Video: The Future of Man

Since the beginning of the agricultural era, mankind has evolved much faster, according to measurements of the molecular DNA clock. What direction are we going if evolution continues? Which trends can be distinguished? Some striking and paradoxical results in this film.

I think the question is whether these predictions will come true. At the moment it is already technically possible to sample your DNA and change it letter by letter on your laptop. Probably the human of the future will be heavily genetically manipulated, or even no longer have a biological basis. Say for yourself: what do you prefer, an open heart transplant or a pump change?

5 thoughts on “Video: De toekomst van de mens”

  1. Personally, I think we have suffered enough pain, just give me the future of knowing and its applications. I myself cannot guess what my future will be, I am not living it. They all grow old in my family, smoke and drink a lot, stress is a daily occurrence. It is my concern, even if I have not procreated myself, that there will be others who can, however and in whatever form. Just change the pump, I can do it. ;)

  2. Intercessor

    It starts with cultured or printed organs for transplantation that are first genetically modified in a computer model to see if they then get better.
    And when successful, produce genetically modified organs for transplantation.
    And then maybe print or cultivate all the organs to assemble a whole person.
    Or slowly replace all organs in an existing person with the exception of the brain (otherwise it is no longer itself).

  3. Andreiko AS van Koeverden

    There will be 2 variants of humen evolution:
    1 enlightened strong natural leaders develop alternative 4 democrasy, religion and capitalism. I have been studying this 15,000 hrs)) In this case we use nagturalism, all parasyte psychopats leaders, fired or assistant of adhad, hypomane, bipolar natural leaders.

    2 in case they will be murdered, like Dutch Breda Police tries for 3th time (((u can tell ur friends we are lucky that in 121 - 14 years stress will not grow anymore and and % of fat people will also stop grolwing, why cause global stre$$ will be 100 % of the time and also 100 % of people will be fat, gr eat progr ass

    ideologue and profesional debil with fanta sea ((*))

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