The brains of aliens

What can we say about the thinking of alien intelligent life forms? Will it broadly resemble that of a human, or be radically different?

Groundbreaking physicist and science popularizer Michio Kaku, who is not afraid to get his hands dirty with speculative science, makes an educated guess in this short video. We know more than meets the eye, because we share this planet with thousands of non-human species, who often think in a completely different way from the species that call themselves homo sapiens sapiens (wise, wise man) in Latin. . Spoiler: the most popular science fiction series are probably quite wrong.

Even dolphins, of a biologically closely related species, think quite differently from us. What can we say about alien life forms? Source: The Brain Observatory

9 thoughts on “De hersenen van buitenaardsen”

  1. Beautiful speaker.

    Then about aliens, there are probably many different types of aliens, but there may also be a group that comes quite close to humans. And that may not be entirely coincidental. It is not that some aliens are like us, but that we are like those aliens because we came into existence in part with their DNA. Humanity as it currently is is already, in part, a hybrid race of a naturally evolved primate of Earth mixed with the DNA of different types of aliens. This beautifully made video elaborates on that.

    It is of course pure speculation at the moment, but the idea is interesting to consider. If it is true, at least we already have many brothers and sisters out there in the universe and perhaps we can let go of some of the fear. If we are part of a large family then it might be more interesting for aliens to greet us as a family member instead of wanting to dominate us etc.

  2. Including the multiverse, with the consequent infinite numbers of more / less evolved variations and types, including these; (Contrary to the alu-hat philosophies, we cannot exclude this in this context) it is practically impossible for modern man to imagine this. Rather, an insightful approach can take place for the future physically, (including the brain) ethically, technically, scientifically justified human being.

  3. Dear Mr. Antares, instead of reading your books, you'd better think about what you're reading first.
    Our brains also serve this purpose, among other things. Your philosophical hoax is your own grave. Thinking like that doesn't get you a millimeter further.
    Of course we can, you just have to study and research long enough and leave all possibilities open until proven otherwise. And if you can connect everything with everything then you will understand what our brains really are.
    Good cheer

  4. Great idea Jacob, I fear they will have to wait a long time, so you better take your UFO yourself, which will go much faster.
    And why we suddenly fly is not to Antares or Betelgeuse or suddenly into a black hole
    How da can not?

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