw it. But then again: I wouldn't feel comfortable in a studio like that where all the cameras are pointed at you.

      1. Niek, when you start a conversation with an adult and / or a child, anywhere in the world, it usually always drops your eyes, not always, but there are few people who look each other directly in the eye in a conversation. The reasons for this may be that it is in an environment where it is in any case uncomfortable, often also nervous because of all that unknown attention. Or that the person who speaks does not look good. But it could also well be that it is not shy, but does not want to look the other in the eye because they are afraid to read the truth. You usually see the latter in adults, in my opinion less in children, but it could still be possible? Mvg paul.

      1. In my opinion, people started about 20 years ago to increase the pressure to perform, talent swarms and everyone had to be highly educated to be allowed to be of any significance. Print makers were there and they have always been there, but they did not fit. more in the ideal image that one suddenly had to meet.
        Think that you should look more in that corner and that the GGZ tells a bit of myths.
        ADHD simply does not exist and, like many other mental illnesses, is a fabrication of stakeholders who prefer sweet, good, quiet, patterned subjects (who then go all out in their spare time)  

  11. The problem with Francis is that she lives in tunnel vision. She is completely obsessed with healthy living. In everything she does, she weighs the extent to which it would harm her or Tom's health. If you deal with health that way, then you are actually unhealthy. In itself there is nothing wrong with raw food, but you should not take all health claims seriously. And if two doctors say that Tom has a significant growth defect, it is time to look at reality instead of the desired reality.
    Another thing that struck me is that ethical motives do not seem to play a role. She doesn't want Tom to eat fish because it contains mercury, not because it requires killing an animal. And the dog is not fed to pass the ear infection. That's just animal cruelty.
    With regard to compulsory education, I do not agree with the attitude of youth care. State education is so bad that it is better to educate your child yourself or send it to a private school. But that's not the point for Francis. She is concerned about the unhealthy food that children eat at and around school. However, the question is why she does not do anything about it herself. After all, as a parent you have a say in school. Surely there are more parents who would rather see their children eat fruit than candy.
    I'm afraid things will end badly if Francis doesn't come along. Although it may seem like Tom has a free choice, her influence on him should not be underestimated. It would therefore not be wrong if Tom stays in a different environment for a while. This does not necessarily have to be with strangers, it can also be with family or friends.

    1. Patrick, food is a given that you must have knowledge of, what meaning it has in relation to the body. Every body is diverse in that fact, because it is not the case that you can draw up an average guideline for this, although one does. But as a certified chef and having learned all this once, I can tell you that by not eating meat it is absolutely no given that you will be short of chemicals for the development of the child. Our youngest daughter did not eat any animal products with her 1st child. Take it from me that the little boy is good at the alarm clock and is a healthy child, besides that he was also breastfed. In the food chain there is and still are many options for meat substitutes. In addition, the current diet has so much so-called added value, think of the EE numbers, that you can ask yourself whether it is all healthy? Especially the substances that are used regarding the shelf life. There is still a lot to report in this regard. It is ignorance that man has. So I don't worry much about this boy's health. Mvg Paul

    2. If someone can indicate what is a better environment for him or her, interference and enlargement by the media is not healthy. It is nothing special if you have a separate diet, mothers are never the same and looking for change which is sometimes an improvement in the spirit of the times on location. Introduce it to the immigrants, those who have come to the Netherlands have chosen it and have done something about it.
      Compulsory education is fun as long as various courses are possible, starting with the basics. It will then be possible to consider which location better suits the ideals of the child or the parents. Then it might still be future music, but it is also possible to place a child at five different schools a week. Then there is also the possibility for the parents to educate the children themselves for a particular branch in society as well as in the outdoors. How much time a child will spend in a classroom will therefore be less. Academy Finnish model? …. It is about solid future planning and free choice to participate and cooperation…. 
      Since most of the world is not so conscious about food, awareness is a natural process that many still have to go through.
      Furthermore, I see no problem in the choice of mothers how they give the children a basis, as they usually find their way in life after puberty.
      If people are put on edge by interference, it can sometimes lead to undesirable events. For many people in monetary systems, there are numerous examples from the past.
      Furthermore, personally I often eat raw because you never know how the coin will turn. I have often been in the midst of society without opportunities and few or no help. And city stones are heavy on the stomach, so it turns out that weeds are often edible as soon as the need is greatest. Although a tender bite of meat from a good crust is quite tasty. ;)

  12. Maybe I can agree or disagree with the way of life of that lady, and that is different for everyone but that youth care wants to put him out of the house that really makes no sense. Why then, it is again a big question for 15 year old boys through pedophiles, they would take better care of him than their own mother And that whole country watching and trying to split them up, have no worries IS THERE NO OTHER WAY to help that family? to regain confidence, because so far it has turned out that they have done more damage than they have helped, and who is TAKING them? What kind of country is this? You are held accountable for everything, nowadays you are not allowed to decide for yourself child what is he going to eat and what not, they must have freedom to say what they do not want or want, she says it well, so if child wants to use drugs she must bless is good do ma, alcohol also like that. good commentary on this story “so much ar weary and families who have nothing to eat in this country and you don't see it, how many children go with empty tummies after bed, and are helped by youth care is to put a child out of the house due to lack of money instead of helping families and to give extra resources that they can survive !!! SORRY but I don't see youth care as an aid organization but more as someone who does everything to blacken more families and put children out of their homes and then collect nice bonuses and what happens to those children? No one who checks. If you really want to help, then help family in a different way and not to take a child away and not even see how that child is doing !!!     

  13. If 2 doctors say that there is a growth disorder and everyone can see that this boy and his mother look very unhealthy, then a light must go on. To immediately expel this boy is of course nonsense. Perhaps it is better that mothers receive professional guidance. Incidentally, no antibiotics are added to meat, otherwise I would have to show continuous allergic reactions. This boy is simply indoctrinated by his mother and something will have to be changed quickly otherwise it could end in a very nasty way.

  14. This mother indoctrinates her child with unhealthy beliefs, with the result that the child thinks that this behavior is normal. No wonder that this boy appreciates the attention, because children want that too. They demand attention, willing or bad, in that age group as well. Furthermore, the boy lives separately from the father, which, as is known, requires extra attention from the parenting parent, caregiver. My parents divorced at the very young age of 7 for me, they remarried years later, I speak from experience. I also recognize that the child behaves differently at school and does not feel at home there, because other children respond to the deviant behavior with bullying. As a result of the social isolation and deviant obsessive, forced eating pattern, the boy will later have enormous problems in the relationship sphere, I also partially recognize myself in this, and I was therefore divorced four times, my eating pattern was normal. I did not want children, because I then came to regard them as extremely unpleasant plague company, which later resulted in sterilization. I feel deeply sorry for the boy, and I have no understanding at all for the people who think that the pedagogical insights in education developed over time have had no influence on the indoctrination philosophies. The opposite is true for mixed schools, which do not give the impression of being a working class child, as in the past. Rich or poor, they are in the same class. The fact that religious schools do practice indoctrination from their principles is largely limited to religion and to unhealthy insights into the natural sexuality of the individual. The indoctrination that we get from the materialistic growth society through advertising for products, has much greater consequences for the self-image by which a child measures whether it is successful, and therefore happy or not. The fact that all schools are therefore partly guilty of indoctrination is not culpable given the circumstances in the societies in which they function as a school.  

  15. I just saw the piece at Pauw en Witteman, and both the mother and Tom seem perfectly healthy and self-thinking people to me. In addition, it also becomes clear that Tom is not allowed to eat raw food from his mother. And sometimes does.  

    And about the growth curves, I have been under the official growth curves all my life and have always had cola and ships and in the end it all turned out well. I also don't believe that I myself was much bigger than Tom at that age. The fact that people do not necessarily fit within the standards of the average humanity does not immediately mean that they would be in danger. :) 

    In addition, I personally think it is nice how that mother just does her own thing and is apparently not afraid of attention, since she herself is participating in this documentary and thus also invokes all this comment about herself. 

    I don't think it would be wrong at all if parents themselves took a little more responsibility for what their children eat and learn instead of blindly trusting the current systems in this. 

    Anyway, they do actually address the entire current system, it is to be expected that it will subsequently become defensive. Not feeding your child burgers and sugar drinks and not wanting to expose them to state programming… yes then of course you are not feeling well at all. Otherwise the people who do all that would suddenly have to feel guilty and most of them don't feel like it, so the sheep will tackle the sheep that wants to leave the flock ...

  16. I just watched the video paul and Witteman again and noticed the remarkable slowness with which Tom comes to an answer to questions asked. Also striking is the faltering decision-making with him, he hardly gives targeted answers. The beliefs of the mother stand like a house for herself and a professional renowned doctor is considered by her to be ignorant. The difference with my 6-year-old neighbor is huge, but I will not be the only one who has noticed that difference in other children. Placing child care out of the home does not seem to me to be a good solution, since the mother is caring, although in my view this is almost obsessive. However, guidance by professionals is necessary there, which the boy gets happily. Incidentally, not seeing doctors as the mother says, any latent ailments in the boy, can promote all chances of their development, with unpredictable consequences. Potentially perish or die, like so many children in the Bible, who are left to divine judgment, Tom would not thank her later. In any case, I don't have a good word for it. :(

    1. It's hard to say whether or not eating raw food alone is harmful to Tom's health. I can remember a study from the 1990s in which mice were fed a diet of only raw vegetables, which was found to have a positive effect on the lifespan of the animals. I don't mean to say that everyone should only eat raw food, I don't do that myself, but it does indicate that Tom's mother might have a point. There are enormous financial interests at play in biological and medical science, so it would not be unhealthy if we as a society take a close look at the way in which we obtain and consume our food. The last thing I would argue for is to take away custody of Tom's mother or intervene in family life in some other way. However, it seems to me to be a loss for a child to grow up without classmates, but that is just my opinion.

    2. What exactly do you want to say with Tom's slowness? To me that seems more sensible, given that many people (children) 'just say something' way too quickly. Faltering decision-making? I would not speak easily if I was in such a studio and 2 famous Dutch people show so much attention to me, certainly not at that age. In any case, I cannot simply deduce anything negative from that.

      1. If I compare him with other children, especially the groups that previously played in my garden, I find him to give very slow reactions compared to this. On the other hand, you definitely have a point. The child may be impressed by the size of the party, but he is also not much more likely to respond at home. Beside; I compare his behavior from my experiences, with what the average adrem behavior by children has been in the field of communication with adults. It often became a mess in my garden, because the groups that played on the large trampoline that was there, did not take the little ones among them into account. Then I intervened and got upset when people disagreed with my decisions. I really had to think about the arguments they put forward at lightning speed before answering. Sometimes I couldn't even argue with that at the time, out of amazement at its ingenuity. If I had been alone, you can still link that to a lack of authority on my part, but the mothers from the neighborhood supported me sometimes three and four at a time. I live in a neighborhood where many single mothers have sought refuge, including close to a school. My garden is not fenced, everyone can enter it. On New Year's Day the trampoline was suddenly there, probably the work of tugs. The owners turned out to be untraceable and the schoolchildren soon discovered this. The fun they kicked prompted me to leave the thing standing, but after months of cleaning up rubbish and having a constant large bowl, I broke that thing down. You cannot blame those children, children are children and that involves a certain behavior. In my view, Tom deviates significantly from that and I base my judgment on that, in addition to the fact that in my relationships I had to raise the children of others for years.

  17. The boy has a girlfriend in the movie "raw" and he also plays football. otherwise he just plays outside. I suspect that the social isolation is not too bad. He also has contact with his father and older brother in England, sometimes goes there. I would like it better if he did go to school, she should do her best to find a school where he is not bullied. Moreover, he is now at an age where pressing is a little less of a danger, I think, because that is more serious when they are younger. Youth care agency could follow him at school and make sure he doesn't get bullied, go there as an agency I would say. He also eats seeds and nuts, which contain calcium and proteins. It may be missing certain fats, but they are also contained in nuts. To be honest, I think he eats a lot healthier than many other Dutch children and I suspect that he will reach somewhere in the 180 cm, so that seems fine to me. I'm not so worried about him and the doctors in the Netherlands know little or nothing about nutrition, so I wouldn't believe that.

    1. Perhaps the youth care agency should first investigate how it is possible that children under their care are sexually abused much more often than in normal society. If you supposedly say that you can help children, but under their care the most horrible thing that can happen to a child occurs much more often than usual, then in my opinion you have 0 authority to tell others how they should or should not raise children. Opstelten recently apologized for it.


      Cabinet apologizes for abuse in youth care
      UTRECHT - Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) on Monday, on behalf of the cabinet, apologized to the victims of sexual abuse in youth care institutions and foster families.

      He did this in a meeting with a number of representatives of the victims.
      Opstelten apologized to every adult and child this has happened to. It is very regrettable what happened. Under our responsibility people have been placed in foster homes to be abused ”, he said after the meeting in Utrecht.
      Youth Care had previously apologized when presenting the final report of the Samson Commission, but the victims felt that politics should do the same.
      The representatives of the victims present were very grateful and happy. Carla Meijers of NL Heelt said she was moved by the cabinet's sincere apologies.
      Today was a very important day for the victims. With these apologies, a foundation has been laid for further recovery ”, said Guido Klabbers van Klokk, the Koepel Landelijk Overleg Kerkelijk Kindermisbij (National Forum of Child Abuse).
      An independent committee will deal with damage claims. According to State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice), the focus is not on hard evidence but on plausibility and it is decided as leniently as possible whether compensation will be paid out.
      The Samson Commission concluded that the sector and government were initially unaware of the consequences of the abuse. Later there was a lack of courage and professionalism to handle things.
      42 cases of abuse were handed over to the Public Prosecution Service.
      Former Deputy Prime Minister André Rouvoet will lead a new committee on behalf of Jeugdzorg Nederland to investigate how sexual abuse in youth care can be prevented in the future.

      Just like with sailing girl Laura, they seem to threaten anyone who has an opinion of their own with taking their child away. From human rights in the Netherlands I also only hear terrible misery about the Youth Care Agency, so maybe those people should just keep their mouths shut in these kinds of issues, especially as long as they seem to facilitate child abuse themselves.

  18. Unfortunately I personally know several people who have suffered serious health damage (including disability) due to a vegan lifestyle. In the book below you can read similar stories:
    That is why I think that this extremist way of life equates to abuse. Certainly there is also a lot wrong with society and the food / pharma industry, but that does not mean that this somewhere understandable extremist reaction is the solution. 
    Time for more education about food, in which different points of view are presented side by side and everyone is allowed to draw their own conclusions. And of course a major change in the economic system, which in turn underlies lack of knowledge and unhealthy dietary patterns. 
    What to do about the cause instead of a symptom, to fight Tom's situation and then to leave everything as it was….
    Those poor doctors receive in their training for too little about food, I even think it is only 1 subject, very strange if you reach the world from a holistic perspective.
    Grts, Humanbee

  19. I have seen both documentaries and (because I like to broaden my field of view, also in the kitchen) read a lot about raw foodism. That doesn't make me an expert. I did notice a few points:
    a) Food is a religion in rich countries, roughly divided into two “camps”. There is the standard diet (the Wheel of Five, as I call it for the sake of convenience, which has been rearranged for a long time), and there is the super healthy diet (which varies per decade. Raw foodism is pretty much the latest addition).

    b) Nothing is said as much nonsense as about food - in both “camps”!

    c) The supposed right of both “camps” makes them diametrically opposed to each other, while if they wanted to, they could teach each other so much.
    There is an awful lot to be said in favor of extending the standard diet with certain raw nuts and seeds. The lives of the many millions of Schijf followers could be enriched enormously with a variety of exotic dishes with (sea) vegetables, in a combination of raw and cooked. Moderate the dairy, moderate the meat, moderate the sugar, and choose seasonal produce. Throw out that butter, more specific oils in it. Add a little creativity and you are so many steps further. Thinking about food may well be more of a thing in the life of the rich person. (The poor man doesn't even wonder about these things. He's damn happy when he's filled his belly.)
    On the other hand, the health camp often lives with blinkers when it comes to diseases, damage to genes, etc. The misery is not only caused by incorrect eating and is certainly not irreversible by definition. The human body is one big factory that is constantly busy with repair operations, cleaning, making cells. In addition, extremely healthy people can also get cancer, and no, that does not have to be because they have unprocessed emotions, or more of that crap. Sometimes that factory just doesn't work properly. Point.
    The truth, I suspect, lies in the middle. The fact that there is so much fuss about these documentaries is partly due to the media, which once again hype it up a lot.

    I would like to believe that it is also partly a sign that both “camps” find food incredibly important, and therefore like to talk about it honestly and openly with each other. But I'm pretty sure that's not the case. And that is a shame, because if they join forces, you have a powerful lobby that can promote healthy food in the Rich West and beyond.

  20. The mother looks a bit skinny is because the rest is too fat and son looks fine, nothing wrong with that. Finally a family that pays more attention to the food and they fall over it. And what do we do with the families whose children are too fat, whose parents smoke and not to mention the alcohol consumption. Finally a family that watches what they eat. And it will probably be a bit too little here or there, but with the rest it is all too much… the holidays are coming again. Let us follow them with interest and hope they are doing well. And I don't trust the food industry at all.

  21. First of all, I had a curious and open attitude. This soon turned into shock and later even into horror. . .
    I will try to explain briefly why.
    My son (11 years old) has the metabolic disease PKU. He must follow a strict diet that roughly consists of vegetables, fruit and potato products, and fats and sugars. So no meat, fish, eggs, bread, pasta, milk, etc. (Kind of vegetarian / vegan but without nuts and cheese, for example) If you compare that with what Tom eats, this is still quite diverse.
    It may sound healthy, but because of his necessary diet, our son is missing some ESSENTIAL nutrients. Fortunately, he does get this by taking (every day) specially prepared medical preparations. In this way, its shortages are supplemented and it does not slow down its growth and / or development. Of course, he is regularly checked by paediatricians and dietitians, which unfortunately sometimes requires adjustment where deficiencies are nevertheless found.
    With all these help (resources) the aim is to achieve balance, a fragile balance.
    With our 'knowledge' and experience, I can only guess what is happening to Tom's body and brain. . . .

  22. This mother is very fanatic and I think Tom is being brainwashed.
    Such that it is almost impossible for him to form his own opinion.
    Compare it to a child who grew up with two strict religious parents, who will too
    sure to believe in God, because he doesn't hear anything else all day long.
    Yet I also have a little respect for that mother, for people who are different 
    think like others and persevere in this. Lots of people go with the crowd and have 
    an opinion about this lady, without giving it a lot of thought.
    The food what these 2 eat looks very healthy and I think if they combine this with
    bread, dairy products and also the occasional “bad” things, that that would be the best.
    Very nice boy, by the way.
    Fr. gr. René

  23. I can't quite tell from the media whether Tom doesn't eat grains either. It is said that he eats according to the 'raw food' movement, but within it, grains are eaten (namely sun-dried, sprouted, etc.), so that would be wrong and put the 'raw food' movement in the wrong light. In any case, I hope Tom is eating healthy, that's the most important thing.

  24. The mother has a choice. Not her child. This goes beyond a diet that deviates from the norm, it is an obsession. School and social contacts are obsessed with the mother and an unhealthy bond is forged between mother and child. With a few minor adjustments, this diet would be medically and socially responsible. It is sad that the mother is not willing to make a single concession.

  25. To know how this diet affects a person, I would advise anyone who has any concerns to eat raw food for a month and share his or her findings here.
    I do not adhere to any diet, but from experience I know the influence of food on my body and mind. 
    I've seen the documentary on television. What worried me most was not the behavior of mother and son but the social pressure exerted on an individual by people in uniform. 

  26. I just want to say to Francis (and everyone else who follows this diet), regardless of my opinion about this diet: please be aware that you cannot eat ALL vegetables raw, such as legumes and beans. It is well known that it contains toxic substances which are destroyed by heating. I also think that this raw food diet is by no means the worst in the world. Although I am in favor of dairy, preferably in its pure form, directly from the (organic) farmer.

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