Video: What if Atlantis really existed?

Atlantis, according to the Athenian philosopher Plato, the oldest source, was a technologically advanced archipelago that went down about nine thousand years before the beginning of the era due to the defying of the gods. What if Atlantis really existed?

Atlantis, according to Plato's description

Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries. Was it a compelling story that Plato made up his mind, or did he build on a long-circulating folk tale from Greece or lore from Egyptian temple priests? At the moment, the scientific consensus is leaning towards the former.

Alternate history explores what would happen if an important event in history had turned out differently. At first glance, it seems like a fascinating but pointless hobby. Certainly, when it comes to a mythical empire like Atlantis that according to the current state of science probably never existed.

Alternative history, if practiced seriously, can provide valuable insight into how historical processes run. How do the rich become powerful? What causes them to deteriorate? Are we now making the smartest choices to provide humanity with a free and happy future? And yes, the question of how a highly developed island continent on the spot where the Azores are now located can also yield very interesting insights ...

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6 thoughts on “Video: Wat als Atlantis werkelijk had bestaan?”

  1. “”…. years ago in Japan and spread 50,000 years ago toward Australia or as they said Atlantis (Atlantis just was an early Japanese name for Australia ア ト ラ ン テ ィ ス 号 Atorantisu-gō - A Door to another Dimension (They met the Earth Species of God's World the Go -a-yim - indeed another Dimension of Brahma Paradise Shenandoah the True Uris, 'The Haj' the All loving Unity of Peace) “”

  2. Legends arose shortly after humans learned to master speech. It is quite possible that Plato made this up of his mind, and that he created one of the first SF novels with Atlantis. The fact that people of today are still intrigued by it, even conducting the necessary scientific, topographical and archaeological research on it, proves that its purpose was intended to be successful. Legends, myths, fantasy stories and events, all connect and entertain individuals from the diverse cultures, and many up to this day. The image formation and its intriguing effect (for example influences on culture and entertainment) that can be experienced by people in this way, can also be compared with the popular medium that we have created in the context of television.

    The many sagas, myths, and other fascinating stories, often linked to culture, so often support the diverse religions, philosophies and the set-up of relevant societies associated with them. Good that serious science is now working on this; with which it can be partly prevented that entire groups of alu hats and others with wrong intentions (religion, power, assertiveness, money) otherwise get too much influence on our current technologically oriented civilization. The dangers that lie in this are no longer underestimated today, bloody scenes on a large scale surround our daily life. So enough simulations in miserable practice; that is why it would be better to leave this happening to people or AI, who are consciously engaged in creating alternatives and anticipating them.

    1. Some myths have a grain of truth in them: the story of Troy, for example, initially seemed just a myth, but has partly turned out to be true. Many 'Flood' myths are also believed to have traced back to post-Ice Age floods.
      But a story like 'Kleinduimpje' also has its roots in periods of hunger in France when parents often left their children behind in forests out of pure poverty. Other Western fairytales have their roots in Germanic mythology (Edda), which sometimes also contain nuclei of real events. And so on.
      So it is not all completely made up.

      1. Razorr is right, there have been many tsunamis, so-called sin-floods, and floods worldwide. These kinds of traumatic events were passed on by survivors. Also often used as a so-called punishment of God to consciously support the doctrine psychologically. On the other hand; Many centuries and sometimes even thousands of years old machines are found, which cannot be explained from the scientific knowledge known at the time.

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