Toltec: The Four Toltec Agreements

With the invasion of the Spanish, most of the knowledge of the Central and South American civilizations, such as the Incas, Aztecs and Maya, has been lost. The Toltecs are a Mexican group whose origins lie in the mists of time. Miguel Ángel Ruiz, of Uto-Aztec descent, claims to have been initiated into their secrets through a centuries-old chain of transmission from teacher to student. He points to Four Agreements, Four Agreements ('treaties') with yourself. Do these have any significance for this time?

Tula's “telamones” are attributed to the Toltecs. But were the toltecah a people, or was it the Náhuatl term for sages?

Who were the Toltecs?

We don't know much about the Toltecs. In classic Nahuatl means Tōltēcatl, artist, wise man; toltecayōtl is wisdom; civilization. Mainstream archeology holds that the Toltecs were a Mesoamerican people. Modern archaeologists believe that the Toltecs lived in the city of Tollan, nowadays Tula. But according to some, in my opinion, convincing theories, the Toltecs were not a people at all, but a group of philosophers. Much like the Indian sadhus or the old Israeli Nazirites or Levites. According to the Aztecs, the Toltecs would live in the mysterious city Teotihuacán are located. This city had been empty for many centuries when the Aztecs founded their empire.

Miguel Ruiz also believes this. He also claims to be part of an ancient Toltec tradition of philosophers. According to him, there is also a Toltec esoteric philosophy built around four Conventions. In form, not content, these can be compared with the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. The Toltec wisdom, according to Ruiz, passed down from father to son, do not require belief in a mystical tradition and seem to speak for themselves. Their depth is great. Even if Ruiz is an imposter, the eloquence and usefulness of the Four Correspondences with yourself is great.

Is Ruiz a fraud?

Ruiz claims to be part of a hidden Toltec community. He claims to be the son of a traditional healer (curandera) and a native shaman (nagual). In itself this is indeed plausible. For example, five centuries after the last Jews were expelled from Spain, Judaism was found to still survive. For Jews converted to Catholicism, marranos, still secretly practiced Judaism to this day. And if a group of people is convinced that they have valuable knowledge, then it is obvious that they will do everything they can to keep this knowledge secret. And to pass it on to insiders. The Aztecs were certainly no exception in this regard. It also provides a logical explanation for the origin of the Toltec concept in Nahuatl.

What are the Four Similarities of the Toltecs?

The Toltec philosophy (according to Ruiz) is centered around Four Correspondences, with yourself. These lead, according to Ruiz, to solving psychological and intellectual problems. The Agreements are as follows.

1. Only say what you really mean; do not speak lies.

2. Don't be moved by the opinion of others; they live in their reality, you in yours.

3. Don't make assumptions about things you don't know; communicate with others as clearly as you can.

4. Do what you do with heart and soul.

What worldview is behind this philosophy?
According to Ruiz, we all live in our own reality. We cannot really say what we think. And always lie to ourselves. That is why we burden ourselves with feelings of guilt. Only when we "cleanse" our own reality, ie, internally consistent, will we be able to break free from the demons of fear and guilt. Indeed, this philosophy ties in quite closely with what is known of the Aztec Philosophy. Because this philosophy does not appeal to metaphysical things like God, heaven and hell, it is well suited to the modern age.

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  1. Thank you for this article and new interesting learning material provided, unfortunately a lot of culture and wisdom has been lost during the exploration / exploitation of the new world Probably 1 wisdom or insight is missing in the list, according to the following link there would eventually be 5 insights to be The four insights are the now known precepts (the rules that are quoted). The fifth insight gives you the opportunity to reach a deeper level of consciousness. You are brought back to the authenticity with which we are born and learn to fully accept yourself.

  2. In line with the article, an interesting link that I would like to share.
    True Toltec Teachings - Part 1  1 of the 5 parts that are on youtube This part also refers to the book The Mastery Of Love the book provides an insight that fear-based and other biased assumptions about others can undermine love in general and thereby lead to to suffering and other drama in relationships. Here is an interesting link  I do not know yet whether this issue gives a correct picture of the words of Miguel Ruiz, the name of the author is not mentioned as negative in the youtube video. I seem to read that critically and comparing a few things there will be an answer in bring. Mvg.Jasper

  3. A long, long time ago, in that endless, mysterious past of our planet, there was a race of proud people, with an incredible civilization, the Toltecs. A civilization of unprecedented height, unequaled even in our time. For centuries, the magical powers of these ancient people have been put into practice to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. But also to settle the outcome of a war. Their great strength was their cooperation with the nature spirits, the elementals. In addition to this collaboration, some Toltecs were also experts in the manipulation of a type of raw energy, a magnetic force. With this power and the necessary creativity they could create elemental beings themselves, the artificial elementals, who were also responsible for the air and space ships that were already there at the time. The legends that we still know about this people tell about airships, spaceships and all kinds of propulsion that these people had at their disposal. Yes, these are the legends of Atlan (Atlantis). The Toltec civilization rose to its peak sometime in the midst of the Atlantis era some 1,000,000 years ago. The Toltec race reigned for many thousands of years. The Toltec shamans had discovered that man is a two-part being. They called the other themselves “the double”. The double is the creator in us. Our ordinary self is “the created”. The vehicle of the double is the will. It is rare that we are aware of the double. In a situation of extreme danger, we sometimes act instinctively, it is then that the double takes over, and in a flash, takes action that astonishes us later. It is our reflection, the shadow, the other side of the hour glass. These shamans had discovered, probably after many hundreds of generations of passing on knowledge, that the double is a super being with almost limitless possibilities. But it is also a tiger that must be tamed. They then discovered the almost impossible task of becoming aware in the double due to the all-addictive, all-encompassing power of our ordinary selves going to the extreme to maintain its dominion over our consciousness. The double also has mass, although this is not always the case. Its physical appearance is the same as our ordinary self, except that functions such as food and evacuation and sex are no longer part of its physicality.
    If you are interested in this knowledge, the books by Carlos Castaneda are a must.
    Theun Mares also writes about the Totecs.
    Here we find information about the Toltecs in Atlantis:

  4. Anyone with a sound working mind would know that these truths are based on deep psychological values.
    When does the hunting stop for whoever writes those values down?

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