Documentary: Singularity, Rise of the Machines

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil and other transhumanists, the development of technology is accelerating exponentially. At some point, according to Kurzweil and his followers, a point, the Singularity, will be reached, beyond which the future cannot be predicted because intelligences greater than those of humans will be created.

Produced in collaboration with Kurzweil and Stephen Hawking, this documentary details the Singularity, an era when machines will be smarter than humans.
Will mankind as a species suffer the fate of the draft horse, the cochineal louse and the medicinal leech… a curiosity from the distant past that has become superfluous? Kurzweil thinks so… and the man knows very well what he is talking about.

52 thoughts on “Documentaire: Singularity, Rise of the Machines”

  1. Man is a being driven by emotions that date back to when he wandered the savannah in small groups.
    It should be clear to anyone who makes up the news in the least that humans are incapable of managing a large-scale Internet society. It is an ongoing crisis.
    Hopefully, the intelligent machines will be capable of rational management and take over before humans destroy everything.

      1. In fairness you look at that somewhat shortsighted in view of the facts that from 'above' the power structures have always manipulated the matter in a way so that conflicts had and must arise. A little faith in the vast majority of humanity would be in order. But once those polluting elements and obstacles are removed, there will be no reason why we should not be able to embrace this new technique. Unfortunately, these power structures do not now use technology to combat humanity and that has factual truths. Mvg.Jasper.

  2. Maybe the robot laws will become a lot more elaborate when everyone starts using them.
    Maybe they shouldn't have self-awareness because then they could have an identity crisis and do bad things out of frustration.
    Or you may be obliged to do all sorts of things for them to keep them happy.

  3. Everyone should start seeing this video. A truly fascinating perspective for the future, far beyond the science fiction scenarios we know. The assumption that this will only be possible for the rich loses all validity here. We will not have to fear the machines at all, the machines and we will merge, and we will gladly do this. The human being in the future will look the way that human being himself wants, including an unimaginable beauty and intelligence. Evolutionary evolved man will no longer depend on that same evolution for her qualities. I can continue like this, but see for yourself…. ;)
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        4. I don't visit any café, I have my own internet connection that I will continue to use, but thank you for your advice. :)

        1. Yes, they are known dynamics that belong to the climbing path, it becomes clearer after the transcendence and integration of what you may aspire to, I leave it to you. However, we do not know how to define human and / or intelligence, depending on perception, the proposition still seems something from the Middle Ages when the sun still revolved around the earth. Of course we cannot possibly call such a thing visionary, on the contrary.

        2. So do you think intelligence is a vaguely debatable concept, or do you think the IQ can't be higher than 210 or something?
          Or does that say little or nothing about intelligence?

        3. The followers of this philosophy call themselves "transhumanists" and claim that man has entered the post-Darwin era and can take his evolution into his own hands. Transhumanists generally endorse the positions of traditional humanism, but aim to explore and even transcend it to the extreme.

          In line with this, there is intelligence in which the human being appears with which intelligence can connect, because of this confusion can arise as a result of which the 'human' thinks that something is greater than himself, in the end that is a reflection of that same intelligence in search of itself, that what 'awareness' means.

      1. I don't know which chip you want to implant in that brain, if your goal is to make a person out of a terrorist, for example, then he will be better if he can destroy as many other people as possible. And so everyone is visionary, we only lack a common goal.

        1. So the goal of transhumanism is meaningless or hopeless? I'm just trying to understand you.

        2. Transhumanism (like many other movements) pushes the boundaries of our thinking by gaining more and more insight into life and that includes the human being as an organism that appears in it. It means that that person can also be transcended, but then one aspect remains and that is intelligence (described by many other terms). It is not in itself hopeless or meaningless, but it is an inherent fact that is ingrained in life, for the seeking individual it means becoming aware or maturing through which 'visionarity' arises.  

  4. All intelligence, whether conceptual or not, is the product of intelligence, originating and emerging collectively from All-What-Is, Transhumanism in itself does not have to be meaningless, to see it in a competitive relationship with, is on do not stand a chance. One can improve somewhat or technologically with regard to practical purposes, but never attain a higher intelligence than the Self. One would then actually want to call or see oneself greater than oneself. Mvg.Jasper.

    1. Well, if we look at the evolution of how humans have become so intelligent, it's because our brains could grow so big because our lower jaws got smaller.
      If I'm not mistaken my own that is, and if it could grow even bigger then maybe we would be a lot more intelligent.
      The idea that we can't be that may be naive.
      But I suspect you believe in a god and not in evolution.

      1. Dear Intercessor, if you look at the world today, do you consider the world intelligent? The answer may depend on how you want to fill in intelligence, but do you also consider the world to be fair when you take all (intelligent) technology into account? In other words, can we as humanity not be much, much better (cf transhumanism)?

      2. Dear Encouragement, I believe in evolution, at the same time I believe in a collective intelligence. If you want to give that something and name, so be it. This collective intelligence has a basic state. From that basic state I try to refute the definition greater than intelligence. That concept in itself has a contradiction. Something can never become greater than Something. :) Mvg.Jasper.

  5. I still get the very strong impression that both gentlemen have not seen or understood the video. Meddler, because of this they only see their own vision. In their reasoning I find little or no insight into the practical, technical concepts developed by committed scientists from the absolute top class. No technical concept is elaborated or discussed here, which is indispensable with regard to its insightful implementation and the real aspects that these executable concepts entail. In other words, it only keeps philosophizing from the top in blind loops, because the practice looks different. One must certainly be very gifted, broadly technically talented, and therefore have deep technical insights in general, if one really wants to be able to judge things from perspective, otherwise it will only be philosophizing. A bit back to the Middle Ages, in which people certainly did not reason less intelligently, but lacked the tools to make concrete observations. Observations that give a completely different picture of reality than the reality that we observe without all those technical developments. Developments that will give us as humanity the power to tinker and improve the intelligence itself. Pure, skilled (technical) intelligence is always working on itself, to bring about process improvements that provide clearer insight. That is inherent to intelligence, it is self-programming, and catalytic… ..;) 

    1. That may be your impression dear Antares, as long as you do not assume that it is based on the truth. Otherwise I would almost suspiciously think that you would be clairvoyant;) The great thing is that if you look closely at my reaction, you will see that I only try to refute the definition 'greater than intelligence', while at the same time touching a core. Oh, yes, and I react independently of my ego, without taking any offense to or at your reaction. Because I don't see myself as a scientist in a particular field, I refrain from commenting on the video for a moment. Partly because my priorities are elsewhere at the moment. Which will not or will not directly imply that it will be completely graspable for me, it has also already been indicated in the video itself that it is advisable to take in the material several times. I think that I first follow that advice before I want to give it a try, 1x is almost never enough for me to take something in, because the filter of the thoughts, the conclusion former, is or can often still be searching. After which I can possibly place the analyzed or received knowledge as a concept and then let go, and again be the observer in or of everything. Mvg.Jasper :)

      1. The warning remains valid as a universal law, more technology in itself is not the problem, but the way we use it. Our evolution has an integral character, maintaining a reasonable balance then becomes art, as indicated earlier at  Five important clues.
        When tribalism can go its own way it is relatively mild, simply because its means and technology are relatively harmless. The amount of damage that a person can do with a bow and arrow to his living environment and to his fellow human beings is limited (and that lack of resources is not necessarily a sign of common sense). But the advanced technologies of rationalism, when hijacked by tribalism and ethnocentric drives, can be devastating.
        In our euphoria to continue building in a strictly technical sense, there is a risk that we will ignore the misuse of this technology and / or not adapt our mindset precisely because of this miraculous evolution in itself.   

  6. Manuel Castells… “Perhaps the end result of the process of financial globalization will be that at the heart of our economies we have created an automaton that decisively conditions our lives. Humanity's great nightmare - witnessing how machines come to rule our world - seems to be becoming a reality at any moment, not in the form of robots making jobs obsolete, or big government computers guarding us day and night, but as an electronic system of financial transactions. This machine functions according to its own logic that is not the logic of the rules of our traditional market. Governments, corporations and financial institutions have virtually no control over the dynamics of the money flows set in motion by the machine, despite their wealth and power. Still, effective regulation of the world economy is technically conceivable. It is not lacking in technology, but it is about human (and therefore also political) values. These human values can change, they are not laws of nature. The same electronic networks of information and financial flows can be attuned to other values. ”

  7. It's inherent in intelligence; (evolutionary organic, or synthesized artificial) that it will want to improve itself, or will cease to exist, when circumstances beyond its control to practically anticipate them arise. 
    Knowledge stands or falls with the power to acquire insights and apply them in practice. Intelligence acquires knowledge, and thus power. I myself don't have to realize anything; the cooperating, collective insights growing on earth, from knowledge acquired by intelligence will do that. If misuse of knowledge (due to lack of social skills) and insight becomes the practice, then extinction is the ultimate fate. If we want to continue, the concept in the article becomes reality.  

    1. Nicely defined, and how are we going to upgrade that lack of ethics or social skills? That the concept in the article will become reality is no longer even a question, but rather a matter of course. The question is when and how collective thinking will adapt to these trends. Contemporary policy decisions preach just the opposite, so what obstacle is there? The answer to this is astonishingly simple but is opposed in all kinds of ways, how would that come about, do you think?  

      1. The collective thinking is already adapting worldwide, the insights have proven to be increasing exponentially every year, but it cannot be done in one go. That is the obstacle; the socio-intellectual mass slowness, due to lack of communication. On that point, the vanguard (the scientists in the project concerned) strategically and ideally suited, selected Google as a partner. 

        1. Is inherent in the awareness-raising process that is now taking place, also cross-catalytic, as Nobel laureates have shown. How then does policy arrive at completely opposite policy decisions? Intellectual slowness? How many victims will that first cause?

  8. Have you just not read the answer to that, or do you not want to know the answer? The latter clearly seems to me to be the case, as a result of which we can end up in an endless philosophical loop, which is here due to the trend I have already correctly predicted.

    1. Have read the previous and wondered how many more victims that intellectual slowness you refer to will make. Also has something visionary, the future is not all rosy and moonshine, I'm afraid. If we prefer it differently then we will logically have to speed up that slowness a bit, countless options here. Then you will also have to have something to break the circle, slightly different from the loop in which society is trapped, don't you think? I asked the answer to you, I do know. Do you have a forecast?

  9. Germen already wrote it "At some point, according to Kurzweil and his followers, a point will be reached, the Singularity, where the future cannot be predicted beyond". However, a possibly serious prognosis could influence the future in advance. Numerous options here indeed, but the scientists who are actually working on the concept are unfortunately not among them. That is why I modestly put myself in the background, and see how things develop further.

    1. There were still conditions, should we already fear the worst?
      It must be possible to reproduce a normal human brain in such a way upgrade that the resulting spirit surpasses a currently existing human soul in intelligence. (Wiki)

      1. The whole science in this article, in particular the knowledge in the video, is based on endorsing the failure of man, while the current structure of the societies seems to be more focused on discouragement, from the imposition of the ruling power. All that indicated as if AI could be the only solution. It just seems to me coming again from the assumption that the system itself has no errors, but the human thought process itself will not be or cannot be sufficient. Yes that is not enough, it is! Completely ignoring the fact that environmental factors and the arrangements of certain systems themselves fall short on the whole. It would be advisable to fix those flaws before embracing a technique that the likely driving elite can employ to achieve their actual goal. To achieve a kingdom for themselves with the smallest possible remaining population, where human robotic animals do not ask AI questions, but perform whatever they want, even if it will go against all ethics and moral behavior or values. We could very well go in that direction if we are not careful, as Prosument also indicates. And again, blind faith is again being created in those who almost blindly wish to deny all things that indicate that the current ruling group has no best plans and are likely to present their investment in these plans here. The best predictor for future behavior is past behavior. But in this reasoning, of course, I am again called the enemy of my own intelligence or the enemy of it, or is that just 'reverse psychology'? Pfffff all quite discouraging, if I were a product of my conditioned thinking, which the video also called somewhere seems to suggest;) Mvg.Jasper.

        1. Given the circumstances, ethics is still a misunderstood concept, so it is dangerous to say something about it for the same reasons.

        2. I see that I have again overlooked some mistakes, my excuse for that. Busy day… That knows some truth dear Prosument and I follow you in it, although I only wish to project my thoughts from a vision. But it is certainly a point to take me. Mvg.Jasper.

        3. In itself it should of course not be a problem, perhaps the shock is too great to also have to recognize that inhumane conditions triumph. People don't like to hear that and then it is better to close their eyes.

  10. Millions of professionals themselves are working seriously, and in the background, to nonviolently improve the conditions on our planet. Activists in general, and certainly the ego trippers, (recognizable by the characteristic, bombastic choice of words and phrase manipulation) invariably let others get the coals out of the fire. With a few exceptions, I therefore have absolutely nothing to do with it, not even with their collapsing, incapable, narcissistic tunnel visions. Close my eyes and beaks, I think, much better for the rest of the serious society, which they look down on haughtily. 
    Nice weekend. ;)

    1. Often when arguments fail, personal attacks and referrals will fill the ego with some satisfaction. Which, like the words contained therein, will have a brief effect, as they testify far from real inner peace. Because they lack all connection with it because they only serve the self, so the ego temporarily. The true Self will never choose that path because it wishes the true inner self-felt inner peace also to others. It is propagated. With full honor and sincerity. At all times one dares to keep on going with true arguments, insult and contempt is and remains a weakness it shows that the truth that is is rock-solid and unalterable in the words that cannot be refuted with reasoned counter-arguments. Have a nice weekend to you too. :) Mvg.Jasper.

    2. Idd Antares, in the background you will find plenty of options to help us out of this trough of tears, it is jealously hushed for various reasons. It only indicates how serious the social problem is, for the time being we can only reflect on how it could be different and at the same time hope that the number of victims will remain limited. And that limitation is not about a hundred but about many millions of fellow human beings. As you rightly said, as humans we are completely powerless against the mechanism used against us. It does not require many words, just observing what happens every day and what is reported on via the media. That is life in the 21st century.

  11. Someday machines, like all animals, will be able to reason and think just like humans. It makes no difference that we as human beings carry a soul. That doesn't make us higher or different. We only have the ability to see through everything, especially when we die. How machines are made does matter. They have to have a consciousness, that's the tricky part.

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