Why are less educated people often right?

There are good sociological and systems theoretical grounds, which make it understandable that the so-called stupid people and the politicians they vote for, the populists, are now more often right than highly educated regents.

The less educated turned out not to be stupid
The euro crisis did not come out of the blue. The signs had been discernible for decades to the good listener. This also applies to other major social problems, such as the energy crisis, the environmental crisis and the problems with Muslim immigrants. Geert Wilders, for example, already warned in 2010 that the support that CDA minister of finance Cees de Jager gave to the Greeks, which has now risen to 21 billion euros, would not return. The SP, a party that, just like Wilders' one-man party, is often dismissed as populist, warned in the early 1970s against the major integration problems posed by Islamic immigrants and later, against the introduction of the euro. Although an active environmental movement existed in the 1970s, mainly supported by highly educated people, in the 1980s the great grabbing started, also by mainly highly educated people. The expansion of the economy also started with all kinds of, we can now determine, unnecessary jobs as a policy officer, safety expert or health manager. It was again the less educated who denounced this development and came up with pithy words such as 'expertologists' and 'gog' for it.

Highly educated people usually, not always as Mensa bus drivers prove, have a higher IQ than people with a low level of education. They also have a broader view and much more knowledge than a less educated person. How is it then that, in hindsight, especially highly educated people supported disastrous policies? How does the thinking differ from the highly educated and the less educated?

"Intellectual: someone with more education than his brain can handle"

The populist Geert Wilders and Teun van Dijk already thought in 2010 that Greece should leave the euro. Why do populists turn out to be so remarkably good at predicting the future? Source: PVV

Differences in thinking between high and low educated people
A highly educated person has spent years in a protected environment, called school or university, in which he or she is shielded from the harsh reality of everyday life. In this environment, the highly educated-to-be learns useful things, at least: from beta studies and a handful of alpha and gamma studies. However, most of her time (in humanities and gamma studies: almost all the time) (since more than half of all highly educated people are now women, the title seems justified), however, she learns the jargon and paradigms used in this sector. be predominant. This process of acculturation also includes learning ego-suppressing, veiled behavior, reading so-called quality newspapers such as de Volkskrant (also known among low-educated people as the Vinegar), NRC Handelsblad and the like. Abstract thinking is encouraged, inductive thinking, what man naturally does is unlearned. Skills in which the less educated is often strong, such as tough negotiating and demanding butter from the fish, are also unlearned as “uncivilized”. Only the smarter highly educated can get by with insight. The stupid, highly educated people limit themselves to talking and acculturation. The somewhat unworldly highly educated person is thus prepared for a job at a large multinational or the government, where contrary thinking is not appreciated.

Tube vision and unworldliness
The consequences can be guessed. The highly educated looks a bit down at the less educated, who only believes what he sees with his eyes and does not care about the "nice gossip stories" of the higher educated. The highly educated is guided by so-called higher ideals, which must of course be matched by an appropriate reward. Years of training have meant that the highly educated can only communicate “at level” with other highly educated people, ie speak the jargon. A higher educated person is taught not to be too critical of the teaching material, otherwise they will fail. After the study, the curriculum usually consists of the same “quality newspapers” and VARA programs as during the study. The world is interpreted according to the learned norms and values. Highly educated people think in words, not images. That is why highly educated people are easy to fool with beautiful idealistic talk. The Greeks, for example, are masters at this. While the highly educated Jan Kees de Jager, who during his training learned to think abstractly and to suppress his ego, coughed up billions, he readily believed in the moving promises of his Greek conversation partners. On the other hand, a low-educated person knows better than to lend billions to a “vague country” like Greece. The Finns, with a government that feels the hot breath of a populist party on its neck, are therefore the only ones to get their money back: they demanded collateral. 21 billion euro mistake, thank you.

Today's world better by understanding a low-educated person
The past thirty years have been a paradise for the highly educated. The system that makes up our society became increasingly complex and abstract. There was not only work for PE teachers and sports teachers, but also for municipal sports policy officers and regional sports affairs coordinators. This is all a bit over the top for a less educated person, he does not understand the point. You can also just kick a ball on the square, right? There is some (infinitesimal small) usefulness, but only for a society in which the energy is really roaring out of the ground. Now that the era of cheap oil is over and Slochteren is fueled by three-quarters, almost empty, which has been known for years by highly trained technicians, we can no longer afford these kinds of jobs. The marginal utility is too small to justify the generous salary scales (if these were ever justified at all). Society as a system is becoming simpler and simpler. In short: more in line with the world view of and low-educated. And the highly educated? If they have treated their low-educated neighbors kindly, they will probably want to give hands-on bricklaying or gardening lessons.

How do we prevent these kinds of disasters in the future?
Highly educated people must learn to think critically. Not thinking critically with words, but by opening their eyes and ears and thinking inductively. There are some rock-solid laws of nature such as the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics (although an intellectual earthquake occurs here every so many decades). The rest varies from slightly soft to buttery soft. Some appropriate modesty is therefore not out of place for highly educated people (I am one too). Low educated people respect professional knowledge, results and wisdom. Tinkerers and chunky pilots can get lost with all their fine talk. A very sensible position, which could not hurt even in the world of highly educated people, who approach each other with velvet gloves.

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  1. Grist to the mill;)… I think, in all low-educated modesty, it's something between IQ and EQ? And everything in between ... including the background of an individual (region of birth / family history / customs and customs) ...
    Today I read an article here about free education versus regular education ... and I still believe that an individual is unique and cannot always be fitted into a particular system ...
    I myself have received both free and regular education, Catholic and free, from basic to MBO ... and I learned the most from experiencing myself, taking into account the values and standards that I find important ... sometimes being guided and sometimes (often) curious being and figuring things out for yourself and not believing what you are being told ...
    And also read the article about forbidding religion ... read comments there ...;)
    I'm just a doubter;) with the best of intentions for everyone alive! 

        1. Unfortunately you got the same Mr. Leon.
          Even the implied mayor elections through Municipal Councils Work Absolutely not as claimed and the mayors are still just bankster nobility and mafia bread that the Municipal Councils have in hand with all kinds of from the lowest to criminal file abuse and other mafia practices.
          Aartsen wolfsen van thijn cohen pechtold etc etc etc all relatives of nobility and global banking mafia. All government parties and for centuries already. All successive presidents and ministers also and if they think not then at least raised and cultivated in a completely mafia-controlled environment and from an early age already intended for administrative and government functions. School systems academies and separate administrative academies play a role here. By the way, to make Ons Allemaal a more and less useful devote idiot savant.
          For example, in most countries they all too often swap a minister, mayor or president for yet another with too much opposition and objection, and it is not seen that the SIMPLE WEATHER IS the same kind of gear from the SAME crate.
          Similarly Eurlings braying wilders is exchanged for cohen de hunter roemer and rutte same game and same game and same Misery. Bankstrikes aka jezuitenstreets. Also an Obama comes from their stable from the feinsteinstallen and medvedev is one and dirupo berlusconi en hollande for sarkozy and in Germany one after another ...
          Nope what made you believe and Reality Really are two separate things.

        2. As a Child I myself was already predestined for government positions, But Turned Out To Be That Nasty Querulant. The staple So.
          Even Academy I could forget it was made clear to Me.

    1. Didn't you think more about those who think differently who think differently?
      Can come somewhere and partly probably because of our familiar and safe atmosphere (Well Yes Not always really) and the odd man out who generates alarm and attention, shows strange behavior and knocks over the porcelain everywhere?

        1. Yes Agree. A thread in between Prevents a lot of Clothes, Damages and Consequences and With Anonymity that they try to switch off from all sides by the government (killswitch WOBkill Internetid windows 8 etc etc) it is sometimes Dare to say things that belong more to the heart .
          And Things that are downright dangerous such as Warns and Witnesses Life Experiences and Opinions, among other things, about the bodies, parties, global corps and strongholds of refinement that have sometimes even organized repression teams from Our own governments and a certain country running around where even gladio jdl afa justice aivd nctb and most political parties also belong and hundreds of thousands of coughing cyberwarriors of them are already making the forums and internet insecure. Especially since the end of 2009, which has to do with, among other things, the Vatican and Publications about various of their other crimes and giga looting. Very Happy with that Thread.

          Nevertheless Op Pass with ip private data and invitations to “get to know personally. The aidv (terror cell) infiltrator from the sixties and seventies with which they each destroyed their established nests of Non Appropriate Unfaithful Social and Human Initiative and Alternative is still completely there and Socially Critical and Whistleblower websites are shadowed by them every second and viewed with entire hiring teams of Our tax money at the same time.

          A Small Example about how big and manipulative they are is the international hiss against the Vatican and against geert Wilders from the beginning in all areas through all channels has been organized by them. No Party Plan or Interest of Natives gets a Chance from them anywhere. Each successive president and minister from their own stables. And through their bank cells they are currently shutting down the whole of the West. Certainly not little boys, then, but from a system of subjugation that has been very crystallized for centuries and also has global coverage to which the church that was brought out of eurasia and even the entire looting bank system belonged from the beginning. The World Wars, their business and work as a daily economy, where there have been more than 32,000 wars and wars as a way of life since they flew out of Africa 2800 years ago.
          If It's Good, That Should Be Over Now.

          Only This Thread Began To Make Changes In Helping And We Became More Conscious And They Also About What Was Really Idle. Where evil Really in school ... Child rape and violence.

          In addition, the Advantage is that I am not interrupted in What I Want to Say which happened in a personal conversation every half paragraph and I already lock up when People come in My Neighborhood because of My History. And then certainly no Views as with Luke about relativity from Can Get some hours of Thinking and Rereading Needed for Me and I Not every half paragraph has to deal with objections and objections.
            Ideal for the Handicapped and Who Want to Say What. Let alone that the Internet has drastically changed our knowledge, world and image of mankind in barely two years. And That Finally For the Good!

        2. Nils Peters

          Why on earth do you use and misuse Capitals instead of 'small' letters, this makes the readability a lot more difficult and thus you bring the credibility of your responses a lot lower; it seems as if they were written by someone who, to put it mildly, is not quite comfortable in his own skin.

        3. It may be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, (and) in conjunction with hypomania. Of course, someone has the right not to make any statements about this with regard to medical and personal data, it is also only a presumption, but we may try to understand it and try to take it into account.

        4. mother tongue

          Julie, maybe it is a German?
          You are looking for a highly educated explanation for which I have a simple explanation for a low educated but experienced man. ;-) Why not ask him yourself instead of immediately tackling the cliche of mental illness?

        5. Moerstaal, you think it's a cliche, not me.
          Moreover, I am not asking him, because I do not expect an answer.

        6. Just read c's commentary on June 18 at 0102. I think he falls out of his role there. At least I can read that text without too much trouble. For that reason I suspect deliberate, for he will indeed not respond to any request whatsoever to give a reasonable explanation for his manner of disturbing writing. This appears to me in all reasonableness as intentional, as he can write normally.

        7. mother tongue

          Julie, frankly, I'm getting tired of the DSM4 ratings that people slap each other's ears with. They weren't meant for that. For the same money, it is someone who does not speak the Dutch language well. Even if you were right in this case, I still think it is inappropriate to publicly confront someone with this. Delete his texts or, if necessary, ban him to keep this forum somewhat legible.

        8. I try to increase mutual tolerance, and also that everyone can be themselves. I will delete really illegible or offensive texts, if I see that others have responded to them, I have to weigh that up. I also ask for tolerance for my response, as you find it inappropriate. Everyone has the choice to reply, confirm or deny, or ignore a response. So you have to change your own behavior / opinion and not mine.

  2. Just a simple painter;) learned the profession of maintenance painter in practice, as a woman ..., wow, the landslide that already resulted;) ... through a professional training that is indeed lacking today ... because compared to the graduated project leaders, managers, calculators ... how important these are! there are far too few executives: painters / carpenters (women) / plumbers / welders ... etc.
    I tried in the higher division but was put "out of play";) not too bad, I don't really like the sport, maybe even with the ball that is round ...;)

  3. Anouska has a point. Highly educated people have found a financial pot to continue learning. They eventually end up in a status life form. If you put these people on a survival tour, most of them will be lost, because they also do not have both feet on the ground. The less educated have had to fight for the positions they have achieved. While learning also having to work to pay for everything, such as og. Added to this is the fact, which in my opinion is also the art of living, to be able to think innovatively and to do so with the belts that they have at their disposal. Highly educated people often underestimate their science, which often goes wrong. While the less educated think better about the course of events before making a decision. There is a great deal to be said about the major differences between the two groups. But in my view the wisdom of life is in the low educated, we can all do something with that. SVG, Paul.

    1. mother tongue

      Paul, I don't actually come here anymore or on other forums but I was still stimulated by the topic.
      What you describe now I was thinking about today.
      But I came to the conclusion that almost all technology comes from the brains of highly educated people. Please comment on this fact. Furthermore, nice and down to earth idd. Thumbs up!

      1. Dear mother tongue, if I am honest I actually think the whole event of a low and / or high iq nonsense. Let alone that you can speak of people with a high or low level of education through education, seen in all its diversity. Each individual has his or her own capabilities and or his or her specialties. One cannot exist without the other. Some situations require a higher or rather longer study to achieve what is needed. But not everyone has the circumstances to be able to continue learning. For example, a factory worker would really have no less IQ than one who has continued to learn. In addition, the same factory worker can improve and / or renew, etc., the technology he has to work with, partly due to his experiences. And all the techniques really don't just come from the highly learned people. For example, many reasons and causes can be found and listed in this regard. Finally, in the brain, tissues run horizontally crossed and vertically crossed, without touching each other. The distance between these intersections would determine the normality and abnormality of thinking, among other things. In other words, determining the ig. This fact has never been substantiated. Each individual is a rare specimen, there is only one word for that, respect. Keeps you perpendicular to the other side of the puddle. Mvg, Paul.

        1. My thanks Nils Peters, do you happen to have family who sail and / or have sailed, the name Peters is very familiar to me from that world at least. Mvg, Paul.

        2. Nils Peters

          Dear Paul,
          although I have been in the ship once, I have often sailed over turbulent waves, I must say that I missed the boat as far as shipping is concerned. When I fell between the shore and the ship I sailed for three weeks over the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat, this was necessary to be able to take control again after I keeled myself by not following the right route had.

          I have had many different activities, sometimes sunk in sight of the harbor, now I am sitting at home for a while, where I occasionally think that my attic room is the best helmsman on the online shore. .

          I also have to confess that I don't know all of my family, not even half I think. The Peters branch comes from the east of the country, 's Heerenberg, mother's side comes from Amsterdam and Utrecht.

          A pity actually, I would have liked to hear some rough sailor stories;)

      2. What I don't understand is the way people are so irritated about the higher educated. I think a society needs people of all levels to make it work. Whether it concerns higher or lower educated has nothing to do with how a person is? It is very much pretended that all highly educated are blind, stupid, money-over-the-drain-throwing people.

        1. A typological approach to occupational classification is
          R-realistic: professions in technology, agriculture and horticulture and some service professions,
          I-intellectual / investigative: scientific professions and some technical professions,
          S-social: professions in physical and mental health and some service professions,
          O-entrepreneurial / administrative: managerial, administrative and commercial professions,
          C-conventional / administrative: administrative and civil service professions,
          A-artistic / aesthetic: artistic professions.

          A person is characterized by a combined 3-letter code, eg a contractor has ORC; enterprising, realistic, conventional.
          A Dean has SOI; social, entrepreneurial, intellectual. 

          Where do you find that the most money is wasted? I think that in the social and entrepreneurial / managerial and conventional / administrative professions cutbacks should and can be done, OCS, OSC, eg :).

        2. Just look for the hole in the band. The hole in our colander of grief. Who tell you educated… is that edible what is that?

        1. That has not to do with education, but character and courage.
          Information IS Information that must not be bound to externalities.
          Does it matter if the Postman is green or yellow?
          The Solution To The BP Disaster Also Came From A Low Educated Person Who Brought An Idea To Close The Leak And Outer Casing Problems At The Same Time.
          There was the luxury. Not to see if the Tip giver was good enough for them. The Idea was momentarily More Important.
          A low educated Between all scholars and expert highly educated. Fear and panic makes all equal and wipes out all expertise. Talent status and education. And they do not know anymore.

        2. mother tongue

          Dear c,
          Are you a German or something?
          Seriously a question. I have trouble understanding your language. You also use a lot of capital letters, just like Germans.
          No offense! :-)

    1. It Will Depend A Bit How One Sees It. Where Do People Stand Now?

      For example, in all war and peacetime, the highly educated and the secularists (Mind You Hitler was also an academic from bankster families) did and participated in organizing the whole country to the shit and working as now in post-war peacetime also in ignorant imitation of a plunder plan and work that has been going on for decades and Yet It Was Really The Lower Educated People The Layers Of The Population Against The Damages Of EVERY successive government and party IN that Rebuilt the Land again and will have to Build up again today. Unfortunately, there are no slaves that We Myself are Ready!

      Wherein I then find management of higher educated for logistical expertise and correct implementation in such matters only a marginality… there had to be work done! Higher up, Historically Na te Gaan always has all the feathers in its own right about the Work and Deceived Sacrifice of the Nameless and Population layers. At the 5th May monument they really don't shout "haha that Jantje has already been kicked in again" as they called in the fifties where those oh so promised Democratic Rights and freedoms remain and the sabers on horseback (on the order of apparently even higher educated) in the highly educated Neatly Dressed and Decently Behave Necks. Yet they are forced by school reward and social system to serve that. True to Admittedly this Piece of Disgust has been well hidden in History.

      Once again, looting planned and carried out for decades by cadres EU banks and companies to damage international crimes, deception, will usually have to pay the population again. The executives who are still in charge today and who participated individually will certainly leave no doubts about that! - Who does not know the corrupting and coercive and coercive bonus and handshag culture and extra-legal immunity besides that to fellowship? Or the fine rate of extortion culture of gang members arches and spee with which they turned a terror organ in one day of a shift - their way of the higway? The broadcast directors highly trained instructors deployed military psychological warfare against you and you don't realize what that you did?

      In my opinion, both the low and the highly educated can do just as little about it. Do all the time Born to be in a system intended to exploit hostage-taking. That is an all and everyone corrupting system where in RIGHT school systems brought and involved and We are set against Each other and education and rewards positions status as reward and at the same time as separation right and means of oppression are abused.

      So Actually, the Low-educated Have Always Been Most Guided and Ago Also Because In The Classes Of Where It Is Most Fundamental They Retire and Do Their Activities, just as the absence of the Garbage Man and the Housewife would be a much greater Disaster if the absence After all, from doctors who only come where the Garbage Man is not wanted. Higher education is then more secondary. But it is only true if Article Also Indicates in which Phase and State of Well-Being and Prosperity a Country, a People and a Planet is. Normally, Every One Place Has a Usefulness A Contribution and these are not the highest standards and values either, but Concerns Servitudes. Above that, Man Himself Must Stand Together on That Way That Task. That is why I Am Also Against Pay Differences due to status, age contribution or medals. Anyone May Still Have a Safe Basis for a Safe Start? And Equal to the economy Participating and Supporting it like this instead of a Damage a cost a cost item What in the end is just as expensive or Advantageous?

      But yes Am low educated. So that will probably not continue!
      But Even My Mother had no education at all and was in charge and we were well. Does the National Administrator Want to Encounter the Higher Educated Who Can Say That?
      It is precisely Youth care alone that is already drawing 8.5 billion euros away as Apparently the highest criminal interest is really in favor of that kind of creeps that have fallen up. Are you happy with that? And just in the News about Kinder abuses more numerous and worse than in worst family on top of it. Attack Families and use scientology pseudo-diagnoses.
      From 8.5 Billion Whole Cities full of Children and families Had Been VERY Happier and Never needed that care as they, like bailiffs and services, only robbed the Poorest and attacked and boning looted Defenseless. But Yes 8.5 billion naturally attracts mafia from afar like flies on a diaper!
      Ever Someone a Higher Educated a Director a President ... Even a Newspaper ... About These Most Fundamental Abuses Ever Heard What's really more important than their bonus bullshit?
      So be careful with how the Ratings are divided and weighted. Could it become a Very Cold Fair if they are rats without a Heart, as all Mafia members have after all also enjoyed the highest education.

      1. Last week saw a Madam of Youth Care on TV. She was completely bewildered and softly Said shocked at what She had to learn about Youth Care. This is how many will fare. I think high or low religious or civilian child or state. After all, one can think to Do Good while One Exists in a Lie and then everything is betrayal. And Well, let's hope the good guys DO NOT leave the good guys what they used to do otherwise it will get worse.

    2. Nils Peters

      Having the country run by the less educated, what's wrong with that?
      After all, frameworks have been set within which one must remain. We call these laws and treaties. Governing a country is therefore a priori a priori to respond as adequately as possible to new situations. The psyche of the human being is the same, so in my opinion the possible reaction of a driver is not so much dependent on intelligence but more on interests. 
      After all, everyone can make the best decision based on common sense (especially after advice from civil servants and accountants). In a true democracy, really important decisions would be left to the people (populos) through a referendum.

      The fact that this is not yet happening in 2012 shows that the ruling power is not about making the right choices (justified by the people), but about the choices that suit them best.

    3. Btw Were it not then precisely the highly educated who just drove the whole of Europe USA England Russia into the abyss in a decades-long globally organized plunderraid of decades, driven by own governments, banks and legislation, started again with the privatizations that even thatcher participated in that England for privatized them (Robbing All Businesses Away)?

        1. They watch you on TV every day. What please "define" them?
          The Comment Refers to the previous comments before it.
          In My Other Comments on this page alone, you can read more structure from and about “them. In the link already given above All their company structure and history.  http://www.argusoog.org/geheime-genootschappen-de-jezuitenpiste/comment-page-1/#comment-68601

          Is this the pinnacle of idleness or are you such a fool who keeps forgetting what he read after five minutes?

        2. Nils Peters

          No, I am certainly not lazy. I don't see the connection between the 40 billion earmarked for the ESM and “as if they didn't have enough”.

          If “they” are really that influential and have the power you ascribe to them, then they have more than enough already. In fact, they could create it at any time.

          Moreover, the ESM is imho a mechanism to make money disappear rather than distribute it.

        3. Well, nail on the head, they can indeed create money themselves and do that.
          Then they spread that among Victim Populations. Due to diligent sabotage work, they inevitably become indebted to those same money creators and so those money creators exchange their 4-cent money paper for Everything and All Values and Property that People with Work and Sweat have Worked at One for years.
          In addition, the then chronically unaffordable fake debt that they themselves deliberately caused creates a state of slavery. And then the extortionability and evictions. Total control and ownership.
          As China, they robbed asiatics and / or Mongols all over eurasia 1000 years ago, using the methods here exactly as they are today.  
          ESM is for threat and extortion.

        4. Nils Peters

          Can't we create a foundation that is concerned with making such power structures and economic interests independent?
          Open, sincere and progressive, on the basis of technological developments and a philosophical foundation based on freedom, progress and respect.
          Pioneering 2.0

  4. I once also built up a jar, and from there I continued to learn, as far as I am concerned I have never come across an education that teaches life ... because life is simply undergone;)

  5. Indeed, we don't need experts. How highly educated? ear who actually? Modern education is precisely meant to be stupid ...
    Keep it Simple, stupid:
    From the book “Behind my hole the world ends” ...

    -EDIT- You copied this piece of text before. So: Censorship. Germs.

  6. Good article. Only I wouldn't focus too much on the political parties.
    It is all puppet theater.
    Yes, in recent years we have been dealing with the magic word knowledge economy.
    Which now shatters a bit.
    I think we have also had to deal with inflation of diploma value over the past 30 years; one school came up with an even more creative education than the other school and almost everyone had a college degree.

    My experience is that many people with a low level of education are often very practical by nature.
    The ironic thing about society is that being practical is very much appreciated (The majority of professions are practical professions) so that even if you are highly educated, you still have to be practical. Being busy whether you are high or low educated all calculations / theories you have learned as beta can also be done by computer. It is simply about whether you can organize, order and regularity, do you have discipline, are you consistent, can you plan practically, can you manage people, etc. Quite different from the colleges and universities. 

    The best managers are therefore often the low-educated managers who have risen low from the workplace in years and know the company inside out.

    1. "" I wouldn't focus too much on the political parties. ""
      They Can't Know Nothing Can't do anything and act as a facade for the chronic interests “Behind democracy. All parties and parties under full bankster control and most bankster family as president ministers party leaders faction leaders lawmakers justice is full of it and so is the legal profession.
      Political parties only destroy the Land cost enormously too much and make the people overstrained. As a hobby they regularly commit perjury and crime. If they hadn't thrown that cockerel arrest (pick up more certificate) for it, they would have all disappeared in jail just because of terrorism. They are further assisted by the EU with, among other things, heavenly usurious pensions and legal immunities.
      Count out Your Chance if You Want Some Decent then. With the permits, attacks laws and also their international power over companies, banks, the EU, they beat everyone to death for Born and Brought.
      "" With the magic word knowledge economy. ""
      Was to make Us blind and deaf to the large-scale exodus of all Our Industry Employment and robbery Citizenship and the Pakistanis are already working Us as Knowledge Centers underground. China is a technological leader. And that dyke engineering will not yield much either.
      "" I think we have also had to deal with an inflation of diploma value over the past 30 years "
      You Bet. In the context of positive discrimination, all training and permit requirements in favor of the hugged immigrants were lowered. On the other hand, they were too heavy for Us.
      Works by that cohen pechtold bolkestein lubbers van agt and kokkliek.

      1. By the way, “positive discrimination” has existed in all kinds of forms for over 30 years.
        And is a politically euphemistically named weapon to discriminate Natives and Silence as many weapons are more like “politically correct and xenophobic with which the bankster sc#m talks to the population about a disease and with it wipes away all Their Worries Protest and Distress and makes Silent. people like cohen and inventor of those criminal terror words alexander pechtold the aids needle and bomb attack commander whose buddy in the evil duyvendak is now with gl are consuming the benefits of these discriminating and racist terms in favor of their international slave trade under pretenses of immigrant and refugee and asylum seekers.
        Cohen is related to the Kuhns, a very rich banker clan and the name Cohen has also been known as Calvin Couvin * Calvin de Volksmenner and mass murderer for centuries. One and the same crime clan. A cohen the president of ireland cowen and rowan atkinson are related. Pechtold must again be nobility and a descendant of anti-Semitism grower, mass murderer and genocide perpetrator and inventor of Zionism herzl. Hence the talent for word murder!
        These members of nobility and elite alias banksters have been in the slave trade for centuries and have NEVER stopped for a second right BEFORE Our EYES. The whole of Africa, let alone Europe, has already been completely slaughtered by their trade. The overwhelming wars of the crusades never stopped for a second and is now invisible because of new words like nato nato vn eu allies "the good guys" intervention "the liberators and rights helpers. Just like back then only good thing after which in such countries there are after all the power and possessions of the banksters alias nobility.

    2. Given Your Username Choice Are you perhaps of the Age Who still experienced how she -mafia and land speculator trio cook van agt lubbers- has harassed the entire Farmers file out of the Country?
      For decades They have been tormenting with one after another action and law permit requirement and objection environmental and environmental requirements cost increases mandatory scaling up and loans on loans. And just like the Frog who, when Men slowly boils the Water, does not notice that they are boiled alive, this is also the case with these terrorist actions and the Boers actually hardly knew what drove them out of the Country en masse. 
      They did the same to the population.
      For example, even after they outlawed the population in 1991, that mafia system chased another 900,000 Native Front Door owners out of the Land in horror and horror, and they too did not hardly realize what drove them. For example, for decades, Volksverprachting sieges and attrition assisted by academically trained military instructors psychological warfare acts as broadcast directors. Then gang members like hell and still play with their penance and with quotas to convert the services into cooperating terror organizations.
      Havoc death and destruction they have sown and devastated on top of the Land and the Vacant Farmlands with the most massive immigrations and forced urbanization. To blame for all blame and decline hate racial hatred senseless violence unrest loss Employment and industry insecurities and impoverishment. With the Land speculations and usury practices and usury increases on building materials, they have made Rent Building Buying and Residing almost impossibly expensive.

  7. Well written!… And yes also the (small) family businesses, with their permanent employees who are the heart (the core with the owner!) Of the company.  

  8. Good article. What particularly appeals to me is clear remark that the era of the easy oil is over. Indeed, this means that the world view is likely to become simpler. We owe our prosperity to oil and gas. The more prosperity in society, the more specializations take place.
    We now seem to have peaked and prosperity will decline and with it the number of specialisms in society. Back to the basics and with that probably also that the world is simpler. For example, I would go with a study leisure sciences also not very comfortable for the next few years. Surely it is a fringe study.
    Perhaps that is a good description: fringe study. Many alpha and gamma studies seem to be fringe studies. Nice in a time of rising prosperity and economic growth, but less so in a crisis period.
    Systems theory is a very interesting approach. Are there any good books or public sources on this? I would like to learn more about it.

  9. This article is so full of contradictions that it is just very, very funny.

    It is very simple, in society you need both high and low educated people (slightly discriminating terms actually, but good). I never have a dike ring built by a 'less educated' person, with everything that surrounds it, so it is certainly not just throwing down a pile of sand. And well, a 'higher educated' is not going to create pits, but it has to be done. Fine.

    To go into the article: The fact that in politics sometimes someone is right who has not had an education, well, that may well be a coincidence people. There have been plenty of educated people who have said the same thing, but we just don't happen to talk about that? Fine.

    Anyway, empty story. It's biased and I certainly don't see any clear facts emerging. It is the bane and blessing of the internet, everyone can have their say, no matter how. And everyone has to decide for themselves what he / she believes. That's all fine too.

    I had a higher education (University, Water Engineering), but I have plenty of friends who went to work and live 'after school' (settled, already have children). But I don't see any difference. There is a difference between stupid and smart, but that really has nothing to do with education. Writing is one of my hobbies (entertainment articles, English), but the author of this article is definitely my superior when it comes to entertainment, if I had a hat I took it off !! Wonderful to read the comments (mainly from NUjij.nl), pure entertainment! Thanks for this folks!


    1. Nils Peters

      To discriminate is to discriminate. You yourself indicate that you need both highly and low-skilled people to achieve synergy within a society as we think you want it. 
      You express that you have no confidence in a dike constructed by a person with a low level of education. This is basically what is happening. That for millennia, or did you think that the mound houses were conceived by engineers? That it is now being pretended that only highly educated people could do this is pure nonsense. You can learn skills and knowledge is transferred. Those so-called highly educated engineers who are allowed to build your dike can only do this thanks to the knowledge they have borrowed from others. You probably don't need many more qualities for this than simple math and reading skills.
      A little later you admit that you have enjoyed a university education. Water engineering. Even if something like that, water is a simple substance, an electricity-conducting liquid that is ph neutral and has various characteristics / properties that make it possible to dilute or dissolve other substances with it, it occurs on earth in 3 phases. always comes and is under the influence of gravity. Do you really have to devote a study to this for tens of thousands of euros? 
      It seems to me that there are less educated people who have a more useful purpose in their lives, just like there are people with a higher intelligence who fortunately do something with their abilities.

      1. Always something

        If you look up what water engineering is, you will find out that it is about the properties of liquids and how they move with water in particular. It is a sub-discipline of civil engineering. It also says on the wikipedia page that people with that study are often involved in the construction of bridges, dams and dikes. Of course, a mound was not invented by an engineer. And old dikes are not that complicated either. But to my knowledge, dikes were also devised by specially trained people in the Golden Age. In the past, dikes flooded regularly, nowadays almost never anymore. And have a look at the Delta Works. The Oosterscheldekering is no longer a simple piece of craftsmanship.

      2. Ehm… I think water ice has more than ten different phases. For example, there is electrically conductive ice deep under the surface of Neptune, where the hydrogen ions flow freely and the oxygen ions form a grid. Water is also a very complex substance. Example: below four degrees C water starts to expand again when it cools down. Hydraulic engineers usually do not know this, they are already crying over a lively differential equation.
        Incidentally, physical and hydrological knowledge is of vital importance if you deviate from existing empirical knowledge. That, being able to step into the unknown, is in fact the main benefit of a high education. An advantage that highly educated people rarely use, incidentally.

        1. Nils Peters

          Yes Germen, that is well known to me, which is why I referred to the 3 phases that we mainly deal with here on earth.

          What I mean by wasting tens of thousands of Euroos (per student) on that study stems from my opinion that you can continue to study but that all the properties of water (or liquid in general) have been known here on earth for quite some time. For the rest it is simple logic and mathematics. 1 cc of water weighs 1 gram at 1g and it takes 1 joule to heat that one cc 1 degree Celsius. After MxV you know the acceleration and with all these separate facts / characteristics you can build a lot of dikes, delta works, underwater rivers or hydroelectric power stations. Without a piece of paper that Prins Pils is waving with, that is. ;)

        2. Didn't think so, Nils. For example, to calculate the strength of a dam, you really have to draw a fairly complex integral. You also have to take earthquakes and material properties into account. All materials will deform under high pressure, if you wait long enough. You also have to apply statistics (for example the Gumbel distribution) to make a risk analysis (the dam must be able to survive a superstorm that occurs once every million years, for example). Anyway, requires the necessary mathematical background, so study. And compared to the cost of an incorrectly dimensioned dam or that of a 1953 flood disaster, those few thousand euros are a real bargain, believe me.

        3. Nils Peters

          Germen, it takes no effort for me to admit that I have given a very simplistic view. I therefore have no more than a MAVO diploma at D level with history as an extra subject. I also do not speak from professional knowledge, but from my imagination, and I also press 'place reaction' quite quickly

          I sometimes say that I speak from my feelings instead of my mind, although I am well aware that the sum of these two components is greater than when intuition and reason operate separately.

          I often think pragmatically, hear from many people that I think too difficult, while it makes sense to me. What also makes sense to me is the attitude to be able to learn something every day. I would therefore like to thank you for your response;)

  10. Just a bit of entertainment then. It's time for free energy, take a look at thrivemovement.com, I also read in jans copy paste article many parallels with zeitgeist
    but so as not to stray too much:
    Why are less educated people often right?
    you could say: THIS IS WHY :)
    but what is the same? who determines what is right, we should not just chase all fossil fuels through it as quickly as possible, bring natural disasters on ourselves by continuing in a (Western) society by buying and consuming as much as possible, in such a way that we as humanity will be exterminated by good old “mother earth”, because we as humanity may well be seen as a virus for the living planet earth.
    because what do you do if you as a person have a flu? you're heating up to kill the virus, isn't that what's happening to us (on a slightly different scale) now? 
    probably not, but nice to think about before going to sleep.
    Why is there a will, because where there is a will there is a way, but that road does not always end?
    Kick a Hack

  11. I wonder which of you (incl. Author) would like to lie here in a hospital with low-skilled personnel, or would like to have his / her father / mother lying there? Would you like to call the highly trained doctor / nurse?

    1. Nils Peters

      A doctor is highly trained in medical knowledge. This is not to say that the doctor can improvise, assemble an ikea product without a manual or even operate the parking meter on the hospital site. In addition, there are plenty of examples to be found of situations in which a nurse (less educated than a doctor) did make the correct diagnosis and the doctor was completely wrong, but was not open to criticism due to his personal sense of honor or self-righteousness. Tunnel vision.
      This is really a bad example of you in this question. Ever heard of the term medical miss? A good doctor makes a diagnosis based on multiple symptoms. That does not mean that a car mechanic cannot do the same, it is in fact a quest of observation and exclusion.
      The doctor acts on the basis of books he has not written. So there is no thinking but checking and chewing the cud.

      Incidentally, I do not understand the link between medical treatment and management.

    2. @ Jan, My father was in Bornholm nursing home, where they think after the new hiepoktus doctor's oath of 2003 that they are God in a white coat. They would be about life and death, and call palliative sedation a natural cause of death just in case!
      Long live acupuncture. 

      1. Gepke, that could be a misunderstanding; The above treatment is precisely to support the bearing of suffering, but does not result in death, as did the underlying disease. Just read: http://mens-en-gezondheid.infonu.nl/diversen/35947-niet-euthanasie-maar-sedatie-uit-het-leven-wegglijden.html How many people would not want to die softly asleep, besides possibly. medication for pain such as morphine? It is also likely that your father gave permission for this, it was already clear that he was going to die. My condolences, Gepke, I think the inescapable goodbye has been done gently.

        1. Julie, No turned out to be an embezzlement / fraud issue from a senior citizen of the same institution. No my father was not allowed to have contact with me.
          the worst thing I think is that my father and I have been deprived of the right to say goodbye.
          … Gepkedeleef.eu 

        2. Since Ik Kind was about 48 years ago, there has been a legacy mafia that operates from all sorts of ranks through access to Volksdatabanks.
          Police notary accountants legislation justice banking insurance funeral insurance. And who see who has inheritance age and family composition.
          I had already seen and taken along with My Kleine Kijkoogjes.
          Also lock up in retirement homes with False medical indications and with drugs and violence and threats extort extortion Mute and Defenseless. Isolating Interested People Visit Family Lovers. Even judges in on it for the necessary legal pressures and executions. So do doctors.
          Then such a beautiful sleep well syringe after signing a False Testament is a blessing for the industry.
          Extremely Easy to Locate and Tidy Up Just Looking at Where the Funds, Legacy and Properties End Up.

        3. VAT The same areas are also used by Youth Care. A Quite Luguber bunch of scum with some training and therefore access again.

        4. I understand.
          And I (also) know that the care is far from what it should be, given the many complaints.

  12. There was once a study of why the highly educated earned more than the less educated. The conclusion was that highly educated people were better off lying.

    1. That is why Down syndrome and Less Intelligent People are already quickly caught by the basket, while the smarter approach it more cleverly and are aware of the risk of getting caught when they indulge in compulsions of violence and abuse.
      Mongolians and Weakers of Spirit, for example, are Gold Worth in The Finding of Rape Gangs Religion and the Children's Pimps of the District Terrorisms in Neighborhoods and at Schools.
      More often than again, the smarter groups want to start youth gangs, gangs and mafiaorgs with like-minded people in Burger and other environments such as school and government. The news reports Are there Ook Naar and ao robert m and drent there were such.

      1. The smarter groups ..:
        The District Terrorisms were LOT MORE Than Us ALL THE TIME lied to by the authorities and municipalities. Countless numbers of little children HAVE been abused by dishonored Unhappily addicted and made very sick. The nations oppressive rapegangs of the banksters and their elite!
          The Land also help speculators to defraud and hunt and impoverish entire Neighborhoods for their usurious practices. This involves billions again. 1 Land speculator has already accumulated 11 billion IN THE NETHERLANDS. People like Alexander pechtold the politician Are in the Neighborhood of That kind of practice when he was still a councilor Seen!

    2. With the legal profession at number 1. Don't be ashamed that they are professional pilots.
      But due to error in the law, they cannot be prosecuted for lying.
      Yes, and there you are as a citizen / victim. Those with the most money / connections are therefore always right because the judge again takes the lies of lawyers for truth and again does not go for truth-finding. 
      Democracy euh creation of demons = better in place 

    1. Very interesting article idd. That's how it is. Program children from 4 years old and then brainwash and indoctrinate into education for several decades and then they are ready as good workers, let them take on a hefty debt so they have nothing to choose and let them work until they die. 


  13. Would like to say that when I saw the Title I fell off My Chair in astonishment. The fact that I mistakenly also mistook the “often for” always (Wish filter?) Made that a lot worse for I Saw What Really says. 
    Very Special Surprising Article.

  14. The fact that the less educated are good at predicting or identifying problems does not necessarily have anything to do with their intelligence in a positive way; it could well be that they use their lack of understanding of the matter as an indicator. In other words, the less educated point to those matters in society that are almost more likely to go wrong due to their complexity. However, this does not mean that the “simple solutions” proposed by the low-skilled are also effective.

    Add to this the rudderless politician of the neoliberal instant democracy who does not solve the problems if it threatens to cost votes, plus the unadulterated herd behavior of the less educated (who is currently getting rid of his orange knick-knacks), then it ends. The latter's endless complaining about problems he does not understand but thinks he can solve with the blunt ax quickly turns into a negative spiral and it is not surprising that we dive from one crisis into another.

    1. HaleeelujaaaaH Did I Think One Can't Learn Anything More?
      SO the low educated have helped all countries to smithereens disrupted all economies and for decades in globally organized agreed traitor work completely stolen stolen robbed sucked all bankscams stock market traids Pension cash drains Euro thefts Trillion robberies and EU subsidy frauds COMMIT ??? And then the Vatican… they must have been those perverts? And of course they are also behind Youth Care with their billions of robbing and child abuse? And do muppet puppet rutte and the creepe cabinet reign between watching football and beer farmers who sell Us to the EU?
      Call the police quickly… those bastards….
      Well thank you for your wise lessons oh very honorable highly educated gentleman! I Estimate At Least 13th Floor Or A Tree?
      Yes I could not resist this.

      1. No, that's what the rudderless, twittering politicians have done who would rather respond to polls than solve problems.

        In my previous response, I only follow the advice of the writer of the piece by reasoning quite inductively and generalizing about the low-educated, because, according to him, that way of thinking is the solution to difficult problems. Or can you only generalize about the highly educated and not about the low-educated?

        1. Will you give a warning when you figure out who the big bad wolf is?
          Already put the police under the speed button in case I see those bastards. Whoever.
          I keep Myself blind and deaf from stupidity and unprecedented incompetence as I like to be attached to highly trained shepherds, but We are now stuck on the chaos and psychotic road to klungeldael or where are We?

        2. There is not one big bad wolf but an entire pack as a result of a shift in our Western culture, which you could call the emancipation of ignorance. Many people are no longer ashamed of their ignorance and think that their feelings-based opinions are worth as much as scientifically-based facts.

          Science has produced an enormously user-friendly technique that people use to make their lives more pleasant and to have fun. As a result, the better that tech-based entertainment becomes, and the faster and easier that people can satisfy their need for that electronic entertainment, the less they are generally interested in complex things, which are deadly boring compared to those. constant flow of pooch fur pop entertainment.

          Meanwhile, the same people are becoming increasingly articulate by the same technique and expect their “consciously ignorant opinion” to be heard while they are unwilling to do the necessary mental work to enter into a reasonable discussion with dissenters (and in the absence of rational arguments). one personally). That puts a huge strain on politics and I think that is where a lot of the pain lies.

          If you do not intend to delve into the problems of our society to the fullest extent, it is difficult to say that your opinion about it is the best you have to offer and you should therefore not demand that that opinion be heard in political circle.

          You have no certainty that a policy based on your ideas will not ultimately be hugely harmful to society (such as for example keeping out immigrants while your population is aging), in other words you just screw around because you have a good feeling about it. To be clear: politics is currently working on that because really solving the problems is a far too bitter pill for the average voter (not only for the low-educated but also for the owners of the banks).

  15. “There are good ones sociological and system theoretical grounds, which makes it understandable that the so-called stupid people and the politicians they vote for, the populists, are now more often right than highly educated regents. ”

    Unfortunately I have not been able to discover them.

  16. Funny that the author has done a study of tropical plant cultivation himself. If n of his statements were 1, the article is correct as the author clearly shows that he should not belong to this class!

    This because:
    - the article is full of contradictions.
    - It contains factual inaccuracies (for example: inductive unlearning, this is completely incorrect, certainly someone who has done a Blue Monday physics course should know that)
    - perhaps the author himself has not left the room during his studies or has stayed with his parents, but in general student rooms are in the middle of disadvantaged areas; so you are daily confronted with the daily worries of the people!

    1. Crash, I can't refute the first because you don't substantiate it. The second requires background information about how and what, thirdly, as a student you are most in your own student world (you), including student association and 'leisure' activities of course.

    2. “- It contains factual inaccuracies (for example: inductive unlearning, this is completely incorrect, certainly someone who has done physics on Blue Monday should know that)”
      This is the only point that you substantiate (indeed a good point from Julie) and which I can therefore go into concretely.
      Example. During a first-year practical, I learned to omit so-called outliers (measured values that fall outside the 'fit'). Very stupid of course, you can safely say a deadly scientific sin, unless you have a damn good reason (for example because your fellow student at that moment knocked over a cup of coffee over your test setup). Because who knows, those outliers may point to an as yet unknown phenomenon.

      1. But that doesn't have much to do with inductive reasoning; that's just statistics and measurement noise.
        The problem with inductive reasoning is that it is unreliable. Inductive reasoning can lead to incorrect conclusions; that is the reason it is unlearned, at least in scientific courses. In everyday life, where you cannot reason everything correctly, it is a useful tool. In science it's blood link.

        1. Induction is an essential part of the scientific method. Naturally, the patterns obtained by induction and generalization must be validated by means of prediction and testing. Just say the Mythbusters story. The problem is that highly educated people usually only think deductively (from their abstract knowledge). The less educated are strong in induction, but are not quick to generalize (with the exception of the smart ones, from which you can often learn very interesting life philosophies or protoscientific theories).

        2. Well, the law that you have discovered through induction has been invalidated by testing. Because it turns out that almost all the problems we face now have indeed been predicted by higher educated people.

        3. Ohoh jokkebrok!

          For more than 30 years, the highly educated have done everything to silence the less educated precisely because of all the misery they have known for decades. Politically correct has been introduced for this, and anitismite, racist, xenophobic positive discrimination. Antinative racial separations using poverty, school and finance and purest deceit and lie, with totalitarian country-wide censorship and media monopoly, and all margin publicists attacked and eliminated lowest. All those poorly educated people who have warned and protested many decades, expressed their sorrow.

          Even all TV and talk shows today still have trembling knees when they see the truth, and then think of mafia, legal profession, the woman who scared the whole TV country for land speculation, scams, crime and other fragrant work that they still get lost today. are - National total censorship.
          You can easily find the wife in whistleblower archives.

          One of the most vile works lies in neighborhood terrorisms. Silencing natives with immigrant henchmen, including child rapes, flat-fucking and drugging entire families. For more than 30 years, the higher educated police were not allowed to intervene, and in 1972 riots in the big cities over what the neighborhood terrorist henchmen did to the children, women, and families, and that of the higher educated, had to be covered up. Was a billionaire multicul mafia lord, job cohen full in on it, with his academic shovel.

          2004 and 2009 the banking mafia or these successive governments introduced 200,000 mafia henchmen to strengthen the boards and ranks in government land against the Natives, who protested and warned against all your works. You now say that you yourself warned against that… yes, 30 years after the population had spoken for a long time. Even the beginning of mass immigrations, with total social economic, and racial and security, and all the downfall of all social institutions, and we substitute for very cheap recruited and imported slaves, and we gushed the disapproval, after all, we paid for that ourselves anyway.

          You have been very highly educated, the whole country, the whole western world, the whole west destroyed, looted, the population is sick or no more… ..and now the esmgod of the mustard dessert food bank himself claimed to have called something… .hmmmjaaahhhh?

          The perpetrator who once again tries to crawl into the innocence and reputation of the fallen and victims. Exactly the same CIA style with your whole lot of nothing. Not wanting to know anything about the multicultihavoc alone, not because, but how it was done and for what purpose they were all abused, among other things to exploit and as mafia soldier.

          The persistent silence, submission and collaboration of the higher educated, was caused, among other things, by the threat of dismissal and on the other hand bonuses, handshags, allowances, expense allowances, careers, and the bullet for the Pim Fortuynen and whistleblowers, and also for the global warming whistleblowers from scientific and political layers. . Multi-billion dollar scams and robbers, highly educated, collaborating on a large scale and covering countries every year. All pillars of civilization and society as the watchtowers of our concentration camp Holland.

          Can still 20 4 quarts of vernacular, but if not you then maybe catch the others mydrift, I think, but then if your good eyes start to bother you again, they cry so naturally from betrayal that you think a doctor should be involved come.

          Highly educated have nothing. They first had to be freed from the extortion of an old spirit. I think we'll be heading in the right direction.

  17. Interesting piece. I find it somewhat generalizing, but it is confronting. In a way, all assumptions are generalizing. To immediately shout: “long live populism”, no.

    I think that both highly and low-educated people need each other to solve today's problems. It is pointless to divide the world into camps. Unfortunately, I do not see that reflected in this piece.

  18. The examples given for the strength of the low-skilled are not very convincing. All things that the less educated saw coming, the highly educated also saw coming. The economic crisis, the energy crisis and the environmental crisis already saw the academic world coming at least half a century ago.

    To solve this problem, make a distinction between smart highly educated and stupid highly educated people. Your statement then becomes: "Stupid highly educated people are often stupid." Not very interesting anymore.

    Your solution is that we need to be more critical. However, we are seldom critical of the less educated. If my bicycle mechanic makes a mistake, I forgive him. If my doctor makes a mistake, it will be a long drawn out lawsuit. My neighbors were wrong in their prediction for Iceland years ago, do I have to go and tell them that now? They will rightly laugh themselves to death. But if the highly educated make a mistake, is it suddenly a problem? Even though the question of whether a sensible prediction can be made of the economy remains to be answered. Many philosophers now doubt the possibility of making predictions in such areas.

    Another problem is that the people say everything. Opinions are always divided. If the highly educated are then wrong, as is often the case with economists and so on, you can always say that the less educated got it right. What you forget to remember is that only a part of it got it right. So this is a classic case of getting the cherries out of the porridge.
    I often learn a lot from the less educated, but saying they would do better than the highly educated is a farce. It is not for nothing, for example, that the majority of the unjustified loans (which are the reason for the crisis) have been applied for by low-skilled people. They can't even manage their own financial situation, let alone handle an entire country. If you let them all run, there is always a hand right, but the division would lead to nothing being done.
    Tribute to the less educated, tribute to the highly educated. The only group that does not deserve credit is the managers and economists. They are the problem, not the educated.

  19. Well I get it. I've always argued that learning too much makes people stupid. So it turns out to be correct. Only the person who wrote this text did not have a low education what it is for an MBO ore really struggling to understand it. All those in-between sentences do the text no good. Anyway, I now know that I have to vote for someone with not too much education and a realistic view of the society. It's just a shame that people like that are always left out.

  20. One should not think in terms of education level here: everyone does everything from his instinct (think of fear and power). With a higher IQ you have more resources to control it, but also to camouflage it (such as fear). Even so that you get further and further from your own feelings.
    Can you say from experience that many HIQ people also often have a high EQ (they have to to survive), but because they are not always understood from the instinct of the other (fear, powerlessness), it is described / experienced as low EQ is going to be.
    A HIQ does not mean that you know everything better, or that everything is possible. It is a measure of speed of thought, flexibility in brainpower, but you also often see enormous sensitivity and cannot stand injustice (so social).
    By the way, don't like the tone of this piece. It seems more of a plea for the PVV.
    An IQ of 100 is the default and means that most people are around this IQ. It is therefore simply the voice of the masses that plays and which must be taken into account. However, it does not mean that the masses are always right.

  21. Nice misleading article. Let me point out a few minor inaccuracies.
    It was precisely the higher educated who already in 1972 warned about environmental and energy problems. Unfortunately, their warnings have not really reached politics. And I fear that this is mainly due to the less educated. We are now 40 years later; if you look at which parties in the Netherlands really want to do something about these problems, they are GL and D66; parties that are especially popular among the highly educated.
    I have never heard any lower educated warn of the credit crunch. But there were 12 highly educated economists who predicted it. Never listened to. Just like all those higher educated economists, who warned last year that the measures to curb the euro crisis were completely inadequate. The politicians preferred to listen to the less educated electorate, who bellowed that no money should go to the lazy Greeks.
    The highly educated Job Cohen already took measures in 2001 to curb the immigration problem. Unfortunately, this never got through to the less educated, with the result that Rutte was able to set up his tolerance cabin in 2010. He could do this because Geert Wilders had convinced the less educated to vote for him with horror propaganda that had nothing to do with reality.

    1. Arie Roos, I agree. The higher educated do not have the truth, but are generally better informed than the less educated. Their frame of mind is wider and they have a better general development.

      Job Cohen has been denounced and dismissed, where Geert Wilders is still hailed despite his debacle. I can't place that very well. (but I am therefore not too highly educated) Cohen has managed to slow down immigration idd, while the Rutte cabinet has not done much at all on this point.

      The credit crisis has also been predicted, as has the double dip. And well-thought-out economic policies are made difficult by electoral interests. Parties that say unpleasant things are punished electorally.

      But the only thing 'we' can do is keep relying on facts and not opinions. Time and again trying to form an opinion based on facts. And to highlight a nice fact in this regard: for the time being the crisis is not nearly as deep as it was in the 1930s. 

    2. Arie, great that you give back, gentle sheep have nothing to look for on Visionair, but please read carefully. I mean, then we'll keep the discussion, well, “up to scratch” and all that.
      It was precisely the higher educated, who already warned about environmental and energy problems in 1972. ”
      From the article:
      “Although an active environmental movement existed in the 1970s, mainly worn by highly educated people, the great grabbing started in the eighties, also by mainly highly educated people.

      "Politicians preferred to listen to the less educated electorate, who bellowed that no money should go to the lazy Greeks."
      And rightly so, of course. If the Netherlands had not lent money to the Greeks, the Dutch treasury would now have been at least 21 billion euros more prosperous. The Greeks would also have experienced a brief, fierce crisis, all those wretched highly educated Greek officials had been kicked out and with some humanitarian emergency aid (and help to set up a modern, effective government) they would have gotten back on track.

      Some (incompetently managed) banks and pension funds had fallen over and some financials had finally realized their added value, namely less than zero, and started growing beets.

      1. Anyway, by finding that the higher educated were at the basis of the environmental movement, you invalidate your own claim that the higher educated do not see problems, while the less educated denounce them. That's kind of lame, to say the least. And you can say bluntly that in the eighties the big grab started, but then you also have to mention that almost all environmental measures that have now been taken have been devised and implemented by the higher educated… and often against the wishes of the lower educated.
        And that goes for all your examples. Hans van Hooft Sr, the party leader of the SP when they warned about immigration in the 1980s, was a doctor; seems pretty highly educated to me. The people who warned about immigration problems in the 1990s were Frits Bolkestein, Pim Fortuyn and Paul Scheffer; all extremely highly educated, and thus living proof that your thesis is incorrect.
        Aid to Greece did not cost EUR 21 billion at all. So far it has only brought in money. Of course, there is a chance that Greece will still go bankrupt, but until then that emergency aid is simply a good deal for us, however bitter that may sound. Wilders was therefore not right at all. But it's not even about Wilders' right. Because long before Wilders started his atrocity propaganda, extensive articles by the higher educated appeared in the relevant journals warning of the problems of Greece. And while Wilders played childish games with his enormous Drachma, educated people already said that the measures taken would not solve the problems.
        I have the impression that you are trying to create a kind of contradiction that in reality does not exist at all. I wonder if that's right, and I wonder why you actually want that ...

        1. Arie,
          Inductive thinking was at the basis of the environmental movement. For example biologist Rachel Carson, who was denounced by most highly educated people at the time. Inductive thinking also occurs among highly educated people, Carson is a good example, but then an exception. It is often the lower educated who make serendipitous discoveries because they do not know the prevailing paradigm.

          The low-educated did not get a voice in the media, unless to denounce the “racism” among the low-educated as a social problem, but immediately realized the integration problems because they themselves had to deal with them directly (Islamic neighbors; Islamic colleagues for low-skilled work ). Also note that Fortuyn, Scheffer and Bolkestein were denounced by the highly educated, not by the less educated.

          “The aid to Greece has not cost 21 billion euros at all. So far it has only brought in money. ”
          This comment, with all due respect, is a bit silly. If you wanted to determine the economic commercial value of the Dutch claim on Greece, you should now offer it on the free market. I think given the usurious rates that the Greeks now have to pay for their short-term debt, around 20 percent on an annual basis or even more, it is around 25%.

        2. Rachel Carson… ah, there we have another higher educated (MSc in biology) who has warned about environmental problems. Your thesis is becoming less and less tenable. 
          I don't know what you mean by discoveries, but I actually know hardly any less educated people who have made discoveries. And that is of course not so strange; discoveries are usually made by scientists and technicians, and they are by definition highly educated.
          Low-educated people do not get a voice in the media? On the contrary… read the Telegraaf, or look at all those “heart of the Netherlands” or “RTL boulevard” programs. The voice of the less educated dominates the media.
          Blasted or not, the fact that Bolkestijn, Fortuyn and Scheffer were more educated shows that your position is incorrect. Sorry ... I can't make it any nicer for you.
          The whole idea of those support loans was precisely to shield Greece from the effects of freely negotiable bond loans. It was never intended that the Netherlands would sell those loans. It is therefore nonsense to value the at the current market value; we're not going to sell them anyway. In any case, that market value is nonsense, since Greece has stopped borrowing on the capital market for a long time. If you look at what that support has cost us and what it brings us, the balance is still positive.

        3. Haven't the brothers Wright, Thomas Edison, or Victor Schauberger made a discovery? Perhaps one of the present tense, am woldering? At the time of his discovery, bellen.com, he certainly did not have a high education.
          Not being able to name the less educated people of the current generations is easy and in your favor of your warring argument against germs. It is also not surprising, since less educated people are less likely to see their discovery as newspaper news or a scientific article. Nice examples of discoveries, made by less educated people, can be seen under 'the best idea'. Enough highly educated, who then think, oh yes. 
          Nor does this attack do you any good: "Your thesis is becoming less and less tenable." As well as the misuse of the text, with which Germen tries to explain something else (i.e. inductive thinking)
          It is a good thing that the less educated Jan Marijnissen has not been used in an example.
          Finally, I would like to say that I am particularly sorry that you like to be right and that you interpret the words of your 'oponent' in a different way than intended.

        4. Didn't Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Flemming, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Max Weber, Alan Turing, John von Neumann, Claude Shannon, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, John Maynard Keynes, James Watson and Francis Crick make discoveries? And I will only mention a very limited number of the names of the higher educated.
          My attack is simply based on the facts. Germen's thesis is that the highly educated are often wrong, and the less educated are often right. As proof of this statement, he uses a higher educated woman who already warned about environmental problems in the 1960s. That is not proof, it is a counter argument. It is precisely the highly educated who have warned very early about environmental problems; exactly the opposite of what Germen claims.

        5. Of course there are more highly educated with discoveries in the field of physics, among other things. Knowledge from training is needed for the "next step."
          A previous warning about environmental degradation, incidentally, was poorly educated. Schauberger.

          I think it is not just the training, but above all what someone with sufficient intelligence, experience and training can achieve. But with a high education, with limited logical sense, you get a mountain of cake bakers in the political system.

        6. Yes, that's right, and that's why it makes no sense to blame the higher educated.

        7. 20% ?
          The EU Promised and Was RIGHT Designed to Prevent Exact That After the War> Poverty and War. EU Traitor! This is nothing short of the micro-credit clique with their usury and hidden costs.

        8. "" It is often the lower educated who make serendipitous discoveries because they do not know the prevailing paradigm. "
          Was Research ever done on Nobel laureates. It turned out that all had not always had their profession as the best under the knee at the university and came on new ideas due to lack of knowledge!

        9. Still Just Treat this

          “I have never heard any lower educated warn of the credit crisis. But there were 12 highly educated economists who predicted it. ””

          The entire credit crisis was deliberately created and constructed and intended to bring the Societies to the abyss, as the banking mafia with war and debt enslave and keep nations in slavery.

          The gossips of Emerite Academician Van Tinbergen Bij Example were to wipe out Any Resistance to Mass Immigration as now xenophobic Nazi fascist employment aging and many other terror tactics and wording served that purpose. Everything about the slave trade to industrial sexual and criminal exploitation and that the slave trade has simply NEVER stopped for a second every centuries. With a head money premium from the EU per recruit and robbed African of 20,000 euros to the recruiters and North African governments on top. All of Africa bled to death and disrupted for bankster interests.

          The so-called warnings that you mention all have in common That as long as the crime is already taking place at the same time, it always takes place on the fringes of the media to operate underground and ALWAYS from a Particularly full of bankster sons and clones driven corner. In such a way that doubt remains, uncertainty and at the same time an unreliable report.

          The recessions have been created artificially and deliberately by simply shifting the 2006-2009 accounts and putting billions away from all and nowhere and from the Population temporarily. As of 2009, this Cost Still Whole the Housing Market de Kop and the banks and speculators were again happy with the massive forced sales.

          The years before, they had just held a price-boosting campaign so that everyone quickly went to buy a house and took out a loan from their banks.

          At the same time as the construction of artificial recession started in 2006, rtl 7 also started the economic news bringer. From the start, a presenter, which was not completely watertight, was the only one of all presenters to regularly warn that a recession was imminent. That is a perfect truck in their group and profession to benefit the murdered innocence and, on top of that, to get those good genius Jews to be regarded next to Utterly Unfairly faith that they do not deserve. Rtl7 was also to enter into stock market investments and insurance, so at the same time fully cooperate in that crisis in a constructive way.

          Exactly all the Holocaust cams. From 1900 onwards they often called out about c and genocide. At the same time they were themselves exterminating Worldwide.

          Also here keep shouting about chemtrails and at the same time at the Somalis 6000 tons of agent orange flicker on their harvests and then ask again if you would like to send Money because of hunger with their ultimate criminally perverted auxiliary as the ideal concealment and concealment that there is poison and also war in the game are that all those parties then not there When Saying. The advantage of all the chemtrail hysteria that they created is that if there were a Message from Africa One would simply think of “oh again and chemtrail version and the Attention would have been Disastrously absent. Do they do so much more often to launch their crimes in advance with chaos in the same area. Between all the consternation and unbelievers, a Real Crime is not noticeable.

          Exactly their Worldwide Vaticanhetics to distract from their own and much worse work and crime.

          So your 12 highly trained economists were mafia members and henchmen since an artificially created crisis can never be predicted except by the perpetrator himself.

          Here is a very expensive variant that also involves prediction and money     http://www.visionair.nl/wetenschap/universum/donkere-materie-bestaat-niet/comment-page-1/#comment-27212

    3. @Arie Roos, the problem started with the abolition of the brown pay bag.
      The Banks went for the plastics card. Then, among other things, the sale of the rental properties with ridiculous mortgage payments and now two birds with one stone. Comment on maladministration Netherlands road mortgage interest deduction.
      The problem the ministries occupied by the pedo / inbreeding culture.
      democracy is that they make you think that they should be allowed to participate in the decision-making process. 
      And as far as housing associations are concerned, semi-government officials who still first fill their own pockets and said that with owner-occupied housing, they contribute to their salaries and bonuses through income tax.
      Money silver, copper, gold was intended as a medium of exchange and the demons / banks have turned it into graai graai culture. And now deliberately causing crises, because only in chaos can banks and insurance companies rule the world. Abolished slavery. 

    4. The Man Who Told the World and the Higher Educated That Their World was Dying by Their Doing Was a lowly educated.
      The Man Who Several Times Prevented the World from Evaporating in a Nuclear Disaster Was a Low Educated.
      The Man Who Gave A Tip That Plugged the BP Disaster Leak Was Also A Low Educated.
      The Man Who Fact that Massive Abuse, Drying and Genocides with State Resources, Monarch Techniques and School Systems was Going Worldwide
      The Man Who Informed the World of Huge Trillions and Property Theft Was Also Lowly Educated
      The Man Who Discovered What Aimed Mankind Already Had No Education at all except Suffering and Pain as Knowledge.
      And This is Just a Start.
      On Forums and Websites, It Is The Lowest Educated People Who Most Meaningfully and Most Accurately Inform Protest Inform. Even Most Decent and Sincerely Behave Argumentative! Anywhere for centuries highly educated funeral pyres, violence repressions, inquisitions, rule of law, laws and judgments against were invented BY highly (or better hog?) Educated inventors.
      A lot Less fuss as an entry is Appropriate. Although With Last Alinea Conceived it does fit together again!

  22. Coat Serarafat

    Dear plant farmer Germen,

    Why, oh why do you think it is necessary to indicate which group you belong to? Would you like to indicate that you do not belong to the mob? That you are able to listen? As long as your classification of humanity is made on the basis of education, I wish you the best of luck.


    1. The fact is, Jas, that Germen is a member of Mensa, in addition followed two university studies. But he also mentioned appropriate physical-scientific modesty in his text. Is it okay again?

    2. It is remarkable that in the meantime quite a few of the highly educated express and behave lower than the less educated and also give evidence of their spiritual contents Not far from Fascism and Nazis. But Circumstantial We had already seen through the economic and banking troubles.
      Here one named the lower educated as well as a subspecies untermenschen as Alexander Pechtold also expressed so beautifully. And job cohen also if People then conceive of education as a discrimination and a weapon of racism.
      I Believe Article Has Exposed A Major Social Problem and Apparently School Systems Corrupt Degenerate Criminalize As All Phenomena Wiped Together.
      School a crime weapon and academy a terror nests!

  23. My compliments to Germen. This article appears to be a direct hit. Someone also posted it to Nujij.nl and it is at the top of that. There is a fierce discussion going on there just like here.

  24. Idealizing low-educated people is a fallacy that most resembles attributing good qualities to a beautiful woman. It seems so logical, but you will also be disappointed.
    Nice article, because so little is said in the media, but the final conclusion may well be that all people are stupid (or smart, just as you like) and that most courses, just like designer clothes or distant holidays, are more of a collection fetish for your own ego than a process to more insight into the creation around us.
    We are all comedians in an 80-year-old farce. Hopefully the comedy of the manager / suit politicians in the breach for the bigger picture will cease to exist in my 80 years. Bad comedy annoys me ...

  25. Always something

    Indeed, there are low-skilled people who saw this crisis coming. Just as there were highly educated people who saw that… There are also highly educated people who thought that the economy will keep on growing forever. Just as there were low-educated people who thought that. Does that make that group that saw it coming smart? No, because you cannot predict the future, certainly not with these kinds of complicated things. From history you can conclude that once in a while there will be a crisis. I can now also say that there will be another crisis and that will probably happen, but I can only guess when. Does it make me smarter if I happen to be guessing correctly? No. Moreover, there are a lot of low-educated people who say a lot of things, then one of them is probably right. If you take that fact + the fact that highly educated people sometimes get it wrong and write a nice article about it. Moreover, the writer has it all from his own perception. There is not a single source, not a single research in this article that supports his thesis. In fact, the writer recently wrote an article about stupidity in politics (http://www.visionair.nl/politiek-en-maatschappij/nederland/stel-opleidingseisen-aan-politici/). The writer of this article also has an article called: Rich people think more about the future. This time based on research.

    1. You could certainly see some things coming. When I read 10 years ago that people in the US provided mortgages to people who were not creditworthy, I wondered how that could be done. When house prices continued to rise annually by 10% in the 90s and early years 0, I wondered whether that mortgage interest deduction was the sensible thing to do. And whether the debt explosion was the sensible thing to do.

      And in the 1990s there were many economists who preferred to see a "Europe at the different speeds" because they thought that not all countries would be so easy to combine economically. 

  26. Low educated, highly educated. It doesn't mean much to me, you will find stupid people in both groups, only it is the case that people are usually not bothered by stupid low-educated people. Only when someone is highly educated, and stupidly and coincidentally rolled into power, then another will suffer from it. 
    Take Alexander Pechtold, for example, he was a kind of speaker at flea markets or something, he seems sensible but is not. The way he continues to justify people being victims of scammers is remarkable. He knows how to articulate the most horrible things beautifully, and the result is that we will have to watch for years how inequality, racism and sexism persist. Alexander Pechtold may not be a good example, because he is not an intellectual. But because of the ambiguity of D66, they can often coop with another party, so they often end up in a coalition and thus blame the power. That is a terrible prospect. 

    1. Henchman of the international slave markets AIDS needle and bomb attack pechtold you have a good view and a beautiful description. If you remember the political debacle of hysterics on TV since 2009, do you know that it was always accompanied by the academic jop foppop cohen, the billion-dollar thief who nevertheless spread Mental Problems despite his academic discipline. And balkenende and rutte left this tacitly because they are all a cabal emerging from bank star circles and the small parties gl d66 afa justice media abuse pvda as slaughter weapons. Terror cells. Buddy in the evil of Pechtold regarding bomb and AIDS needle attacks. Duyvendak is back in GL preying on Blood… and probably Money too.
      Attack perpetrators Donner and Hirsch Ballin again in VVD and CDA.

  27. I am glad that I am not highly educated, at least that gives me the opportunity to learn more;) A practical example: a highly educated person devised a system to remediate wood rot, mill away rotten wood and apply a solid paste between the healthy parts of wood ... which is not works because shape-retaining paste… surprise: wood works, expands and contracts… what would have happened? I recently cycled past it again and tears sprang to my eyes ... exactly what I had thought, the connections do not support each other ...
    You really don't have to have followed a higher education for this, right? I hope that we can go to cooperation, strengths and all the good ideas and commitment and I want to combine the higher and lower educated people together and make the best from there ...
    Particularly not? Actually, I see the whole theme of remediation running through, for example, economics ...

    1. In your example, experience and a little bit of logic works a lot better.
      Reinforced concrete is also possible, because of the same expansion coefficient of steel and concrete.

  28. Maybe this is a solution that can work; The article that Rednas wrote on June 8, 2012. "Bill: make lectures at Universities and Colleges public." It seems to me that a whole mass of knowledge can be disseminated in this way among the eager to learn, who are motivated in certain areas. The nice thing about knowledge is that the more you know, the more you know you don't know. I have done many self-taught studies, as a result of previous studies, my curiosity was always aroused by the new insights. You don't get a piece of paper for it, but you will find the reward in the answers you seek and find. Many people with a low level of education have no idea what they are good at, but they do have hidden talents. The low level of education, after which a direct influx into the energy-consuming busy work floors of companies, makes them prefer to relax. Many young families yearn to fulfill their material needs. Needs that can be elementary, in addition to needs that are presented to them through advertising, etc. For such families, this means that they have to work more, for more income, and have even less time left for their areas of interest. That way you keep them on the low-educated line, of course, but as a society you won't get anywhere with that. You can of course easily pick them and sell all kinds of overpriced loans, but in the end you are stuck with an ever-increasing shortage of resources and highly educated people and professionals. Which is already the case now.

  29. Yes, yes, the less educated who, with his common sense, invariably trumps the unworldly highly educated. If only the world were so simple. How wonderfully clear that would be. But no, as always this black and white image has almost nothing to do with reality. Germen, you fell through the basket.

    1. @ Bebeben, The high nazis who are said to have been punished and as known under Eichmann file are spread all over the world for their high education.
      And not to mention Mengele who also had such a high education and was spared and was allowed to continue with his practices until 1986 and died during a swim in his spacious villa in Brazil. was also responsible for the Softanon recipe and wrote books under the USA name Dr Green.
      And what did Hitler want elm the United States of Europe…. and what do we have now! 

        1. I suspect that the world is being pulled down by those highly educated people.

          But also, the low-skilled can lower the bar and that is also the harsh reality.

  30. I believe that a possible explanation can be sought in the fact that the lower educated form a larger part of the population. Because much of the pertinent questions in the public debate relate to human behavior, the higher educated, especially in the social sciences, will tend to turn to the books. This while the less educated are more likely to use their own life experience (and intuition) as a guide for their answers. As a result, the less educated may make a different estimate that takes more factors into account than the science inclined to demarcate.
    For example: It was normal some time ago to claim, based on the past, that Greece would pay back every cent that the EU put into it. Didn't it always go well in the past? That was the model-based reasoning of a number of prominent highly educated people in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the less educated didn't have that illusion, and they were right.

  31. Will we also be willing to look at climatological differences of southern countries with respect to northern countries…? In greece it can be overwhelmingly hot ... while in northern countries it is more often humid in summer ...
    The point is how to deal with that ... a well-functioning irrigation system would already offer a solution for the greeks ...

  32. Respond to this ????
    -EDIT: Removed Personal Attack-

    And no, Mensaal is not the same as highly educated or smart ...
    Neither are Mensalen better, smarter, or whatever. Neither are highly educated people. 

    1. Nils Peters

      Human will not be better, but different. I have also been invited for a test day, but can I use that to get a loaf of bread from the bakery? I had 9 mistakes in my citizen test, Gymnasium advice, IQ of 146 and yet I messed up. There are people with an IQ <100 who lead a fine life. Are they better? The answer seems obvious to me: No. It's about the choices you make.

      1. Mrs. Mikkers.

        Now let me be one of the less educated of almost 70 years. It has occurred to me before that highly educated people (including some in my area) cannot make a down-to-earth decision.
        To be straightforward, in choices of finances, etc. they keep going to extremes, which I find very stupid.
        You can NEVER see in the future how things turn out in the right or wrong direction, no matter how good the forecast is. You cannot plan something if there is no money for it, keeping a buffer is of all times, now apparently no longer.
        This is also reflected in this current government, too many assumptions are made. The pieces that probably can no longer be glued are waiting in the future (see the little devil of modern Greece).
        The less educated reason, what there is NOT much (money) you can not spend, so be careful what you do with it and not put it in well-balanced talk. A healthy mistrust is in order for all decisions that have to be made in life.

        Science versus science, 40 years ago it was said that butter is not good. Last year the big news butter was very good. Well sorry…. I view most of the news from science with healthy suspicion, this is how you keep yourself going, this low-educated person thinks. Except for the really good inventions.

    2. In the article I therefore do not claim that being human equals highly educated or smart. The law is also regularly noticed. There is only one admission standard: being better than 98% at making a standardized collection of certain puzzles.

      I know, gifted individuals tend to read only what they think is relevant and skip the rest (assuming you are gifted as a courtesy), but still.

  33. Anita Kroon

    As a low educated I don't know what to understand by highly educated. According to Het System I have kindergarten, primary school and Mavo4 alpha, the rest of my training is self-taught, so without papers issued by The System.

    Nevertheless, I can say that people without education, or according to the criteria of The System low education, can be smarter than people with papers stating what they have passed.

    Ingenuity and talent are nowhere in the package, you develop that yourself, simply by doing what you are good at based on feeling and intuition. Can be anything.

    According to the psychiatrist I once had me watched, I am well above average intelligent according to The System (DSMIV). It is entirely up to me how to interpret that and so far I feel very well about it.

    1. Intercessor

      Perhaps the highly educated feel that they have learned everything there is to know and that they cannot come up with anything themselves.
      That, of course, is not conducive to resourcefulness.

  34. G. Deck sail

    See caption / photo of Geert Wilders and Teun van Dijck holding a copy of a 1000 drachma note:
    since when has the truth - about eg the monetary situation in the EU and the rest of the world, not to mention that damn desert belief - has anything to do with populism? What are those IDIOTS who must always associate Geert Wilders in this case the PVV with populism .. ??? When will that stop! http://tinyurl.com/cucf342

  35. Gilbert De Bruycker

    The nail on the head ! Some of what I, as a low educated, predicted 10 years earlier: - German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "The multicultural society has failed."- Attorney General Yves Liégeois: “Migration policy has failed completely“.
    - Thierry Baudet in his book 'The attack on the nation state': "The EU means the end of democracy"

    - Rik Van Cauwelaert on Guy Verhofstadt: "Can't they really find anyone else among the European liberals, someone who hasn't been hit by the euro mill?"

    It is precisely these opinions that I expressed in a few readers' letters to the newspaper and in a few e-mails to…. the cabinet Verhofstadt, and because of that I became 10 years ago paranoid declared and I am watched and obstructed to this day as soon as I walk out the door!

  36. What a mess this. Full of assumptions, own opinions and yes, who knows, a few facts. Hardly distinguishable from each other ...
    pfff .. have already spent too many words on it.

  37. Uncle T., Rik, AlwaysWhat and others,
    the text contains the keyword 'acculturation' http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acculturatie as a sociological basis, the systems theory is actually something you should study, but specifically mentioned are the euro crisis, energy crisis, environmental crisis, and immigrant problems.

    Furthermore, the SP and PVV are called 'populist', but does not equate to 'stupid'.
    It is also a fact, a finding, gained in life, that highly educated people have also learned to think in an ego-oppressive way, to inquire about backgrounds, to think abstractly and deductively. Success is achieved through insight.
    The less educated are more guided by the ego (put themselves in the center), are less informed about objective backgrounds, think concretely and inductively and achieve success through negotiation.
    The consequences are that the less educated are less open to… take their own experiences as a starting point, have fewer aspirations or goals, and are therefore more skeptical in life. Highly educated people are more guided by higher ideals and are more optimistic, but because of the differences, communication between the highly educated and the less educated is problematic, usually the highly educated has to compromise. Highly educated people have more applications in the world, however, how to make things come true and how to unpack things seems like a blind spot, I think that it is in fact about power and interests that are played out / exploited, whereby a few things are taken for granted and the chance of press. burden is / is calculated. In that regard, the less educated are more sincere.

  38. Cornelis van Annenborgh

    This may be because some degree programs, despite having been awarded high marks, are not good. I personally experienced my year of university education as being able to apply patterns as quickly as possible without actually having any idea what you were actually doing.
    I myself am very convinced that relativity theory and quantum mechanics are completely wrong and that this can be explained in a few simple sentences why it is not correct, but you will never be able to discover that after years of studying Physics. You have to ask yourself whether your teaching material is actually correct and tested. Higher education requires that it rushes through as quickly as possible.
    And I don't know if this is correct, but I got the feeling that you were expected that only if you were even faster than that pace, that you were then able to criticize. But what if you eventually learned things that contain fundamental flaws that 99% of the fabric is worthless once you get the flaws out? 
    In my opinion, low education levels have less of this problem. Less teaching material so more time to experiment yourself. More basic material that is sometimes simply passed over to university courses. And more practice, where the chance of unseen mistakes by the student, teacher or textbook is smaller than just theory.
    The chance that you learn something wrong or have always understood something is therefore smaller in lower education

    1. Cornelis van Annenborgh

      Since I don't see that I can edit my message:
      , despite the => despite the
      I am very myself => Incidentally, I am very myself
      PS My post may suggest that I studied Physics, but I did Computer Science.

    2. Cornelis van Annenborgh

      have received no good => have received no good
      that you were then able to criticize it => that you were only then able to criticize it

  39. Cornelis van Annenborgh

    But what if you eventually learned things that contain fundamental flaws that 99% of the fabric is worthless once you get the flaws out? =>
    But what if you've learned things that contain fundamental flaws that 99% of the fabric is worthless once you get the flaws out?

  40. Well articulated.
    “In the past” people learned the basics at school. Technical subjects in the LTS and theoretical subjects Mulo and if you were better Mavo. Only the very best went to the Athaneum or Gymnasium and continued their studies.
    Practice was learned in the workplace. The best passed on to chef or foreman and knew their trade through and through.
    I worked in a company with 150 employees. We had 4 directors and 16 managers. 16! because you can have a maximum of 6 people under your care per manager. Most managers didn't really know anything. No subject matter, no human knowledge, but communication was paramount. Meetings with 16 managers and 3 directors were required on a weekly basis. If you pointed out the loss of time, it was dismissed as “good for cooperation”.
    When the baby boom generation went into retirement the system collapsed, the knowledge was lost and they had to do it all themselves.
    Look around and be amazed at the large number of projects that go wrong or can go ahead far beyond budget. And that's in all sectors. From construction, municipality and government projects.

  41. Will there ever come a time when low up (long ij in this case)
    earn a fairer salary? 
    fewer import slaves and therefore fewer home sitters 
    in my opinion also a cause of hardening society 
    always up-to-date: it must come from the length or from the width

  42. It is not a matter of whether you have a high or a low level of education.
    If you are highly educated you don't want to be inferior to the other highly educated people.
    In other words, you follow the general interest policy.
    If a hundred low-educated people say it is not what the highly educated says, then the highly educated will say “what do they know about it” they have no understanding of this ”They do not want to lose face.

    As a solution, listening better and communicating better with each other will make a big difference.

  43. Is this a joke? What nonsense. No gibberish based on anything. The less educated are sure to invent all the shit? Low-educated people simply follow up with others. This piece proves nothing.

        1. Even more bizarre that your eyes have remained closed after all this time
          Now look around you (Brexit / Trump etc) the time is catching up with you and Germen is rock solid ..

  44. In short: A person must first of all think with his heart (love for every person) and not with his head. The system in which we live is primarily conceived with the head (arithmetic / power). The system / dimension in which you think / feel with your heart is infinite. Thinking only with head (arithmetic) is not. Those systems now collapse, because the choices / arithmetic have already been established. So there is no room to change it. Adaptable to life itself.
    We are in 2 dimensions. 1. life. (Element wood) 2. pc / data / technology, which has coded all life and objects. . (iron) 2 takes over 1. All people lose their freedom / power / possession when 2 is completed. Unless there is now room to work outside the rules / system on real sustainability / self-sufficiency. Back to basic. Security through human warmth / connection. Forms of power are not happy with that, because then you as an ordinary person get more freedom / power. 99% belongs to the common people. What are those forms of power doing now? Through the system they are doing control in all areas. Water control, social control, food control, climate control, etc. (the so-called highly educated people without first feeling human / insight are the puppets of this power system) The real laws of nature / apart from science / technology will never accept this, because they always balance everything . So there comes a moment when 1 and 2 together will come to a zero point (causes a lot of misery). After that, there will be a new era. I personally think the bushes of people in a jungle (Indians) or, for example, the Aboriginal are the richest (freedom / 1 with nature) the smartest people on this earth. So people who are modest.
    I have a low level of education and in my life I have often experienced that people consider me a bit of an idiot / good-for-nothing, etc. I had quite a hard time with that (it took care of someone else that he could continue and that gave me a good feeling / life force), but now that I know that it is their turn, it gives me a calm / just feeling. Even though I know that I will also go to that zero point.
    Much has been written about this phenomenon (history / antiquity / mythology / beliefs). The dark ride / odyssey. The worst people (egoists / materialists / corrupt etc.) are resolved and the good ones are allowed to return. This seems woolly in terms of science, but I believe in it. Why? Because the Aboriginals / Indians have known / told this for centuries. The day of reckoning / judgment can now occur at any moment. (That 1 (element wood) and 2 (element iron) come together to the zero point). Realize that the elements earth / water / sun are the most powerful elements (trinity), because they existed before element wood and ancient iron. (Technology)
    Only when you realize that really everything is connected, then you can understand this. So if something doesn't feel right from the current system, don't do it. You have that choice. You have to sacrifice yourself. Don't be afraid of the consequences. Or say sorry that you understand, but there is little you can do about it because you don't have the power to change it. But never say that the system is correct in the event of inequality / being left out, etc., because then you give the other person the feeling that it should not be there. You will also be charged for something like that.
    The Indians say of this time that women and children will suffer the most. If you now take a good look around you or listen carefully to people / or experience yourself (contradixion), then that time has already taken place.

  45. I am low educated. Let me say this my brother is highly educated. We have not been in contact with each other for over 30 years. Now I think he is more uncomfortable with it than I am. I read too often how highly educated people put away the less educated as Tokkie. What if we would do the same for the highly educated people? Put yourself away. Division is dangerous for the future of society. And apparently the less educated are more sensible in this by not putting the highly educated in forums and articles. If that were to happen what then ?.

    1. Then maybe we will get a compartmentalized society again in which the highly educated can have egosnobs grind at the ground level where they are not allowed to stick their heads above.
      Or something.

  46. Indeed, Frank. It is not good for readability.
    But to come back to Germen's article (I think all side paths have already been covered), you can distinguish between people who are worldly-wise and people who suffer from tunnel vision. Regardless of whether you are highly skilled or low skilled. The University of life will ultimately determine a person's wisdom.

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