Can we think of a working alternative to capitalism?

Capitalism is barely under discussion at the moment after the collapse of communism. is that right? Are there any better functioning alternatives to capitalism?

Capitalism works. Why?
Adam Smith put it succinctly in his visionary book The Wealth of Nations. The baker and the butcher do not ensure that there is bread and meat on the table every day, not out of charity, but out of profit.

Smith was fiercely attacked by his believing contemporaries and later by Socialists and Communists for his immoral philosophy. However, Smith was proved right in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and again today. Capitalism is, as far as we know, the most effective method of creating wealth. Capitalism is based on the egoism of man. Everyone wants to get as rich as possible with as little effort as possible. The end result is that everyone will do what they do best. In this way a division of tasks is created. People can focus on a specialty and get rich through trade.

The strength of capitalism is that it does not require central planning with superhuman gifts. A capitalist system works autonomously. The government only needs to set preconditions. Thus, the government can prevent criminals from striking. The government can also protect certain collectively valuable goods, such as public health, clean air and water, with legal preconditions.

Shortcomings of Capitalism

The gambling paradise Las Vegas. The result of rampant capitalism.

Capitalism is immoral and, in principle, does not spare anything within the boundaries in which it operates. If there is a certain ethical rule (for example, working on Sundays), someone who does not adhere to that rule can earn more. Capitalism also constantly tries to stretch the boundaries within which it operates, for example by bribing politicians or by lobbying to influence politics. Sometimes this is useful, for example if a restriction causes a lot of damage without much use, it is often questionable, especially if restrictions are introduced to benefit one company (or a small group of companies).

There are also people who are hardly or not at all able to work. They will starve unless a good Samaritan helps. Another annoying feature of capitalism is that the income disparities become very large. This provokes jealousy and unrest.

What would a workable alternative to capitalism look like?
Capitalism assumes that people only work or do business in order to become very rich. Obviously, income is the main reason most people work. However, many people, especially the highly productive among them, work for a completely different reason: they enjoy doing their job. Nor is it true that people invent things to make them rich. They get annoyed by something (or have a dream), get a smart idea and work it out.

Inventors like inspiration much more than the perspiration needed to make an invention ready for market. Many inventors even go bankrupt because they work on their invention like madmen. Couldn't such incentives be a good alternative to capitalism?

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  1. freedom has no time: p

    The extremely spoiled, shortsighted, greedy (modern Western) man will not get there with a half-and-half solution. That is to say, no aspect of capitalism can be preserved, because in a world with limited resources, capitalism means making money at the expense of another.
    All one needs is a button in the mind that is turned around and makes us want no more than what we really need. Here people think that that is difficult, but in areas where people are not made crazy with advertising / manipulation from all angles, it is thought very differently. There people just sit outside, eat healthy and are unconsciously engaged in numerous activities that provide for their necessities.

    SO STEP 1: put all your unnecessary junk in the dump and learn to live simply. Grow your own food and you won't have to work anymore. That saves a lot of stress / hassle in your social life and you will not be at the doctor's doorstep every 3 weeks for such a delicious box of new sweets.

    STEP 2: Put everyone who has the slightest intention of being a leader or enacting laws on people on one island and wait for a beautiful high wave to swallow them all.
    In a society where everyone is respected and where there is no wealth or poverty, there will be very little crime in my opinion. And those who just do evil for the sake of evil will not be able to go about their business for long in such a society, for they will be punished or excluded as they see fit.

    In short, there are easier ways than capitalism people. And soon the day will come when this will be over. The question is: Is this soon enough? Or would you rather wait a little longer, still faithfully take your pills until your work is done, you lie in your box and leave this change to a new generation? Or do you wake up now and see the opportunities that lie ahead?
    WAKE UP PEOPLE! For many it is now or never! Escape through pure boycott of the system and if we do collectively freedom will come soon.
    This is really all you need. You are not alone. THERE are millions like us right now.

  2. Nice argument! Only about 'putting all leaders together on an island'; If we get stuck in 'anarchist', for example, then I see it happen that a new leader arises, who points out 'wrong' leaders, as happened in the Russian Revolution.

    From what I know about how natives (Indians, etc.) live, people have lived together like this for centuries. And the future must show whether that can be integrated into our society, where I don't see the knowledge of electronics, science, etc. being thrown overboard just like that.
    Those nature peoples have one thing that we don't have: They are still one with nature. And we; We are lost; 'Find yourself' sang Koot and Bie as early as 1975. How impossible, and at the risk of becoming fuzzy (Yes, imagine, say…); I think it is vital that if we are to survive the worldly chaos in the long term, that we must begin to feel our bond with nature again. However utopian that may sound… Eg; Walking through the forest, growing vegetables, etc. Literally feeling how valuable that nature is to us; what it gives us.

    When vegetables (but that also applies to electronics and fuel) come close to home, we get local economies again. Advantage: We are no longer dependent on other economies. As a result of the tsunami, Japanese companies are facing an energy shortage `(*), which means that factories have been partly or completely shut down. For example, six major German companies, including Siemens, have been hit because they can no longer get the microchips and other parts needed for their own products. An economic chain reaction that hits like a tsunami!

    (*) Source: 'Disaster Japan will lead to total collapse of the world economy by July at the latest'

  3. Note: Of course I know that Russian Revolution was not 'anarchist' but communist in nature. What I mean to say is; In my opinion, revolutions are doomed, unless they try to restore that link with nature. I am not quite sure how exactly to give that shape. But I do think it should go that way.

  4. The baker and the butcher, not really a good example! These people have learned a trade and practice this profession to provide for their necessity of life. And one person is more successful in this than the other, depending on your own efforts.
    Capitalism is very different, a capitalist never has enough and if he / she has scored slightly less this year than last year then they find this very annoying, while they are still swimming in money. The so-called freedom that capitalism offers is based on gambling and, above all, no interference from the government. But the government is the people, that is all of us, including the fellow man of the capitalist. Just look at the food banks, they are popping up like mushrooms. It is no different than that private wealth leads to collective poverty. I also understand that a capitalist says that it is man's own fault if they live in poverty, what else should they say, admit that it is wrong, that is silly. The mess, gambling and greed of investors and banks are blamed on the common citizen. Our pensions are just gambled and lost, capitalism. Now look at the recession and be honest, is this because I earn a minimum wage and work for a boss? It may take a while, but then everyone will be awake and we are building a civilized world. In the end, justice beats ruthless, hard and wanting to own the me and everything, because we are human for after all, and that is a good thing.

  5. Andreiko van Koeverden

    Value fellow tortured)),

    In nature, animals are under stress on average 2 % of the time, eg when they are in danger of being eaten. In western society this is 2500 % higher with 50 % stress, thank god ..
    Evolution cannot go backwards by definition, democracy is dead and global problems are flying through the pan and already out the kitchen door !!

    Only when strong brilliant enlightened people arise and make it their life's work do we have a chance at enlightenment.  

    [CUT, the rest is too unstructured and unfounded - Niek]

  6. Andreiko van Koeverden

    Dear Niek,
    Why is the rest too unstructured and unfounded? When Marx, Mao, Lenin and Fidel, Alan Moore, Michael Moore, Noam Chopsky, Huizinga and millions of others have bitten their teeth on it, it is impossible to think of more than a small portion of a working alternative to cold killing capitalism. Still, I am an optimist and have successfully opened 7 companies in Belarus, although things are going against the grain now, and not the teacher or politician who never sold a bag of potatoes and bakes some buzzwords together, or as Lenin thinks 70 million Russians with vodka without police ((

    alternatives capitalism:

    1 good old Denmark and Holland are living proofs of countries with a high civilization index, the factor between the income of the 1 % poorest born underprivileged, and the 1 % born most promising. In the last 25 years, Danes also seem to live as the happiest people and children on earth and Holland floats in place 3 to 4.

    2 if you take the cold killing catalysts from society and have them replaced in stages by a win-win situation for most of them and promoted by people with great Positive cHANGe Potential like Maddonna, things can go fast. She has made girls more equal to gentlemen than 100,000,001 politicians, artists, feminists and executives who liked their secretaries))
    So replace them by promoting wisdom, health, humor, having fun, being noble and you will catch 2 times more and twice nicer ladies, and still without conflict or stress))

    3 if you want to retroactively stop an evolution you have to let the psychopathic parasitic rats go off like a bush like a watering can with lots of shoes to his head. So humiliate tyhe money masturbators and inspire the be u tea sizers 
    I call that Be u tea Before Bucks Bevolution (bevolution is you have to be somebody not follow the flow. And Bevolution is a well guided evolution with revolutionary elements in order to be you tea bomb be you tea barriers))

    The Zionite Anglo Northern American War Machine that works rather nicely with the medical mafia and the hyper-possessing class acts as the aids of society!

    I've been developing concepts myself for 25 years that can tackle the many-headed capitalist monster, but Einstein said if everyone goes to the right and you go to the left, you are crazy!

    good luck with alternatives and as marco said the bond with nature must be restored, but as I said evolution does not go backwards so:
    - all cold psychopaths on high positions out, first the most imoral, and then artistic creative hypomanic bipolar in return who do have a herd of passion and empathy and are now squashed by bush as kids by the no child left alone (((

    Andreiko van Koeverden 

  7. Smith was fiercely attacked by his believing contemporaries and later by Socialists and Communists for being immoral philosophy.
    And the big joke is that he was also a moral philosopher. :-) Apparently it wasn't a problem for him. His morals were clearly different from the people who criticized him. By the way, here is an interesting analysis by Rob Wijnberg about capitalism and Adam Smith:   
    In his view, the problem is precisely a misinterpretation of Adam Smith's philosophy. 

  8. So on to an economy without growth? (not necessarily without progress?) cf. Tim Jackson's book?
    Everything starts to reflect .. Standing still is not by definition deterioration. Standing still can be enlightening if you make the right analysis and it can increase the “return”. Think of it as a power nap of capitalism, to (hopefully) reorient itself towards a sustainable alternative .. In addition, slow progress is and will still be moving forward ..

  9. Totally agree with Andreiko. Hopefully, the psychopath gene will be discovered soon and prenatal diagnostics will be possible, including preventive abortion. The world is saved that anyway.

        1. Good nature thus has phenomena which have remained inexplicable to contemporary science about the psychopathic reaction of ordinary people. With this I want to say that every gene in man has a right to exist and a task, even if one often does not know the reasons are in the short term (total size of a living generation) and in the longer term the continuing generation of offspring. With a little gene modulation, an adjustment can be made during an individual life of a person, as many types of cancer do. One can wait and stay sick or take action, and relatively restore the balance in the overpopulation. Also, any scholar knows that a psychopathic reaction can be triggered by hypnosis, drugs, commands, rules, laws, and suppression of inevitably inappropriate, undesirable behavior. In the commercial advertising world they are well informed about this. Personally, I do not easily rely on the judgment of external figures (modulation biologists and psychology specialists) as they may only represent their own interests. The old psychopaths may only do that because they have proven that they have crossed the border of the current civilizing morality. Good luck kids. ;)

  10. Such alternatives are as if on the move, those who have not been able to gather capital, know how to maintain themselves as a group. It is in the distribution in the group with scarce, durable goods, the stomachs will have to be fed with the nutrients of the country. If these nutrients are no longer sufficient, one will have to plant and harvest annually. The decadent life is over for a while and so on. A fairly personal choice per head of household within <=> outside the families, a considerable responsibility. for a group leader in many national languages ... Here, Monarchies have an advantage over an unregulated chaotic democratic mess. ;)
    Honor to the last Emperor of our known world. Ode to the succession!
    天皇 :)

    1. Andreiko van Koeverden

      Dear Alrandy: The natural function of a psychopath / psyhopathy is to connect hostile cultures: countries - believe - recover money)))
      So on the one hand he is a perfect Ajax man and 2 hours later he is a strong Feijenoord fan, to get more space and confidence from both negotiators, so to get success.
      That's why they are unscrupulous liars with steel poker faces, but they are often charming, talented and useful. Keep an eye on them and, if necessary, give them off immeasurably if they play dirty. In any case, don't fall in love with more than 20 %, otherwise they will smell it and ruin your life as a slave. .
      Andreiko van Koeverden

  11. unbelieving Thomas

    People with good intentions… you don't need more to achieve a thriving economy, society or whatever
    The neo-liberal model is the substrate where the psychopath flourishes. VVD is full of it.

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