Help is run by a number of people who, in addition to all work on this website, also have a private life (a permanent job and / or study). As a result, points for improvement sometimes remain on the shelf longer than with our competitor websites. Fortunately, the message is central here and the atmosphere is generally good, which we would like to keep that way. can use help!

In order to grow further, can very well use the help of volunteers. Would you like to roll up your sleeves for Read below how you can contribute.

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  • is a nice site to share our articles. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know at info [at]
  • In addition to sharing, we are looking for people who can contribute something practical themselves. Would you like writing, editing, moderating, translating, checking spelling, reviewing, posting videos or stay behind the scenes more like fiddling around with WordPress (plugins), designing, setting up affiliates or advertising campaigns, searching for content, using your network effectively, or any other genius practice whatsoever ..? We can be reached at info [at] or leave a message this topic.
  • Ideas. was created to promote visionary thinking. If you have a useful idea to make our mission even more successful, let us know.

4 thoughts on “Help”

  1. I like to read your website, the quality of the content has decreased over the years, but alla. But since the change in the look of the site I come by less and less often. What the hell have you done. Black background, light gray text, bad font… It really can't be. Do something about it! Or let me do something about it.

  2. 'best',

    conversation with a good friend made me curious about your website.

    just got my contact email back to info [at] undeliverable.
    further these links are not active, at least not on my side:

    so you don't make friends! at least not me. let me know when the platform is interactive again.
    then I still report. I like to hear it.

    resilient greeting - Jeroen

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