How do we hide our planet from aggressive aliens?

Our beautiful green-blue third rock from the sun is very interesting to highly developed alien life forms. They may, of course, have honorable intentions, but when we look at our own history, voyages of discovery have usually been extremely tedious for the discovered indigenous peoples. Ask the Tasmanians but, at least the handful that are left. Should we hide from alien eyes? For the first time, a (relatively) practical method has now been devised.

Star coverages
The specialized satellite Kepler managed to increase the number of discovered exoplanets spectacularly. In fact, the principle of what Kepler does is simple: to constantly observe hundreds of thousands of stars in a segment of the sky. If a planet-sized object slides between the star and the satellite, this means a periodic, slight weakening of the star's light intensity. The odds of a planet's orbit moving exactly between the satellite and the star disk are slim - think one in a hundred or less. However, Kepler keeps an eye on hundreds of thousands of stars, so that on balance many planets are discovered.

We cannot rule out the possibility that there are malicious alien species, such as the Independence Day locust plague species.

What if aliens discover us?
Techniques we use to find interesting exoplanets can also be used by aliens to find us. If the Earth moves right between the sun and an alien observer, the sun's light is also dimmed and ET knows that there is a planet in the habitable zone around Sol. And so we can eventually expect visitors, say David M. Kipping and Alex Teachey of the Ivy League University of Columbia University.

How do we hide the earth?
Hiding a planet the size of Earth is far from easy at first glance. The solar energy covering the Earth is equal to the solar constant multiplied by the diameter of the Earth's shadow. We are talking about thousands of times the current energy consumption. Kipping and Teachey are now proposing to install a giant array of space lasers with a capacity of a large power plant: 250 MW. If we only mask the abnormal radiation that shows that there is life on earth, much less power is needed: around 160 kilowatts, the power of a heavy electric car. This for ten hours a year.

Kepler discovered thousands of exoplanets through star coverages. Source: NASA

Is it smart?
Earth has been orbiting the sun for more than four billion years. Until now, to an alien observer, Earth was a low-profile planet around a low-profile star. An advanced alien civilization is likely to keep a close eye on the nearby cosmic environment, for obvious reasons. In short: aliens probably already know the earth and do not find our beloved marble interesting enough for a visit. Or they have already visited us in Von Däniken style, but then this discussion is pointless.

Presumably it will suddenly change the behavior of the earth by such cloak in our distant space brothers, make all tentacles twist in fascinating spasms. For example, think what the effects of the bizarre behavior on Earth this asterisk goods. They will then know that there is a technologically advanced species here on Earth, capable of disguising an entire planet. If the aliens are malicious or paranoid, chances are they will prepare an extremely unpleasant surprise for these nasty newcomers. That is why it is probably smarter to return our planet's radiation signature to a pre-industrial state.

1. David M. Kipping and Alex Teachey, A Cloaking Device for Transiting Planets, MNRAS 2016

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  1. Fortunately, the data from the earth rises at the speed of light. The industrial revolution happened about 200 years ago, so it can be observed up to 200 light years. The observer could then observe an increase in CO2 in our atmosphere during an eclipse. An area with a radius of 200 light years seems terribly large by our standards. But compared to our galaxy, which has a radius of about 25,000 light years, this is a very small area. Most of the galaxy sees Earth as thousands of years in the past before uberhaubt technology. Our radio signals can be seen up to about 70 to 90 light years. Still, it might be good for humanity if it survives the attack in the event of an alien invasion. It is now a mess on our planet. Just look at ISIS, the Illuminati, environmental pollution, tribes in Africa slaughtering each other, etc. This is all the order of the day because man cannot think as a species. Should aliens attack us, all these groups, whether they want to or not, must work together or else all of humanity will be wiped out. Now humans are in danger of growing further apart. If ET came by, everyone would come together again.

    1. I think that beam is twice as long, and the coming together will get watered down after a while due to fragmentation of stubborn chauvinists / ego cuddlers / know-it-alls.
      Just like in the religions and ideologies.
      But Islam is also crumbling I believe (I don't want to just react negatively).

  2. Is Earth really that interesting to aliens? Probably there are dozens if not hundreds (or many, many more) planets or other space objects much more interesting to aliens regarding the presence of precious resources.

  3. I think those aggressive "aliens" are already out here. Experiment, manipulate, etc. on your own. Humanity / all living is seriously threatened. Where the hell do those high priests come from?
    The current financial system ensures that no good things can be done permanently. In the 1980s the system was already bankrupt. Instead of starting over, as with a game that ends, they just continued. As a result, a person's basic rights have come under severe pressure. You can no longer even receive people in your own home without being punished for it. Your child has to leave the house at 18, because that is no longer financially feasible either. This is how the policy works. Heavy suppression, because the system only serves itself. That “Alien” thing doesn't come first for me. We live now and have the right to fill our lives in a natural way. The system has to adapt, because security comes first. You don't pick eggs from a bird's nest, do you? Are we too many people? No. If it cancels your consuming system, there will be plenty left. Natural death / diseases provide balance. That peak will come naturally. Many lies have been spread. Much current technology is unnecessary. At least at home. It can be done differently and it must be done differently.
    In this life you have to ask yourself: Does everything living live on artificial light or on sunlight? Why does a strawberry taste sour?

  4. It may well be that aliens may have been here about 5,000 years ago. They wanted to investigate the earth and with their presence they have disrupted the evolution on our planet. Realizing this, they called off colonizing sol 3 and moved back to another region of our galaxy. That could very well explain the current anti-natural living system. Do not forget that most of our disturbances are caused by living against nature's laws. Culture and nature are at odds with each other and work against each other. The fact that all religions refer to heaven could well be explained by the paleocontact hypothesis. Science and technology often go wrong because humans are probably not ready for this yet. Just look at issues around genetically modified food, social Darwinism where the richest are said to be evolutionarily superior, nuclear weapons and the Chernobiel disaster. Many illnesses, both physical and psychological, are caused because we have lived as hunter-gatherers for thousands of years and are now living in a kind of eternal summer all at once while our bodies are built on cycles of abundance and scarcity and lots of movement. You may wonder how the hell could it have gone so wrong. I am not saying that it happened because I did not attend, but that extraterrestrials have influenced our history does not seem very unlikely to me.

  5. Haha, not coincidentally around April 1.
    It makes no sense.
    If you want to compensate the shadow of the earth on the sun for a distant viewer, you have to imitate the sun. With the 63.2 MW per square meter (!) That the sun radiates, and not with the solar constant of 1368 W / m².
    In addition, you must know reasonably accurately where that viewer is in connection with the correct time of switching on and off.
    In theory it could be done with a laser because it does not diverg (almost), but then you have to know the position of the viewer very precisely. And that's the problem, we don't know him ...

  6. I won't know why we should camouflage the Earth, we can't even get off the Earth. Aliens are fabrications of Hollywood movies that only exist on the silver screen.

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