Turkey, the new superpower

With a fast-growing economy and population, Turkey is rapidly developing into the hub of the Balkans and the Middle East. Turkey is now also increasingly entering Islamist waters. What are the consequences?

The Ottoman Empire at the height of its power.

Turkey in a nutshell
Turkey consists of Asia Minor and a small (3%) European part. With this, the country controls the Black Sea and thus Odessa, Russia's only hot water port. All sea-going vessels have to pass through the narrow Bosporus that separates the European part of Constantinople from the Asian part. The surface of Turkey is twenty times that of the Netherlands, slightly larger than France. Turkish agricultural land is fertile and the country has a humid climate in the densely populated coastal areas. The absence of powerful neighbors in the immediate vicinity - with the exception of Russia - and total control over Syrian and Iraqi water supplies make Turkey's geopolitical position enviable. The economy is growing rapidly with growth rates of up to eight percent per year. The Turkish army is also well-armed and trained, given the ongoing civil war in the east of the country against Kurdish freedom fighters from the PKK.

Ottoman Empire collapse due to religious conservatism
Turkey was the center of the vast Ottoman Empire, which in its heyday stretched from Mecca to Crimea and Morocco. Innovation, bida in Arabic, is something that is viewed with horror within Islam, at least in the religious field. Because Islam is a political religion and any change is likely to clash with Islam's far-reaching impact on daily life, Islam tends to view change with suspicion. It is not without reason that the greatest movement in Islam, Sunnism, is founded on the Sunna, literally: 'custom' or 'tradition', from the inventor of Islam, Mohammed, and his companions. Any deviation from this Sunnah means a deviation from the ideal, so is viewed with disgust. The Ottoman rulers were not backward and realized that they had to modernize their vast empire in order not to be crushed by the once-lagging, but technically fast-progressing western neighbors. However, these attempts met fierce opposition from scholars of religion. The Ottoman Empire therefore did not survive the First World War.

Modernization by Atatürk
For that reason, the Turkish nationalist Kemal Atatürk abolished the religious foundation under the Ottoman Empire, the caliphate, and turned Turkey into an ethnically homogeneous Turkish state. This had the nice side effect that Turkey could claim the large areas where Turkish-speaking peoples live. Although he pushed through it disastrous socialist theories, with dire consequences for the economy, he did lay the foundation for a modern secular state. Turkish education is well designed and thus provides the framework for the factories and companies that are now rapidly growing Turkey. The introduction of European rules largely eliminated the crippling bureaucracy and corruption that had hindered the country until then. The entrepreneurial spirit of the generally hard-working Turks did the rest.

Erdogan does not hide his admiration for the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan, the new sultan
We now have the situation of an Islamist holding the reins of a modern organized country. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan now has something his Ottoman predecessors could only dream of: an ethnically homogeneous country, organized at a Western level, with a thriving, fast-growing economy. Especially compared to its western neighbors Greece, Bulgaria and neighboring Romania, the country is in excellent condition. Unlike in Ottoman times, when prosperity was generated by a small group of merchants, the sources of wealth are now spread all over the country. He also has a great influence there through the large Turkish diaspora in Western Europe. Of course, under an Islamist regime, the calcification will set in quickly, but that moment has not yet arrived. Erdogan knows he has to act quickly.

A historic opportunity
Turkey has so far cooperated intensively with the Israeli army. Both have a secular foundation and a common problem: the Arab world.
However, Israel is now no longer useful to the Islamist Erdoğan, who wants to make Turkey the dominant power in the region. That is why he wants to send the Turkish navy with a new Gaza convoy. If Israel bows, thus allowing the convoy to proceed, it will mean a loss of face for Israel and a huge boost for Erdoğan. The balance of power in the region will have changed definitively and the country can look forward to more blackmail. If Israel intervenes militarily, Erdoğan has a valid excuse in Islamic eyes to start a cold or even hot war against Israel and deal with his enemies within the secular army. In both cases his star rises as the leader of the Islamic world.

Israel's strategic position increasingly weaker
Israel is increasingly alone. The Americans, their main allies, have their hands full with domestic problems and the current American ruler Barack Hussein Obama, son of a Muslim, shows more sympathy for the Islamists than for Israel. The country can deliver a single devastating blow, but is unable to sustain a long war. Turkey has been at constant war for 40 years. Europe is weak and divided.

Erdogan will not be foolish enough to attack Israel directly - it could be a bad place to be in Constantinople or Ankara for decades to come - but in the geopolitical game of chess, Turkey's sphere of influence will increasingly move towards Israel. It will start with minor harassment, similar to the rocket fire from Gaza. Think of Turkish navy ships that constantly sail around in Israeli waters. Only if Israel makes alliances with countries in the same boat - Greece, Cyprus and Armenia - will it be able to withstand increasing Turkish pressure. History shows that decreasing the power of one great power and increasing that of another are a recipe for war.

Turkey too big for the EU
At the same time, the increasing size of Turkey is good news for Wilders and others who want to keep Turkey out of the EU. The more powerful and aggressive the country becomes, the less likely the other European countries will be to include the country in the EU. However, the question is whether Erdogan still wants to become a member of the EU. He will get his way in a different way.

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  1. I don't like the fact that we live on one small planet with all those different people, countries and cultures. Very scary! It would be best if you could divide the earth into 2 smaller planets. Called the Eastern planet and the Western planet. Who can explain to me the current racial diversity of mankind?
    Actually, we look so different. I used to think: maybe it is the case that a long time ago there were three habitable planets. I thought of blacks, whites and Chinese. The blacks would then be from planet Venus, the Asians from Earth and the whites from Mars. When Venus and Mars became uninhabitable, extraterrestrials from another solar system that were technically much more advanced then expelled the inhabitants of Venus in Africa. After all, the climate is warm like on Venus. Then the inhabitants of Mars (current Germanic people) were expelled to cooler Europe. It would then be a scientific experiment to see if 3 different intelligent species could live on 1 planet. If necessary, see which breed is the strongest.
    But now that I know more about this, what I wrote does not seem very likely. I think that if the West does not strengthen itself as soon as possible, Western culture and freedom will be lost.
    Europe can still take power if we control the terrain around this small (…) planet. A 3rd world war will come anyway.

    1. Beneath countries and cultures lie individual people and funnily enough, as individuals, we all want about the same thing. Eating, drinking a roof over one's head, a safe environment. Culture and religion come after that, and I think it is healthier to start from rational individuals than from cultures. Then suddenly there is nothing frightening about it. Or else travel in those regions. In the West we always get to hear from the American corner how bad that culture would be, but that is only to play Europe against the Middle East. I myself have traveled a lot in Egypt, Syria and Jordan and the people there are at least as rational as they are with us and most of them only follow Islam because that happens to be what you should do there ... when that pressure disappears then the mosques there empty just as quickly as what's happened to the churches here.

      “Whether people are beautiful and friendly or unattractive and disruptive, ultimately they are human beings, just like oneself. Like oneself, they want happiness and do not want suffering. Furthermore, their right to overcome suffering and be happy is equal to one`s own. Now, when you recognize that all beings are equal in both their desire for happiness and their right to obtain it, you automatically feel empathy and closeness for them. Through accustoming your mind to this sense of universal altruism, you develop a feeling of responsibility for others: the wish to help them actively overcome their problems. Nor is this wish selective; it applies equally to all. As long as they are human beings experiencing pleasure and pain just as you do, there is no logical basis to discriminate between them or to alter your concern for them if they behave negatively. ”

      Excerpt from a lecture by the Dalai Lama entitled: “Compassion and the Individual”.

    1. Interesting article I am curious. Once in Istanbul at the Topkapi Palace, the center of the 800-year Ottoman Empire. Rarely seen so much wealth and splendor together. Istanbul itself is also a beautiful city. Perhaps we should reconsider with the EU whether Turkey is not welcome after all. From a strategic point of view, it is in any case a pivotal country between three major regions.

  2. Interesting piece about Turkey's new position in the world. It is a pity that the writer looks very unilaterally at the situation. For example, he indicates that Erdogan wants to send the Turkish navy with a new Gaza convoy. Does that decision come out of nowhere? The writer could mention that the Israeli army killed 9 Turkish civilians in the previous Gaza convoy, but does not.
    It is further indicated that "Barack Hussein Obama, son of an Islamic (!) Shows more sympathy for Muslims than for Israel." Really? Does the writer really believe this?
    Also subtle how Obama's second name is named, Fox News in the US always does.
    I also noticed that Erdogan is called an 'Islamist', is that different from a Muslim?

    1. dear Harry,
      Too bad you don't ask the next logical question: why does there necessarily have to be a Gaza convoy? Why not a Northern Cyprus convoy? I think the hundreds of thousands of Cypriots who have been ethnically cleansed there by the Turkish army are actually very sad. And they don't fire missiles.
      That Obama is pursuing a more pro-Islamic foreign policy than his predecessors is also not news: http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/05/19/obama_alters_us_policy_tells_israel_to_start_with_67_borders
      Erdoğan is both a Muslim and an Islamist. Not all Muslims are Islamists.

    2. The Israeli army had killed the nine Turks when those Turks hit the Israeli military with sticks. The Israelis came there because the Turks brought relief supplies for the Palestinians and Israel did not want that.

  3. Germen,

    I think the tone of your article is colored.
    If you write that Erdogan has indicated that he will be escorting the next convoy with the Navy, you would be pleased if you briefly explain what preceded it. Now you give the impression that the big bad Islamist wants to dominate the region.

    The Gaza convoy is not to be, but is done in protest against an illegal embargo. Murder and boarding ships in international waters also seems illegal to me.

    Suppose a convoy was going to Cyprus. How would the world react if the Turks killed some of the people in that convoy?

    You send a link from an Obama speech, he indicates that the boundaries of '67 must be adhered to, in the hope of getting peace talks back on track.
    That is also the position of the UN, is there something wrong with that?
    The fact that "Hussein" Obama is so pro-Islamists is probably news to the Palestinians. Speeches are fun, but action is different.


    1. The question is whether that embargo is illegal. Opinions differ on this.
      Turkey's behavior over the past half century has given rise to questioning the country's peaceful intentions. So occupies the Northern Cyprus, part of a sovereign country (already mentioned) and commits military aggression in neighboring Iraq.
      You ask the fair question of how people would react if the Turks brutally stopped a convoy heading for Northern Cyprus. Well, to this question is an answer.

  4. By the way, this piece is written with pro-Israeli glasses, in which Turkey is made quite (understatement) black.
    Turkey will not enter Islamist or cloudy or whatever waters. Turkey is going to broaden its horizons again just like during the Ottoman Empire and no longer be a quiet, modest boy in the corner, saying yes and amen to everything (right or wrong) that Israel is doing in the region.
    Playtime for Israel is over, others are also joining.

    And Turkey is no longer talking about the EU (which is almost bankrupt, the EU is only kept alive in intensive care), but about a union around itself.

    1. The Cypriots and Kurds can have a first-hand account of the dire consequences of Turkey's “broadening horizons”. In contrast to Cyprus and the Kurdish people, Israel has quite a strong military deterrence power. Erdogan plays with fire.

  5. This is not the first article on this website written by Germen in which he clearly shows his love for right-wing politics and the state of Israel.
    His aversion to everything that smells of Islam, etc., he does not hide, not hindered by any degree of knowledge.
    Hollow rhetoric inspired by that other puppet of Zionist Israel: Geert Wilders.
    And that is a shame, because this website was in principle very readable and looked objective.
    It is better to use a new name here: RechtseVisionair.nl.

    1. http://www.visionair.nl/ideeen/mensheid/piraterij-is-zegen-voor-de-muziek/
      This is a decidedly left position.
      Or check this one: http://www.visionair.nl/ideeen/mensheid/het-nieuwe-communisme/
      That I have little admiration for Islam - and have good reasons for it - is not news. Being pro or anti-Islam is neither left nor right.
      From this I can conclude that you only know visionair.nl superficially and that you are immediately ready with an opinion. Unfortunately.

    2. zevert,

      you can of course also read what you want to read. People are people, ideals are ideals and in my opinion one is not superior to the other.

      That you dismiss Visionary as being on the right seems to me like a conviction. Even if there was only a grain of truth in it, that does not mean that it detracts from the added value of this site.

      Opinions are just opinions, my humble opinion is that Visionair.nl stays close to the facts and that is what it is all about.

  6. Aha Germen is nothing more than a Zionist pawn, a reptile, a troll ... a pity, a great pity ... Because your role has ended. Zionism is falling, Palestine is going to be redesigned, that is absolutely clear :)

    But I understand this site better and better. I have already pointed out to Mr. Germen his connection with the articles posted by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds clan. Or you are a hybrid, Mr. Germen and that fits more into the picture, given your one-sided 'visionary' insight into world problems. You have little empathy for your fellow man and you will be judged on that. You are a low thinking person and live in a low energy, you will therefore not make it when the new Earth presents itself !!

    1. @StarSeed
      From a biological point of view, we are all reptiles, that is, besides humans, also other mammals and birds.

      In the esoteric sense (which you mean, of course), we live with a spirit capable of divine things, confined in a mortal body.
      Unfortunately, there is no divine power to protect us when the forces of darkness strike. Only if we can defend ourselves sufficiently can we ensure that the light on earth is not extinguished.

      Only because there is a police force that tackles criminals can we safely walk the streets in the Netherlands. I know, most people don't need a police force, but the small percentage of psychopaths and other sick minds do make it necessary.

      There is plenty of room for the Palestinians, both in the occupied territories and elsewhere in the Arab world. So a case of peak fantasy. Most Palestinians are tired of messing around with them for geopolitical reasons.

      1. Germen, the Palestinians in other countries almost have to emigrate from those countries because the original population wants room for their own population. The Palestinians are told to go to Palestine. There, Israelis are gradually taking some land to build. The Palestinians want their own Palestine, and like it was in the order of the 1960s. The Palestinians therefore have a difficult time on all sides, but also because they do not want, cannot accept the space as they have it now, because it is too small to include all Palestinians. The Israelis want original territory, the Palestinians want their own territory, where their population also has a chance to grow. Kurds want the same; a territory of its own by drawing a circle around northern Iraq and neighboring countries to create a (large) Kurdistan.

        1. As far as I know, the Jews still have a lot of money owed by the Arab countries, which have stolen their property.
          Perhaps this can help the Palestinian Arabs to a life somewhere in the Arab world.

        2. Can you explain the first sentence? In Muhammad's time, his followers became Muslims and unbelievers were also forced to convert to Islam. Others remained Jewish.
          Or do you mean later times? Palestinians could indeed use money to enter business in other countries, as has happened in the past when their houses were bought by the Israelis.

        3. In any case, in Iraq (originally from Assyrians) many Jews living there were forced by Saddam Hussein to go to Israel. This is how it is now also with refugee Christians.
          They had to leave their houses and other belongings behind.

        4. Indeed, that's pretty much the idea.
          I think you can declare the Gaza Strip independently, plus a piece of the West Bank. The Israelis have shown that they respect the religious freedom of all three faiths for which Jerusalem is an important city. So I personally think Jerusalem is best left under Israeli rule.

  7. @ Zevert and Starseed
    Tiringly, bore other people with your right-left duality. Trying to put visionaries into such boxes is only testament to your own limited worldview. Think next to, over, underneath that left-right concept. Try to come up with arguments. What both of you do is just play the man. That's a fallacy. If you want to make a point, come up with constructive criticism of content. Then people can also defend themselves with arguments. If you start attacking people, no one learns anything anymore and you get bogged down in a yes, no game where no one gets the wiser and no one gets anywhere. It is also clear that this topic is polarizing, no matter which way it goes. That's why I just keep going as Switzerland. Maybe add some cola and popcorn and watch Israel and Turkey continue to play their games in the near future.

    1. Baroness katie

      Get out of the visionary / non-visionary duality. And otherwise do the work. I am angry with zevert and starseed because …….

      And so every question until you see that there is no problem it is just your thoughts about it. Good luck.

      A lot of fun from a troll

    1. @ Starseed, I would advise you to http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drogreden read it again. I think you have quite interesting ideas and by posting these kinds of comments you are seriously failing yourself. If you're trolling in a joke, fine, but if you want to be taken seriously you'll really have to come up with arguments that have some connection to the article. Otherwise, also look up http://www.thework.com/index.php and check out some of her videos. I found it very educational.

  8. Hey Germen maybe an article about Flame Wars is interesting here?
    Very interesting reading and certainly applicable to some of the respondents here.
    In my opinion, visionary is a real asset to the media landscape, these kinds of trolls are only an illustration of that. After all, they think they can generate enough attention for their curious opinions. That's only if you think there are enough readers to make an impression. So see it as a compliment for your good work and the beautiful site with fascinating articles that you have been able to build. :-)

    And I think reading about flamewars makes everyone laugh. Definitely has connections to the earlier article here on how stupidity is good for survival.

  9. The Palestinian conflict is based on a religious / political ideology. In Jerusalem are the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. It is their sanctuaries that they have made their own and thus also appropriated a territory. I mean: in the Netherlands we also have mosques and that territory is theirs, the Muslims' territory forever.

  10. Unfortunately, religious principles and beliefs hinder objectivity for some people. As Julie rightly wrote that it is religious / political related conflicts, this is correct. The objective way of the author of this article in explaining this may be offensive to some religiously grounded people. However, that does not give them an option to sketch a so-called realistic picture of the writer on that basis, that is not possible. With all due respect, the starting points for this are lacking, and they work as conflict catalysts. I consider Germen to be an objective thinker, unaffected by religious views.

  11. What I find a little annoying about all Abrahamic religions is that they look at human behavior and they see that people are merciful and kind in one situation and cruel and narrow-minded in another.
    What they do next is claim the pleasurable behavior as if it were their version of god. However, they happily ignore the less pleasant behavior and then use them to attribute to the "animal nature" of man and thus to blame people themselves, or to say that this is inspired by the devil and that the man is “so stupid or not strong enough” to be tempted by this. I find that a bit easy, claiming the beautiful and using the less beautiful to play people against themselves or even against your church. Do say that Jesus and Mother Teresa are children of God, but meanwhile deny that Hitler and Stalin should be just as good.

    Many Eastern religions differ in this. And many nature religions that we had also differ in this. They often claim either all of the behavior or none of it, but not this half thing. Gods were jealous too, and murderous just as they were generous and kind. That's a much fairer reproduction in my view. Eastern religions say that it is easy to be loving to someone who is nice and sympathetic, but it takes real strength to love someone who is annoying and perhaps aggressive. I think this is a much fairer picture of reality and does not play people off against themselves.

    In addition, some believers identify too strongly with the ideas of their religion. See also article on personal and social identity: http://www.visionair.nl/ideeen/wereld/eigen-en-sociale-identiteit/ That is unfortunate because, interestingly enough, these fundamentalists often violate precisely that which had value within their own religion. Namely showing respect and openness to the world. It is in some way bizarre, for example, that both Christianity and Islam are so vehemently against homosexuality when you see what, for example, Jesus, who is seen as an important figure in both religions, said to love all people and not to condemn people.

    Anyway, if there is a group of people who happily want to fight each other for a few 100 years because of ideas, I will of course not stop them. Everyone his thing :-)

    1. Ideals are not always practically feasible. What is an ideal for the one may not be the case for the other. For example, a Kurdistan for the Kurds is not supported by the countries of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, with Kurds. If each of those countries gives some autonomy, they have their own country. The Kurds also have no sea, for trade and general independence. But with their own Kurdistan, the Kurds are also not able to withstand an attack from another country, now that they belong to their current country.

  12. turkey haters you had also done this last century with poor people to destroy turkey and now you are starting again with kurds history has taught you nothing in 2100 the news goes like this the 2nd genocside of turkey turkey murdered in 2012 2 million kurds maaaaaaar turkey unrecognized still everything

  13. We Turks will always be there.
    We Turks will continue to grow.
    We Turks will put the dresses on you.
    We Turks will rule and dominate you.
    We Turks we are 1.
    We Turks.

  14. grandslamhomerun

    That erdogan is practically just such an idiot as bush, by the way all that overly nationalistic stuff is so pathetic, just like therulers with his Turkish people, it is all so pathetic that it is all laughable that the middle eastern grave with those shit beliefs, including Israel.

  15. We already see the problem: Turkey is putting Israel under considerable pressure. Cyprus was only attacked or occupied by the Turks in 1974. It is certainly possible that they will do this again. After all, history teaches them that they can get away with it with impunity.

    Quite a recipe for war.

  16. Cyprus Northern part occupied by Turkey ???
    In 1974 we had shut down all of Cyprus within 2 days. because Turkish Cyrots were murdered by the Greeks themselves Children. Do you think we will accept that, don't you think so.
    When America the Great Power interfered, the Island was divided into two, otherwise Cyprus would have been just a Turkish Island, now they say occupied, we do not occupy anything, we defend our own people, if Israel continues to kill people and children like this we will go I can certainly say something about it, it is all easy Palastina occupied by Isreal, Afghanistan occupied by USA and associated linkers such as NL Leger and the rest Iraq Occupied by USA for which it all turns to be able to sell weapons and reach petroleum. the day will come when everything will turn in the opposite direction in this world, and we will make that change to the Turks, just like in the past The Otmaanen or ever !!

    1. Cyprus is a small island with perhaps half a million inhabitants, which hardly has an army.
      It is less wise to try the same with Israel. There are not many wimps like here in the Netherlands living there. Israel will strike back and hard.

      1. Germen,

        Did you know that after 9 activists murdered by the Israeli army,
        2 firefighters have been sent to Isreal to help.
        When a great fire broke out there,
        Which country would do such a thing.
        After such an event.
        That is an example of how we think about certain things.
        We only demand an apology from Isreal, if it does not come, we will of course act differently.
        I think Isreal plays with fire instead of Turkey,
        Do you think that the Jewish dom that sits among those Muslim countries will exist there for a long time? I would say fuck off there, because it only brings pain with the politics that they see, they only feel threatened,
        Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Isreal,
        And had good contacts with this country, they only make it more difficult for themselves,
        Now that we have all the Arab countries behind us, Israel immediately has little to say in that region, Its own people themselves are not to suspect about the policy that isreal conducted towards the outside world, one day there will no longer be Israel, but a Republic of Turkey.

  17. What would you do if the Frisians wanted an independency, and just start shooting everywhere, and just kill 30,000 people. Do you think the Army does nothing.
    You can see this as an example with those Kurds, they want to become independent they say,
    It is a terrorist group that is also recognized by the EU and USA and many other countries.
    But is also just supported by the Netherlands and Israel and many others to want to divide Turkey, the soil that their demands is full of petroleum, we give away our lives, but no piece of land to that PKK.

    1. The Frisians are allowed to speak their own language, in fact, with Dutch, Frisian is an official national language and Friesland's official name is Fryslân.
      That is different in Western Kurdistan. Well, that's how you get your civil war.

  18. I don't know who that writer is, but I would like to ask him Constantinople where is that ??
    I know where Istanbul is, but I heard about Constantinople a long time ago before 1453. I don't see it on a map on behalf of me hahahahaha.

  19. Very biased suggestive piece, and not really supported by facts. Unfortunately. We will only know what the world will look like in about ten years' time when the Arab Spring turns into the Arab Summer. It can still go in any direction now. Even with Turkey.

  20. Germen where is West Kurdistan ????

    The Kurds also have their own language, in fact their own TV channel that is supported by the Turkish state, no distinction is made between the populations in Turkey.
    If you look, there are 75 Million Turks of which only 30 Million are Turks, the rest are people from other people.

    1. Religious minorities do not yet have legal personality in Turkey. The electoral system should also be adapted so that Kurds and other minorities can be democratically represented. Democracy is what minorities and the EU want, and one of the conditions of the reforms for accession to the EU. (I just hope for them that the situation will not be the same as for the leaders of the Kurdish Party who are mingling with the other parties in Iraq.)
      Baathists are still taking care of oil production in Kirkuk, as the US wants.
      The US does not want to place too much power in the hands of groups that are seen as 'too federalist'.
      Washington "awaits" the emergence of a sufficiently robust "centralist" political group that would grow on the same basis as Baath's, even including a role for "unburned" Baathists. This counterforce must prevent a break-up of Iraq or an excessive concentration of power in the hands of the Shiites, who make up 60 percent of the population, or Kurds.

  21. Germen,

    Cyrus then fell under Greece, and is still supported by the Greeks, Cyrots are Greeks / Turks who then lived together, so it wasn't alone, and not only hand half a million people and no army, it was just a 2 day war between Greece and Turkey,
    Please talk about things you know about, do you think if we get a war with Isreal that they will last a long time, they might hit back hard, but will not last long against such a superpower as Turkey, they must too just behave like a human being, and not just kill people, Hitler knew what he was doing,
    Because they have apparently learned nothing from their history, because they do it worse than because their grandfathers and grandmothers have been through World War II, facing the Palastan people, just stop doing that, otherwise you will get us in front of you,

  22. I think Israel owes much of the misery to itself. Actually, Europe solved the “Jewish problem” by parking what was left in the Middle East where the people there of course were not asked in advance. Sometimes we pretend Hitler invented anti-sematism but that is not true at all. In fact, the Jews were seen as a problem in many parts of Europe. At least if I have to believe a BBC documentary that was about it. In addition, as a European and citizen of the world, I am gradually ashamed of the bizarre hypocrisy that Europe applies in the field of human rights. Under this guise, we are wiping out democratically elected leaders and installing the greatest tyrants in different areas. Google Economic Hitmans. Or see what is happening in Libya now under the name of NATO and the UN. Bomb populations and France has already signed oil contracts while the blood of the civilian dead is not even dry. When something goes wrong in China, we cry out for human rights, but when America and Israel literally act like animals against others, Europe does not even squeak. I think America, Europe and also Israel can offer many more excuses to large parts of the world before we are ready with our judgments about other nations.

    If we agree that we are all going to take the 30 human rights seriously, but also really, so America and Europe will stop all occupations in the Middle East, then we might get somewhere. So far, however, it seems that the West is continuing in its old terrorizing way… Maybe I should start. Sorry world for the behavior of the US, Europe and Israel and also for the dubious role that we Dutch people unfortunately play.

  23. If, instead of waging war on oil, we all agree very hard all intelect and economic resources in local sustainable energy, then I think that is a better path than we have been working on for some 100 years now. America and the EU have gone completely bankrupt in these wars in which only a very small elite are profitable… To be honest, I do not understand that the Dutch are still letting this go their way. But on the other hand, as long as the banks, oil and arms industry gets away with it, I can hardly blame them. Apparently we ask for it ourselves ...

    1. Renewable energy is a good idea, I think Obama wanted that for America too. Incidentally, it will not go bankrupt, because the center of world trade is in America. (Formerly World Trade Center.)
      But when the economy in America is going badly, it is going badly for the whole world, and therefore also for Europe.

  24. Dear readers,

    the writer is clearly biased against Turkey, Erdogan and Islam. You don't have to be a genius to see that. It doesn't do people like him any good that a country like Turkey, despite, or perhaps despite the opposition from the west, is doing so well that they feel distressed. If you were to hold a referendum in Turkey now on whether or not to join the EU, at least half would be against accession and this percentage is increasing every year. Erdogan is called an "Islamist", what the hell is an Islamist? he is just a muslim. There are so many political parties with a Christian basis in the EU, they think that is normal, but a party with an Islamic basis, in a country with 98% of the population Muslim, is this not possible ?!
    Moreover, Turkey has never been as progressive in all areas as it is today. They cannot accept that Turkey is no longer a “developing country”, but a country that matters in the World, both economically and militarily, and that will certainly increase in the coming years !.
    Every year more and more highly educated Turks living in the West are returning to Turkey. Wilders and his companions are not concerned about anything, in a few years that number may well be zero. Wilders himself is a fascist, in my eyes a “limburg monkey”. Someone in his position has to be diplomatic and know what is politically and morally correct. He calls Erdogan an “Islamic monkey”, which makes him indeed weaken the position of the Netherlands, so he does not deserve respect, because you don't get respect, you have to earn respect and a monkey like him doesn't get my respect. If there is one figure to worry about, it is Wilders with his fascist party and ideology. If it is up to him, violence and aggression will not be shunned to use against Muslims. I would worry about his position and influence in Dutch politics. But on the other hand, I am not worried, because it is an airhead who does not dare to argue with anyone from the Muslim community. So he is also a shit, because he has no arguments based on facts or science, but purely his prejudices and his fascist ideas, in which there is no room for discussion.

    I wish you all much wisdom,

    1. An Islamic party is the opposite of what the West propagates, namely freedom. The Freedom Party is just a very clear example of this. The Muslims in the Western world seek protection against all that freedom in the mildest case, in the other case, nationalist parties like Turkey also want to bend the situation to their will.
      In any case, the population in Iran is also massively protesting against the freedom restrictions.
      If people were given freedoms and learned to deal with them, the best situation would arise for everyone, would you agree?

  25. People please go and travel through the Middle East before making any statements about those countries. The whole fear of Islam is a sickening joke by some idiotic Americans to play Europe against the Middle East. If Europe takes the head out of America's ass and establishes good contacts with Turkey, Russia, China and the Middle East and also makes good high-speed railways and other connections with those countries, then we can do a lot on our continent. get together with each other. America is completely on the other side of the ocean, but in the meantime largely determines how Europe and the Middle East are played off against each other. In addition, it occupies areas in the Middle East to which it is not entitled at all. Pure greed and violence which they use to justify their nauseous imperialism and commodity theft. In my journey to the Middle East I have met so many smart, friendly, open and hospitable people. In Jordan, Syria and Turkey I have been received everywhere in a way that we can learn a lot from in the Netherlands. In short, stop being fooled by the BBC and CNN representing the interests of England and America. Do your own research, learn Esperanto, speak directly to people from those regions and you will find out that those people there are just as normal as us. I think Europe with its own values and respect for those of others could do very good business with Russia, Turkey, etc. And perhaps we should also remember that it was the Muslims who pulled us out of the Middle Ages ...

    1. A bit off-topic but imho Islam, the Sunni variant at least, is an anti-visionary religion. Returning as much as possible to the Arabian way of life of the seventh century AD is the ideal according to Sunnism. Questioning is devil (Quran, hadith). Renewal (bida) is a sin.
      The extreme hostility towards “unbelievers” is sickly. Even the greatest Muslim villain is supported against the most noble non-Muslim.
      I am not even talking about the many discriminatory provisions against unbelievers, women, etc.
      I know, other faiths also have some nasty traits, but there are very few as bad as Islam. The Satan's Church perhaps, or the Thug sect in India exterminated by the British for sure.

    2. I am not Germen, but Nils Peters.

      I have something against Islam, but that is only about 11 years, before that I was always against Christianity, the quest for broadening knowledge.

      What do I have against it? Too much to write down here, but one thing and that is very important to me, besides the fact that a so-called deity cannot exist, is the fact that religion creates frameworks that do not broaden your vision but narrow it down!

      The fact that the pastor, servant of Yahweh, my grandmother did not even know her name well and mentioned a different surname during her funeral service in a very strict Catholic church also told me something when I was 14….

  26. Very few people know the history, the Ottoman Empire originated in the 15th and 16th century, the Turks do not come from Turkey but from central Asia, what became the Ottoman Empire was first Byzantium or while the Eastern Roman Empire.
    The once powerful Greek / Latin empire was no longer so powerful at the end of the 15th century and that way the Turks could advance. Many churches were destroyed or renamed mosques. Constantinople, the symbol of the Roman Empire, was renamed Instanbul.
    The Ottoman Empire only lasted 400 years, the Roman Empire for over 1500 years.

    1. @RHBoks,

      In addition, the Turks were warmly welcomed by some population groups, do you know the expression: Rather Turkish than papal?

      And indeed, too many people have too little historical understanding!

    2. Certainly few people know about history as the Muslims (African asiatics) have been dragging us out of Europe for more than 8000 years for pleasure and burden.

      Human trafficking cultures what most southern cultures and peoples are. Deadly for any other culture as they don't have their own people and children in mind. Ask their rabbis what they already do to get a child Islamic. Google once minister farrakhan of white slaves.

      And knowledge of history ... does anyone know that Catholicism was constructed to force Us to produce as many descendants as possible and that Our Children were often shipped to asie Africa Semites immediately after Birth, where the Sumeriers dragged Us away en masse more than 5000 years ago ? When enough had carried Their Fucked Women to the Grave, the Protestantism was Born! One of the causes of overpopulation is an uninhibited reproduction by imposed compulsions.

  27. Just a little bit of information for you racist, Islamophobic ungrateful people here. Without the Turks (the Muslims) you would most likely have been exterminated by the Spaniards 400 years ago.

    Many historians refer to the two state ambassadors sent to France and England by the Netherlands in 1609, but forget that these envoys were refused by both the English and French king.
    This in order not to offend Spain, which still saw the Netherlands as a rebellious province. The Turks, who at that time were at war with the Spaniards, had no problem with that.

    However, this did not alter the fact that the Ottoman Turks supported the Dutch financially and militarily and thus supported the Dutch people in their fight against oppression. The Ottoman Turks were thus the first country to recognize the Dutch right to liberty and sovereignty. With this Turkish support, the States General proclaimed the independence of 'The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands' in 1588. Apart from the Ottoman Empire, no country had diplomatic relations with the Netherlands.

    1. These historical observations are correct. At least in broad outlines. Decades later, for example, there was an official exchange of ambassadors and thus recognition, although the support dates back to the early days.
      Islam is not my favorite religion / political system and I don't trust Erdogan - for a number of good reasons - but to my knowledge I have not made any anti-Turkish comments in this article.

  28. turkey mighty country .muslim or islamit.what makes it middle east capital ankara. eu a pot of wet. only thing eu can watch from now on or walk behind turkey for nothing because eu is finish. blut the only thing eu can empty poor countries. but that is no longer possible, because they are now sucking each other empty

    Migration policy of the elite is alarming.
    Judges, unelected mayors and Council of State members determine migration policy, not the elected parliament.
    “… The Netherlands may no longer require residence visas for Turks who want to come and work here for a short time. This is the conclusion of the Council of State in a recent ruling. (…) “Last year the judge ruled that the integration obligation cannot be imposed on Turks. The latest statement again removes an obstacle for Turks who want to go to the Netherlands. (… ..) ”(NRC)
    Elite knows that a whole mass collection of Turks and Moroccans under the motto “want to come and work here briefly…” has been realized! In some districts a few Turks have brought together a mass of about 20,000 Turks under the name “want to come and work here for a short time”. In some districts of Amsterdam, the well-known unnatural road has been circumvented “for a short time”. Amsterdam-West, for example, has a new population that largely originates from the population groups of Turkey and other Muslim countries. 6 Turks from Haymana who “wanted to come and work here” in the eighties, have emptied many villages in Turkey. Now they won with about 9,800 blood relatives around Slotervaart. Almost 70% of these people are in all kinds of benefits business. They "marry" the other relatives repeatedly to achieve even more mass collection. Now, Haymana empty, they have started other niece and nephews living in Ankara.

    “The majority of immigrants in The Hague

    For the first time in history, The Hague has more immigrants than native Dutch. The number of residents of Dutch descent has fallen below 50% this year.
    The number of native Dutch residents will shrink by 15,000 between now and 2020, reports Broadcaster West. In the same period, The Hague will gain 30,000 foreigners .. ”(Spitsnieuws)

    Unelected elite therefore decide in this way about the future of the Netherlands! This is undemocratic at all.

    Meanwhile, the Turks and Moroccans have transferred millions of followers to Western Europe and thousands of mosques have been built. More and more young people are called on to form a majority and to found new enclaves.
    Continuously the judges, mayors and Council of state members call out that the Turks and Moroccans can only form a negligible power in the Netherlands. The Turkish-Arab-Islamic collection of lies is especially disturbing in this knowledge that when a lie is repeated often enough it is seen as a 'truth' even though it has no basis whatsoever.
    Even more disturbing is the service of the Elite members to serve as a tool for publishing these lies without even checking for truth, even knowing that they are not true. If they are already revoked, this will be accompanied by much less publicity than before and the damage is already present.
    In order to ensure that non-Muslim people get caught up in the web of Islamic lies and disinformation that can confuse them, they need to assure themselves of some basic truths.
    - group is well organized and directly linked to Turkey or other Muslim countries which pose a many times greater danger with their burgeoning extension.
    - heavily funded political movements determine the duties of the illiterate by leaving their home and country to spread Turkish and Arab nationalism elsewhere and to create a large progeny to outnumber and dominate other peoples. This is the most dangerous development in European history.
    Turkey has been receiving a subsidy since 2000 to prepare the country for accession to the European Union. The amount has increased from 274 million euros in 2003 to about 940 million euros per year today. In addition, masses of Turks who manipulate the Netherlands drag around 16 billion a year to their honorable country! Turkey costs the Netherlands capital. The training of Afghan police officers not controlled by the Netherlands costs the Netherlands more than half a million euros per student, in any case they are not on the side of the Netherlands. This also explains why Groenlinks and other traitors support this mission! L.At that are the terrible conditions of Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani and Somali loverboys and militants who plunder everything via drugs / trafficking in women. Muslims have through the largest mafia in the Netherlands. Billions are pouring into a corrupt and cunning regime like Turkey. A country where people have hardly heard of human rights. Before you give away money to make all kinds of Turkey ready for EU member society projects, you must first ensure that everything is running properly here in the Netherlands. It will not be long and the Netherlands will become a developing country. And let us be well aware that those disadvantaged countries such as Turkey and Morocco, plus nowadays also Somalia, all run on all the child benefit money and other unfortunate benefits out of our country.
    And as a thank you, they are flocking to Europe. Why not to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar or some other rich big neighbor. Why we support very rich dictatorships that make billions from the oil. Development aid can be better spent in the Netherlands. Education and security here has deteriorated dramatically.
    Oppression, violence and fanaticism are particularly prevalent in Islam-dominated countries, and again this cannot be a coincidence. More than 267 journalists are detained in Turkey. In early March, eight more journalists were arrested as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to overthrow the government. This includes the well-known Turkish journalist Ismail Saymaz is confronted with no fewer than nine lawsuits as a result of articles he wrote for the daily newspaper Radikal. Saymaz can be sentenced to 79 years in prison. Turkish prisons are full of dissenters. But also released journalists are still under threat: Shortly after the two Turkish investigative journalists Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener were released from prison, they were threatened. This is reported by the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ). The two were released on bail until the lawsuit against them resumes. Newspapers are still banned. Ozgur Gundem newspaper is banned for its coverage of Kurdish New Year celebrations. Jake Hess, a 25-year-old American human rights activist, translator and journalist, has been arrested in Turkey for allegedly maintaining terrorist links with the Kurds. There are still criminal charges against Turks converting to the Christian faith. It is estimated that Turkey now blocks some 8,400 Internet sites. Turkey has all kinds of laws that seem intended against minorities. The charge is always that repentance offends “Turkish identity”. How is it possible that Western policy buddies dare to propagate such a country as the best model for all Muslim countries?
    Now less than 0.002 percent of the Turkish population is Christian. Because of expulsion and genocide, Christianity has almost disappeared. In 1915, not only was genocide committed against the Armenians; Three quarters of the Syrian Orthodox and almost all Pontian population on the Black Sea have also been massacred. In name, Turkey is now a secular state, but the goal is still to be a 100 percent Islamic country. There is an active effort to get the last Christians under it.

    Other non-Muslim communities are also under attack. Turkey wants to join the European Union at all costs, but why? They want to enter as an enemy. EU leaders are in their own trap! Young Turks in EU countries are systematically raised / trained as the enemies of the west, in this way Turkey can only become the grave of the EU.
    The American Commission on International Religious Freedom issues an annual report assessing in particular the religious freedom of religious minorities. For three years, this committee has placed Turkey on an observation list, which is a clear indication that the situation of religious minorities in Turkey has deteriorated. Most disturbingly, the social climate in Turkey seems to be growing hostile to Christians.
    State Dept. acts when the US orders the body to designate Turkey as a Religious Freedom Violator: “systematic, ongoing, and gross”… “After the genocides, and other violence, and the current, stifling legal restrictions, Turkey's Christian communities barely be hanging on, ”they wrote. Each year that passes without substantial religious reform puts these minorities in greater danger and helps seal their destinies. In the Arab Spring, Turkey holds itself out as an Islamic model. But it is no model for religious freedom. ” But it is not a model for religious freedom. ”
    Due to the Turkish government's systematic and gross restrictions on the freedom of religion or belief that affect all religious communities in Turkey, and in particular a threat to the land of non-Muslim religious minorities, USCIRF recommends that Turkey be designated a country of particular concern, ”the new report.

    In Turkey, EU-funded research has been conducted into the general view of Turks on their Christian compatriots. The results were staggering. More than 84% of all Turkish Muslims surveyed want absolutely no Christians as neighbors, while more than 70 percent strongly objected to Christians expressing their faith in publications or in public gatherings such as church services. It is now so important that Dutch politicians of Turkish descent fear for their lives. Threats are the order of the day, in Turkey the recognition of genocide is taboo, while there are many voices from Europe that think that Turkey must proceed to recognition if it ever wants to become a member of the European Union. Dutch parliamentarians and municipal councilors are completely trapped and no longer dare to speak publicly about the issue. This crazy Turkey is, according to the brutal EU politician, the best model for all Muslim countries. After their “spring” they have to do the same as Turkey always does? They are happy to do that and before the eyes of the EU policymakers, the Christians of Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan and Libya are also disappearing.

    The dreaded “kafir” view of Christians and Christianity is to a large extent brought about by Turkish state politics. Turkish upbringing / education is disproportionately anti-Western. Turks produce many films, for example "Valley of the wolves", "fetih1453". These anti-western series are used by political Islam as indoctrination material. Many Turks compare the Islamic militaristic conquests of that time with the current, decades-going mass immigration of their fellow countrymen to Europe. What ultimately stopped the Turkish invasion in the 17th century - namely the want to stop the Muslims is no longer brewing among the population in Europe. Mad politician is putting billions under the name of development money into the war machine of Muslim countries: another $ 31 million in taxpayers' money in Turkish conquest propaganda. Turks have conquered the capital from Europeans and they also make films with the money of Europeans: Before 1955, 18 percent of the inhabitants of Istanbul were Greek. Had it not been for the pogroms in 1955, among the 17 million inhabitants of Istanbul today, there might have been a million Greeks. Now there are at most a few thousand.
    Turks plan an attack on the Christian minority and have the news published in a newspaper that there was a bomb attack on the house in Greece where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born. The men, who are ready with their clubs, then take action. They turn the Christians' neighborhood into 'hell'.

    Shops are looted for two days. Dozens of people are killed. Churches are set on fire and the police look on approvingly. After these events, almost all Greeks left Istanbul, the city where they had lived for centuries. In Fetih 1453, under the leadership of their sultan Mehmed, the Turks conquer the Byzantine capital Constantinople, the capital of the former Eastern Roman Empire. Now the same barbarians are making terrible movies and threatening all of Europe. This series, which was a great success in both Turkey and a number of Arab countries, paints an extraordinarily negative picture of European Christians. It is estimated that between 1.2 and 1.4 million Armenians were involved in the deportations, three quarters of whom probably did not survive. The genocidal persecution of the Armenians was thus mainly carried out by deadly mass deportations under extremely bad conditions and by targeted mass murders, including those who finally arrived at their destination after the weeks and sometimes months of journeys.

    The Christian community in Turkey has shrunk from about 38 percent of the population to only 40,000 Christians in 2012.
    Now it is the turn of the Netherlands: Turkey sends government-paid officials under the name, imams, teacher, social worker, etc., to our country, who automatically receive a second payment from the Dutch government, plus they receive a lot of money from the international Muslim organizations. like rabita from saudi arabia. While they make use of the freedom of religion here, the Christian heritage is systematically being displaced in their own country. Imagine what Turkey would say if it were the other way around!
    Stop development aid to the Muslim countries, this has not yielded anything so far, they have only gotten worse. Muslim countries terrorize Nigeria, Mali, Sudan right down to the small villages.
    There has been a noticeable increase in attacks against Christians in Muslim countries; these are conspicuous violations of religious freedom. The persecution of those of other faiths means nothing more or less than a painful violation of human rights. it is time to stop developing aid to states that tolerate attacks and persecution of Christians.
    Encouraging Muslim countries such as Mali, Uganda, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey directly with extra “development aid” is a betrayal. All money disappears in the affairs of Muslim gangs that are systematically slaughtering dissenters. Muslim countries that receive Dutch development aid border the richest oil countries in the world and they also have the same faith: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait. Why on earth do the kaffirs in the Netherlands have to give money away to Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan? Don't we have enough financial problems here? Bad developments with the billions of taxpayers' money; Islamic militias in Nigeria still receiving development funding are attacking more Christian villages and slaughtering people there with machetes, many of them women and children. Armed Islamic militias have killed at least 600 Christians in the city of Homs, including entire families with young children. These Muslim gangs have also kidnapped Christians and are demanding high ransom prices. Muslim fighters and their families are taking over their homes. Throughout Africa, they are increasingly using child soldiers and claiming responsibility for all coordinated attacks. While more bloody wars and ethnic cleansing are being carried out throughout Africa and the Middle East with development aid, the mayors of 40 municipalities continue to finish the Islamic emissions here. These mayors are not elected, they resemble the tribal leaders of Libya ... They turn the big cities into an Islamic enclave.
    Volkskrant: “The Rotterdam city council is asking the cabinet for help to combat the deterioration of deprived neighborhoods. For example, the mayor and councilors want to be able to take tougher action against slum landlords who do not maintain their properties, cram too many people into a house or have the garden turned into a rubbish dump.
    PvdA alderman Hamit Karakus (Housing) speaks of a Rotterdam law 2.0: a follow-up to the law that allows temporary exceptions to other laws, but which was mainly known because underprivileged residents without work were banned from disadvantaged neighborhoods. That law was established in 2005 on the initiative of Rotterdam.

    Now, in a letter to the city council, the city council puts forward nine suggestions for expanding the law. Chances are that Minister Liesbeth Spies (Internal Affairs) will take over.
    Karakus advocates, among other things, an energetic approach to malicious homeowners. "I want nuisance caused by a slum landlord to be resolved within six months," explains the alderman. 'The first time such an owner will receive a warning, but then immediately a fine, the third time a ban on rental, and in the worst case expropriation will follow.'

    That can now take years, according to Karakus (…) ” 
    For years Karakus took care of the construction of the large mosques in the Netherlands, which is the basis for all those problems he now calls ... Continuity of the Turkish import, double passport for them, separate Islam schools, military service in Turkey, Turkish TV dishes throughout city; those are the jobs they perform systematically. And now they are going to manipulate the naive again? Probably this city is not yet in the hands of Muslims. What a demagoguery!
    Thanks to the betrayal in the Netherlands, Muslims are gaining even more territory, they are clearing many areas in their surrounding countries and exporting millions of Muslims to Europe.
    Hundreds of Christians murdered in Africa and the Middle East. The bitter reality is that this is the implementation of a long-standing plan to exterminate all Christians. This is just the beginning. In Europe, Muslim population rises to nearly 60 million. Women and children are caught in nets if they want to flee from death, and slaughtered in the name of Allah and Muhammad. Anyone who protests risks his life. Islam is cruel and unjust by definition.
    This is how it went and continues in Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Indonesia (Ambon!), Somalia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangla Desh and more. Murders of Christians are forged by "theologians" who have free rein. Sometimes Christians are better off, and are enslaved, harassed, and threatened as disenfranchised second-class citizens. Egypt, for example, refuses to do anything about it, and threatens converts from Islam. Turkey (a NATO partner…) continues to terrorize the Armenian minority. Humanity is alien to Islam. It is no coincidence that there is not a single democratic Muslim country.
     Turkey apparently sees its surplus, poorly educated nationals not only as its main export product, but also as cows for extra income from abroad. The only thing that matters with Turkey is that he has money to wage a war against Kurds and Christians. The export of benefits is used for this. It is therefore ridiculous to see that the elite are against stopping the export of benefits. Because corruption thinks that the Kurds and the Christians have nothing to say. Elite plays the whore for Islam. Now we all know how Islam feels about whores. In addition, a large part of the drug trade runs through Turkey here, too, the Turkish state is putting money in the bag of the elite members. Turks pay high officials / politicians in Europe with millions from drug trafficking.

    Let those Turks themselves create a benefit system for their own Turks. So that they no longer come to us to steal money with their lies. Turkey cannot continue to pass on all the financial concerns (of 13 million of its own compatriots) to European countries. The Turkish government considers it a duty for “Euro-Turks” to fulfill their military service in Turkey. But financial concern has been on the plates of European countries for forty years? A government that transfers benefits abroad is a government that does not have its administration in order at all. And certainly not if the recipient country is corrupt and figures and imaginary children are being tampered with in order to empty that benefit system as much as possible. And Turkey must one day stop taking over Dutch people of Turkish descent. Does this stuff go on forever? And do all people born of them automatically become Turkish citizens? Then the Netherlands will eventually become an Islamized province of Turkey. Ridiculous and unacceptable. Get rid of the double passport! Our social security is ruined, our pensions the same. Billions, tens of billions, have been consumed by people who never paid for it, let alone performed anything for it, and therefore had no right to it at all. As long as food banks are needed in the Netherlands and people are nailed to the blame, the government has to arrange something here instead of taking care of Muslim countries: indirect support to terrorism.
    Is it not high time that those responsible for this were called to account?

    Muslim countries are responsible for the protection of minorities; we must continue to put pressure on those countries to take their responsibility. So do not move millions of Turks, Moroccans and Somalis here, but create free areas in those countries for the minorities. Consequently: no more money for countries that do not protect Christians. On the contrary: it is precisely there that Christian communities or projects should be supported in order to act as a counterweight to oppression and to safeguard human rights, such as the protection of women and children.
    Billions have been transferred to Turkey in recent years. The Netherlands must quickly stop servicing abroad.
    Export of benefits, child benefit, AWBZ must stop immediately. We all need to tighten our belts because of the billions that mass immigration costs us.
    Dutch prisons are full of youth who have been raised / trained by the imams and other sect leaders. Sects their boarding schools / mosques should be banned.
    Immediately stop all distributions to the mosque builders.

  30. Very interesting article. Especially with the troubles surrounding Wilders and the Turkish Prime Minister at the moment. Not that I find that very interesting, but by understanding this article better.
    @ Isaac: that's a lot of text. Wouldn't you have been better off posting a link or something like that?


  31. Ecdad-i Osmaniyan

    Dear writer of this article:
    I don't know how far you have researched it but Constantinople no longer exists for a while, city is called ISTANBUL from 1453!
    It is certain that Turks will be the superpower again. Once that is in our blood. We will be back at the top for another 11 years. The Treaty of Lausanne will expire in 2023. Then is the beginning of a new era.

    1. Nils Peters

      your air force can be grounded from the US at the touch of a button ... That's just one button.
      If I understand correctly, the only thing you will experience in 11 years that is 'new' is a huge disappointment.

  32. Turkey is still very angry and sad about the loss of it Ottoman rich. People still dream of a 'glorious'resurrection. This is impossible. The current emergence of modern Turkey is no merit of politics, it is the consequence of the fact that everything in Turkey is so badly arranged that very large numbers of Turks had to go abroad from hunger and misery to guest worker to work. As a result, very many Turks monthly money to Turkey. Only that influx of money from abroad has made Turkey very powerful. As soon as that money flow stops, the Turkish economy will also collapse. 
    Then one is back to square one. The Ottoman Empire did not collapse at the hands of the outside, they have taken more and more legs from under their own chairs entirely on their own. The Ottoman top layer suffered from inbreeding, it got so bad that eventually reproduction was not even possible anymore. The decisions made in the Ottoman Empire are similar to Erdogan's tactics. Not too much, get money and goods from abroad and deposit problems abroad. If soon the powers shift Russia is no longer an enemy but an ally, and if Turkey takes the wrong side in the Islam problem then Turkey will Nato should. Then America will no longer insist on the inclusion of Turkey in the EU.And if Turkey has to take care of the very large group of people with disabilities and people with a mental, moral or physical disorder, then Turkey is again the same hopeless mess as where one has been in it since the fifteenth century.   

    1. I don't think you could accuse the Ottoman sultans of inbreeding with their huge harems plucked from all over the place. But if the Ottoman top tier had the same wedding customs as many Turks today (cousin marriages), you may be right.


    Turks and Moroccans living in the Netherlands are dragging billions of euros to their corrupt and trashy countries where they do not want to live!
    The surface of Turkey is twenty times that of the Netherlands, larger than France. The economy is growing rapidly with growth rates of up to eight percent per year. The Turkish army is also well-armed and trained, given the ongoing threats to those countries seeking to hinder Turkish expansionism. Europe is weak and divided. Turkey is becoming more aggressive and is regularly interfering with the internships in the Netherlands. Turkey apparently sees its surplus, poorly educated nationals not only as its main export product, but also as cows for extra income from abroad. Turks are now happy with the Kunduz coalition that guarantees Turkish mass immigration and absorbs 150,000 a year again.
    Political parties of the Kunduz coalition are not prepared to implement fundamental government reforms, and by that we mean a coalition that is not taxing on every government deficit, but is willing to restructure the government organization and keep government spending under control. These political parties are not prepared to dissolve the Provincial Council and Water Boards and transfer the tasks to ministries and municipalities.
    Under pressure from Brussels, the Kunduz group has proposed further tax increases in overburdened Netherlands and refuses to implement real cutbacks for which there is support.
    GroenLinks and D66 benefit the most from the Kunduz coalition, as there are not so many cutbacks on their elite construction. Called "own culture" by the old guard, bloody ritual slaughter, burqa / headscarf, double passport, mosque building, marriage with the nephew and niece and honor killing has been saved again.
    The Kunduz alliance does not want to end the treaties with Turkey and Morocco on the export of benefits. For the PVDA, CDA, GL and D66, these Turks and Moroccans are more important than the Dutch. Turks and Moroccans living in the Netherlands are dragging billions of euros to their corrupt and trashy countries where they do not want to live!?. The Social Insurance Bank knew for years that Moroccan and Turkish families make use of double child benefit for children living in the country of origin. A sample of this showed that 73 percent of Moroccan, Somali and Turkish families commit fraud. Surely it is unbelievable that our hard-earned and dearly earned tax money is used to support Muslim countries! They simply receive money as a gift! Even though the place is demonstrably ripped off. The Netherlands has been weakened financially by supporting the explosively growing Muslims. This includes not only benefits (WW, WAO, Social Assistance, AOW, child benefit, plus social security contributions, plus exemption from local taxes, but also housing, education, health care, subsidies, not to mention the costs of the entire social services accompanying system. , justice and lawyers, Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca (€ 25,000 per person), military services in Turkey (€ 10,000 per person) for the hundreds of thousands of benefit recipients.

    Well-organized Turkish and Moroccan gangs have firm control over heroin trafficking and smuggling in the Netherlands. The large-scale influx of benefit claimants indicates that in many municipalities a disproportionate number of Turks and Moroccans are artificially becoming “civil servants”. It is especially well-organized, indoctrinated young generations who are given priority through “positive discrimination”. Turkish and Moroccan organizations are often made up of blood relatives. Extensive family relationship through cousin breeding is an ultimate basis for serious crime. Everywhere we see closed cells that also infiltrate political parties. Many of them are on benefits and calmly regulate trade from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa via Turkey and Morocco to the Netherlands and beyond.
    Turks swallow billions through non-stop benefits (social assistance and child benefit) to Turks not living in the Netherlands, on top of that there is another 2.5 billion to prepare Turkey for the EU membership society. Billions of taxpayers' money is also channeled to Turkey through malicious companies. Maleficent employment agencies, travel agencies, cleaning companies, religious traders, supermarket chains are destroying the Dutch economy and pumping billions of euros to Turkey. The Turkish Chamber of Commerce has calculated the place the heroin trade occupies in the Turkish economy: the turnover of criminal activities of the mafia amounts to 85 billion dollars. That amounts to approximately one third of the Turkish national income.
    And we just cut back. The Netherlands is getting poorer, Turkey is getting richer And so you see again why we as Dutch have to cut back. Our state coffers are being robbed by parasitic bag fillers who come here and when they have collected everything they go back to live a good life with our money.
    The Kunduz group takes care of this fraudulent mass, also ensures that every year 150,000 new benefit recipients are added, the majority of which are Muslim. Even if the majority is against this. But we are simply forced down our throats to keep friends with dictatorial Muslim countries.
    Problem cities are getting bigger with the Kunduz coalition. The Netherlands is in the greatest demographic upheaval of its history, with especially non-European population groups replacing the original inhabitants very quickly. Street by street, district by district, an ethnic change is underway.
    The majority of the inhabitants of Amsterdam are immigrants. Since 1974, the native population in the capital has more than halved. People left because non-western immigrants were given priority through “positive discrimination” in the allocation of housing, education and work! Amsterdam Southeast consists of 82% of the population of non-Western immigrants. The 18% indigenous Dutch mainly consists of people over 50. The colonization of Amsterdam Southeast by non-Western immigrants is not only the result of a high birth rate among non-Western immigrants. Another example of this is the situation in Amsterdam West. Approximately 220,000 people live in this district. 13 of them are % Dutch. This part of the state has now become completely unlivable. That was a direct consequence a war memorial had to make way for the construction of a mosque. It is much more a result of the continuing immigration flows and the targeted preferential policy of the almighty PvdA, CDA, D66 and Groenlinks who want to minimize the number of indigenous inhabitants. Growth of the anti-Dutch “immigrant” column is of great importance to the PVDA, CDA, GL and D66. Many politicians, top civil servants, bonus hunters and municipal administrators invest in this mass to stay in power. These politicians act like the extension of Muslim countries. J. Cohen and PVDA top officials have not yet finished building the largest European mosque in Amsterdam. He was again at a meeting of Muslims and gave them the same advice to move on. What blatant hypocrisy.
    Figures from the Center for Research and Statistics of the municipality of Rotterdam show that the majority of the city is currently immigrant. 30 years ago the schools consisted of predominantly Dutch pupils, now the 90% pupil population consists of immigrants, with the vast majority being Turkish and Moroccan pupils. R. Plasterk (PVDA) wants better education and even more innovation. Plasterk is, however, confronted with the demands of the labor market that focuses on technological knowledge and innovation. This requires well-trained people at secondary and higher professional levels. But the level of education has plummeted precisely because of ethnic change. Teaching in some neighborhoods has become nearly impossible. Muslim children with a poor family upbringing lower their education level, large set and schools now have a lower education level than Turkey and Morocco.
    For the first time in history, The Hague has more immigrants than native Dutch. The number of residents of Dutch descent has fallen below 50% this year. And The Hague looks just like many other cities where Islam rules: buildings with TV dishes, with men with beards in between and women / girls who are skittish in uniforms walking down the street.

    Utrecht also seems to be over prey to fall to Muslims; In the study of the municipality of Utrecht, an immigrant is defined as a person who was born abroad, or whose parents were born abroad. The unelected mayors want to save time with this manipulation. For example, two municipal counters will be installed in the mosques in Utrecht, one for the women and one for the men. In this time of crisis, stimulating even more mosque visitors with tax money is a conspiracy against the Utrecht population. Muslim countries connected infrastructure supported by the Dutch bureaucratic caste is a strong breeding ground for the treacherous political parties. Thousands of artificial “positive discrimination officials” installed by the treacherous political parties are in turn looting municipal treasury and attracting more Muslims.
    Muslim-led movements currently only need a binding ideology and subsidized organizations, often with considerable power behind the scenes. Due to the transparency of the money flows, uncontrollable conflicts of interest lurk. However, there is a desire to increase the influence of the Turkish state in the Netherlands and other countries and to bring about the expansion of 'Turkishness'. Assimilation and 'Dutchization' must therefore be avoided at all costs. Muslims express fear that generations of people of Turkish or Arab descent will grow up, who are neither Turk / Moroccan nor Dutch, but an indefinable mixture of cultures. Muslims who do not value their Turkish or Arab background are disdained. As indicated, the bond with the fatherland is kept close in all kinds of ways and this is to a considerable extent orchestrated from Muslim countries and their power within the PVDA, CDA, GL and D66 is increasing.
    However, do not confuse this dubious construction with a phenomenon such as the extra-parliamentary movement that is crucial to a democracy.
    The policy is therefore not a direct reflection of reality, while Muslims have no connection with the municipality and their children born here feel even more Turk or Moroccan due to the heavy sect upbringing and indoctrination, it is not criticized against the slum process of the city. taken seriously.
    In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, the majority of children up to the age of eighteen are made up of non-Western immigrants. In 2015, the vast majority of the entire population of the Randstad will consist of non-Western immigrants.
    This gigantic revolution was and is supported by the PVDA, CDA, GL, D66 politicians and is fundamentally directed against the interests and needs of the citizens.

    Turks and Moroccans are the largest group. Somalis and Moroccans are growing fastest at the moment: Somali women bred flat can no longer walk on the street. After all, children born here from Turkish or Moroccan parents who were already born here no longer count. There are more and more. Everyone could have foreseen this: between 1980 and 2012 the number of Moroccans increased from 20,000 to 560,000! Turks even more… When another 25 years have passed in 2032, there will be approximately 2.3 - 2.8 million in both groups. The number of Somalis etc. will then be just as large as the number of Moroccans and Turks now. “On January 1, 2011, the Netherlands had 1.2 million people with the Dutch and at least one other nationality. That is on balance 40 thousand more than a year earlier. Almost half of the Dutch with multiple nationality also has Turkish or Moroccan nationality. ” CBS.
    The situation is dire. That has been expertly screwed up by successive governments. Just like that, the most inappropriate foreigners from the earth have moved to the Netherlands. They have fully accepted this through marriages with the population. Muslims are only allowed to marry Muslims. This is called colonization via the womb. You can safely say that the situation in all major cities is downright terrible and often dangerous. Women are called by the undeveloped masses, "whore", men "sick gay" and spat on. Big cities have no more tears to cry.They have long been lost, sold and betrayed.
    Continuing is disaster
    Parents on welfare. With 7 children in the wajong who are again messing around with their nephews and nieces. They must report every 3 months to the authorities that they live in the Netherlands. Marriage migration, so-called family reunification of the Muslims, is the greatest evil because there is a constant influx through niece and nephew marriages. Artificial enlargement of these kinds of unwanted peoples is called inevitable, it was considered moral precisely because the birth rate was too low. Low birth rates are precisely due to the non-natural Muslim reproduction. Moroccan teenage women with 3 prams, illiterate men with 7 women and 25 children who make the whole street uninhabitable, disrupt the normal, natural human reproduction. Many women do not want to have children in such an environment. With the current size of the Muslim population, it is almost certain that there will be insufficient food and energy for the next 25 years. So the 'elite' has deliberately created a criminal, almost irreversible situation. The obscurity of their motives can hardly be read or suspected by an ordinary person, but the bureaucrats knowingly destroyed the country, because that's what happened: the big cities are the centers of power, each of which (quickly follow A'dam , Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, etc.) come into the hands of fanatical or indifferent Islam-oriented emissions. In my opinion, Islam will dictate national elections in a maximum of 10 years. Then it's over and out. If one looks realistically, our children and grandchildren will soon be living between 7 million non-western immigrants and the Netherlands will be completely taken over (in 20 years' time). If immigration is not drastically reduced, more and more of our children will be sent to war to get more food and energy. But that is no longer possible with the majority who have an IQ of approx. 82, who only look at the mosque minarets, think about the halal mortgage, dream about virgins, marry the nephews and nieces, spray blood on the children for slaughter. to celebrate. Our history can go in the dustbin or has taken a tremendous turn, the Netherlands, the receptacle of the world, will no longer be able to yield this in the future, no more money and no more knowledge, decay, subsidence, decay, demolition and demolition are the result. Bureaucratic caste has the people in this case did not ask for permission. At no time has this Muslim migration ever been presented to the population. Mass officials involved in this process are themselves sick, limp and deceitful. Until so long this has been a fraud!

    Stop the unparalleled mass immigration. The Netherlands is not an immigration country. To stop illegal immigration and the infiltration of intruders, a new population policy is needed. Stop the residence permits for Islamic mass dispersal. Why have most of the people of the cave cities allowed themselves to be driven away by the politics from within ?! How long will this continue for example in the rest of the Netherlands? When do we not say enough is enough when it is too late?
    Do not vote for the parties that do not want to stop Islamic expansion.
    We require all immigrants who apply for the nationality of the host country, all imams who come to preach here, and all those who want to establish an Islamic school, build a mosque, to sign a declaration pledging under oath to abide by the fundamental norms and values of the Netherlands. If it turns out that one does not adhere to that statement, the person loses the right of residence and is expelled.
    Do not vote for the politicians who do not demand such a statement from immigrants.
    Islam propagated here in the West from immensely rich Islamic countries, from dictatorially ruled countries where only a very small minority holds all the wealth and power. Their dictatorship reaches into the Muslim communities in our countries. As long as the extension is in charge here in Muslim circles, the mosque / burka / headscarf ban is necessary.
    Do not vote for the politicians who are against the mosque / burka / headscarf ban.
    Abolish dual citizenship.
    Marriage is a weapon for the spread of Islamic power. Give severe penalties for arranged marriages. If a woman does not want this, and she is nevertheless “forced”, they will lose their residence permits in the Netherlands. 
    It has now been proven that the entire group of non-Western immigrants who now live in the Netherlands makes no contribution whatsoever to society or the economy. There will always be individual exceptions, but the group is a loss on all counts.
    It had been thought that, like Greeks, Spaniards, or Italians, they would return home after work. Or would assimilate, like South Moluccans, or Surinamese and all other Western immigrants. But Western immigrants are not different. It's a bad marriage that needs one more crisis to explode.
    The complete lack of human rights and the regime's expansion program are not limited to the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey advocates an active export of its “young” Muslim population. Like-minded groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Palestine (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) are funded by those in power. Turkey is the largest state sponsor of Islamic organizations in the Netherlands.
    In order to counter all self-induced problems, the parties will propose to pass new laws for the necessary assimilation, to carry out more propaganda against the influence of great powers seeking to establish their own colonies through disadvantaged groups, to counter their resources, Muslim countries allied. Prohibit TV dishes, mosques and Islam schools, to no longer practice affirmative action.
    Yours sincerely,
    Anti crisis committee 
    Tessa S., Adriana T., W. Brassy

  34. Dear Dutch / fellow residents, this message is directly related to you!
    I'll keep it short but please read carefully and think twice before responding.
    Thanks in advance.
    Quite a lot of reports are about Turkish history and what they all have not done or have done, the fact is that the Netherlands, together with Europe, has also done quite a lot, good and bad.
    I will explain the good for a moment; The Netherlands has learned countries such as .. Indonesia how to catch fish, and built the infrastructure (this is in its own interest because looting was easier of course) very nice of the Netherlands, hats off. 
    Now for a moment to the dark side: looting a number of poor countries, having them fight on the front line during wars because that was just useful, oh yes, of course not to forget introducing slavery .. also very handy;) I can go on like this … But the fact is that the Netherlands and Europe have become rich as a result of belittling and abusing poor countries! And still it happens ... now not so openly anymore of course now it is under the table behind closed doors, kind of politically correct acting, pretending to be a peacemaker but in the meantime preying on the oil, diamonds and that kind of fun ...
    What I want to say is, Turkey is proud of its history everything they have done they have done with pride, not to belittle and take advantage of other people no they have done it because it was the best for its people. And they still don't want to walk over corpses like EUROPA has and still does!
    Be sincere and look at your history and future! 
    So if the Dutch think twice before talking about the past of, for example, Turkey, let yourself be informed about your own history. Read something about the "black pages" of the Netherlands and Europe, don't read it if you have heart problems because then I advise you to read something about Miffy or something!

  35. After reading the first sentences, I didn't feel like reading any more. So can you read that odessa is the port of russia? The absence of powerful neighbors? Iran seems like a powerful country to me? In addition, Iran has an enormous influence in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Azerbaijan. You are talking about a civil war ??? The picture of the Ottoman Empire is also not correct ...

  36. The Ottoman Empire wanted to construct a Turkic Muslim empire that would stretch from Istanbul to Manchuria. Pontos and Armenia, an ancient Christian civilization spreading out from the eastern end of the Black Sea, did not not fit into the plan. In a terrible coincidence, both Jews and Armenians lost a third of their population through genocide. Both are still recovering.
    Already, at the end of the 19th century, Ottoman Turks had murdered between 100,000 and 250,000 Armenians. We can now see that these pogroms were a warning of what was to happen in 1915. Tens of thousands fled. In 1901, Protestant missionary Theresa Huntington Ziegler chronicled a massive haemorrhaging of Armenians towards France, Egypt, Lebanon, South America, Palestine and the Sudan. Today, the majority of diaspora Armenians live in California.
    Who exactly are the Armenians? Their language is Indo-European and their culture dates back to more than 2,000 years BC. In AD303, as an act of collective identity against assimilation by the Persians, they were the first nation to declare Christianity a state religion. St Mesrob Mashtots is their literary hero. He created the 36-letter Armenian alphabet in AD405. Armenian culture is a multilayered heritage of music, dance, theater, literature and extraordinary poetry. Armenia was an independent state in medieval times but was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire, from the 15th century right up until 1920 when it was briefly declared a republic.
    A certain amount of romance has surrounded Armenian culture since the 19th century. Lord Byron went to Venice to study Armenian in the belief that “Armenian is the language to speak with God”. William Gladstone said, “to serve Armenia is to serve civilization”. But, of course, geography is all. Armenia, in 1914, was uncomfortably sandwiched between the warring sides of Tsarist Russia and the sultanate of Mohammed V. In the first world war, conscripted Russian and Turkish Armenians, just like German and British Jews, were fighting their own cousins in the trenches.
    At the beginning of the last century, civil rights for European minorities became a serious issue. A modernization of the Ottoman Empire was promised by the 1908 revolutionary movement of Young Turks, and Turkish Armenians hoped for equality. In fact, the Young Turks continued to target Armenians and other non-Muslims. As Sultan Abdul Hamid II put it, at the beginning of the century, "The way to get rid of the Armenian Question is to get rid of the Armenians."
    In 1915, the Young Turks, who had deposed the old sultan, carried out a systematic final solution, through mass shootings, concentration camps, starvation, abandonment in the desert, even gassing and mass deportation. This happened despite conscription, the year before, of 250,000 Armenians into the Turkish army. Christopher Walker and David Marshall Lang, writing for a journal in the Minority Rights Group series, detail Armenian loyalty to the Empire during the first world war: “When the Turkish war minister, Enver Pasha, was defeated by the Russians, it was the Armenian soldiers who saved him from being killed or captured by Tsarist forces. ” But, remembering the 1896 assassinations and recent pogroms, some Armenians joined the enemy Tsarist armies as volunteers. This helped the Ottomans portray the Armenians as a dangerous fifth column.
    By 1915, all Armenians had been forced to give up personal firearms. Armenians in the Ottoman army were assembled into labor battalions where they were starved, beaten or machine-gunned. On April 24, 1915, more than 300 Istanbul Armenian intellectuals were arrested and then murdered in a mini Katyn. This included MPs in the Turkish parliament. The Armenian community was now without able-bodied men and intellectuals. This lack of leadership was to have a profound political and emotional effect on the survivors. The loss is felt even today.
    Memories from this genocide make gruelling reading. There are stories of women's breasts being cut off. Others were systematically raped and then murdered. Some were taken to harems and disappeared. In every province, town and village of Turkish Armenia and Asia Minor, the entire Armenian population was rounded up. The men were usually shot, and the women and children forced to walk in huge convoys to the Syrian desert. Even today, skeletons are still found from this journey to hell. Few survived the death marches. Those who did get through made sure their experiences were passed down to children and grandchildren.
    Dr Susan Pattie, senior research fellow at University College London, is a 50-year-old US-born anthropologist. Her family was deported from the town of Kessab on the Turkish / Syrian border in 1915. Two of her grandmother's children died on the death marches and two more were taken away by Turks. (Many Armenian children were used as slave workers, others were adopted and converted; the rest disappeared.)
    Pattie, who grew up in Washington DC, has been profoundly affected by her grandmother's early tragedy. Although my father was American-English and my schoolfriends were mainly Jewish, I totally identified as Armenian, particularly as my grandmother lived with us. We were told about the deportation when we were growing up. It was part of being Armenian. ”
    Genocide was decided at government level. Locally, gendarmes carried out the mass murders together with a special organization (Teshkilat-i Mahsusa) of convicted criminals who had been offered a pardon in return for slaughtering Armenians. Survivors from the death marches were held in the infamous Syrian open-air concentration camp of Deir el-Zor, where many were murdered by camp guards.
    Death came in various ways. In Trebizond, local Armenians were pushed on to boats then thrown overboard. Others were hurled off the edge of a gorge. Before 1914, more than two million Armenians lived in Turkey. After the genocide, only 500,000 remained, destined to become refugees in what was to become known as the Armenian diaspora.
    Talaat Pasha, Ottoman minister of the interior, was the genocide's main architect. He wrote, "By continuing the deportation of the orphans to their destinations during the intense cold, we are ensuring their eternal rest." This uncannily prefigures the Nazis' welcoming of the Jews to Auschwitz with the sardonic words, "Now you are on the road to Paradise."
    Jews bore witness to the Armenian holocaust from the start. Henry Morgenthau, a German-born Jew and America's ambassador to Turkey, protested fiercely to the US government in an attempt to force its intervention. Writing in the Red Cross Magazine in March 1918, he said, "None of the fearful horrors perpetrated in the various zones of war can compare with the tragic lot of the Armenians." Morgenthau has become a hero to the Armenians. But Jewish sympathy did not provoke any international aid for the Armenians, whose extermination was being veiled under cover of war.
    After the war, France and Britain were anxious to seize whatever territory they could from the 1918 dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. Palestine was to become a British mandate, the French took Syria and Lebanon. The fate of the Armenians was of little interest to the imperialist powers. In a 1915 dispatch, the Times war correspondent, J Norman, writes of "husbands mourning their dishonored wives, parents their murdered children, churches despoiled, graves dug up, young of both sexes carried off". He describes men being forced to dig trenches for their own graves. These are disturbingly prophetic images of events 26 years later, when the Einsatzgruppen in the Soviet Union forced Jews to do the same.
    Turkey has never admitted to the genocide, but there are too many independent witnesses for its denial to be credible. The Reverend Henry H Riggs was an American missionary in the Ottoman Empire. His book, Days Of Tragedy In Armenia, is one of the most detailed genocide histories in English. The US National Archives have information on the slaughter and deportations on file and open to the public. There is a brief protest from Mehmet Sherif Pasha, former Turkish envoy to Sweden. Writing to the New York Times in 1921, he says, "The Armenian atrocities perpetrated under the present regime surpass the savagery of Genghis Khan and Tamburlaine." Dr. E Lovejoy of the executive board of the American Women's Hospital wrote to the Times, “I was the first American Red Cross woman in France, but what I saw there during the Great War seems a love feast beside the horrors of Smyrna. When I arrived at Smyrna there were massed on the quays 250,000 wretched, suffering and screaming women beaten and with their clothes torn off, families separated and everybody robbed. ”
    The problem is that guilt admission sometimes takes centuries. The Vatican has taken nearly 1,000 years to apologize for the Crusades. Even in Britain, particular archives from both world wars remain closed, so it should be no surprise that the Turks are equally secretive. Historian Ara Sarafian notes how Ottoman archives fail to detail “abandoned” private properties or any compensation paid to individuals for “resettlement”. He also details how “no such records have emerged on the actual 'resettlement' [a euphemism for death] of the hundreds of thousands of Armenians deported during this period”.

  37. you lie really hard, watch out that you are not going to fall hard, and do not ask for help, to the Muslim's to heeeellp !! but we are going to help people anyway and have to deal with charac- ter, you can hardly understand that.

  38. I see and read that the divide and conquer doctrines have also taken hold of the reasonably intelligent among us, who seem to embrace themselves by being more grammatically grounded in. Wonder what part is so difficult to understand about getting together of all peoples and to fight together against one common enemy. The same enemy that causes tensions in the area around Asian Turkey and for the chaos in the rest of the world. ”How can you change a violent system by being violent? You will only enhance the violence, only honesty and righteousness will show us the true way to unity and love. ”Or as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sums it up in a one-liner“We must learn to live together ash brothers, or we are going to perish together ash fools. ” About which I would like to say that in that sense I would rather have seen the words brothers and sisters mentioned together. Maybe I sometimes make minor grammatical mistakes but I hope the message will get across. Mg Jasper.

  39. Jo IS VERY SIMPLE WE HAVE CHOSEN ISLAM AS A PEOPLE AND THEIR CAN'T TURK JUST DON'T HAVE those stupid racists, They just can't have that Islamic country can do everything WE LOVE ALLAH and OUR NEW SULTAN ERDOGAN GONE WESTERSK RACIST ... FROM

  40. Tarik ibn zayd

    What false information this is again. hahah The Ottoman Empire has never entered Morocco where do you get this bullshit? Morocco was the only country that was not occupied because Morocco itself had many Dynasties (Almovarids, Almohads, etc.) and which had also opened Andalusia. So learn history before you talk nonsense.

    1. If you googled ff - Ottomans Morocco - you will read that Morocco has for some time been partly or not occupied by, and has been a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire.

  41. Florac Bosch (@FloracBosch)

    Super union of the EU and Turkish Islamic Mafia!

    Turkey finances IS by buying their oil, receives 3 billion euros from the EU, gets visa freedom and enjoys protection from NATO. Erdogan is blackmailing the EU, wants a lot more money, and membership, if not, all illegal immigrants will go to the EU.
    The EU did not silence Erdogan, instead of bowing even deeper than Obama bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.
    Dictator Erdogan wants to control the border strip with his allies Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and ISIS. Chaos is bargaining power for Turkey to achieve its goals in weak Europe! ISIS and all those Al Qaeda factions supply weapons, the Kurds from killings and that is our “ally” !?

    Europe now has no choice but to bow to Turkish neo-Ottoman gangs who support al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, al-Islamiyah, Hamas, and ISIS… We as Europeans must refuse to protect Turkey. An Islamic country that supports ISIS and gives Kurds no right to exist.

    Slowly but surely, the Islam of the Turks is taking over here in Europe. Once they form a majority, we have nothing more to say. This is thanks to Merkel, Juncker and associates. You sold Europe behind the backs of the citizens.
    Finally, the accession negotiations for Turkey to the EU will be revived and the ISIS will then have equal free access to the EU. In return, the Blackmail talks are being sped up about visa-free travel for Turks in the EU. Europe has sold its prosperity and independence! What poverty we are facing, literally and figuratively. EU = bunch of klutz together!

    Merkel and her friends from Brussels see any criticism of Islam in Europe as a form of mental illness.
    The European old guards reject any form of criticism of Islam… They import even more Muslims who come to live in Europe in growing numbers.
    The EU leaders conclude an extortion agreement with the Turkish Neo Ottomans, but many more Turks and also pay billions to the Turks for it. So the Agreement is literally Free travel to the EU with EU money in your pocket. Now the billions are flying around the citizens every day.

    Europeans are still allowed to vote, but they have been deprived of most of their influence: all major political decisions are taken behind closed doors by technocrats and professional politicians, working as anti-European gangs !!

    In a treacherous way in which Millions of Muslims pour into Europe will only intensify the nightmare. Europeans must watch helplessly as their leaders speak and act as if they are not aware of what is going on.
    Old guard never expelled the illegal immigrants !? Illegal Muslim migrants will live on benefits until the welfare state goes bankrupt.
    The influx of Muslim migrants is continuing. They come through Turkey. Most of them still arrive from North Africa. Organized in Turkey they receive a false Syrian or Iraqi passport !!
    The newcomers - False migrants from Islamic world - invading Europe are anti-European, they are the Salafists !!. These Muslims just want to occupy Europe !!, They behave like the Muslims usually do in the Islamic world: they harass Christians and attack women. They feel like new occupiers ...

    Camouflaged Muslim Invasion and Occupation !!

    It remains a super cruel criminal organization where anyone can spontaneously go on jihad because the book prescribes it.
    The authoritative Imam Sheikh Muhammad Ayed recently said in a speech at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that the vast numbers of Muslim migrants “will conquer the lands in Europe… Soon we will overrun them with Allah's help. Because whether they like it or not, the Americans, Italians, Germans and French will be forced to take in 'refugees'. We will quickly deploy them for the coming Caliphate. ”…“ We will give them fertility! We will bring forth children among them, because we will conquer their lands! ... And then we will say to them, Send our sons, or we will send our armies to you. '
    Europe has very weak leaders, they work for dictator Erdogan! This is, of course, a shame. Erdogan wants to dominate the EU through mass migration.
    What an enrichment: even more Islam in Europe, even more peace. And soon another 180 million Turkish-speaking Islamists. Look, that is just getting started: all those migrant flows, things are not going fast enough for our heads of government. Larger guns were needed.
    It is now clear that Islam is in charge, and that the EU is utterly powerless against the great Islam danger that looms over us.


    Turks want to use the flow of refugees (crisis) to invade entire Europe ... Organized Muslims who have already entered try to get a grip on the Muslims who flow in as refugees ..

    Spreading extremist ideas under the guise of freedom of religion is, of course, commonplace in Islam. The need to ban (or close) extremist mosques has arisen, especially now that the percentage of Muslims in Europe is moving towards the critical limit, about which we can argue for a long time. Ultimately, it is about forbidding the spread of this intolerant ideology. This is difficult because it is widespread in the Islamic world and deeply rooted in the faith. Sometimes it seems harmless, but - even without hate preachers - it can easily be linked to violent extremism. There is no immediate solution for this.
    Saudi Arabia and Turkey are investing billions in the Islamization of the west by building mosques and sending radical imams.

    Turkey member of the EU! Disgraceful…!

    This is worse, much worse. This is a Trojan horse, but with a transparent wall.
    Merkel along with the Erdogan, they have already buried EU! Treacherous rulers have opened wide the gates of Western culture to another army, the soldiers of Allah. It remains to be seen until the Islamic bomb bursts. 
    Before 2071, the Federal Republic of Germany is likely to be called the Islamic Republic of Germany.

  42. The young Turks

    You are dirty cowardly people on paper you call pkk terror calls but on site freedom fighters who are allowed to kill our people but if we do that we are a country with regime cowards but I hope that refugee talk will not continue that 6 billion you can keep, you are seemingly holy but i am happy for pkk they have a country where they are welcome, and that country is called belgium there live 20 million in my country


    The number of Muslims in the Netherlands is growing steadily. Rutte's cabinet has only accelerated the import of this pernicious mass… The increase in the number of Muslims now poses a danger to Western civilization!
    If it continues like this, the number of Muslims in the Netherlands will only increase due to surpluses of birth, legal and illegal immigration.
    The explosive growth in the number of imported unemployed Muslims in the Netherlands is not stopped, but accelerated by the treacherous politicians of PVDA and VVD.
    Imported Muslims even feel they are being attacked by the native population who are not Muslim and they also want top positions in the police force! This is how Islam finds itself in the Dar al-Harb of Rutte Kabinet !!.
    Hypocritical PVDA and VVD administrators blame not Islam, but native Dutch!

    And they hate the Netherlands, right? What, then, are they to do in their hated land? Their blind hatred for the Dutch and our way of life is shattered and is certainly a source of inspiration for their holy Jihadists.

    The big problem is that the native population is too passive and just apathetic, many residents and leaders, politicians, often they are also the only country haters!

    Muslim population becomes fascinated and breeds even harder… Civilization is transformed into medieval barbarism and the total habitat of other peoples is shrinking. The indigenous population is in great tension and struggle with the hating incoming brutal Islamists who are also supported by politics!
    We are becoming the drain for crime and misery!

    HADJ and JIHAD!

    Hajj is a mandatory preparation for the Jihad war, which is also now carried out by the IS fighters! This is an admonition to all Muslims. Get ready for war with unbelievers.
    Corrupt traitors not only hang large Halal signs, not only build large mosques but also welcome all Hajj!

    “Schiphol welcomes all Hajj”

    Not only the politicians and corrupt administrators, but also KLM provokes the jihadists… Militant Muslims are thus provoked by the enemy European policy. These drivers welcome a war machine!
    Current administrators, In the name of mohammedans, but stand as immoral, treacherous and dishonest, they welcome Islamic Holy War !!

    Quran literally calls all Muslims to Jihad in Sura 9:11. There are several wars, but there is only one continuous Jihad!
    Literally it even says in the Quran that Muslims must “cause a massacre” among all unbelieving people. Killing, according to the Quran (Sura 2: 217), is not even as bad as bringing a believer to apostasy from the Quran.
    Do KLM administrators and politicians have any idea what these fighters have in mind? How murderous they are? Hate, Terror, Hajj, Jihad and Salafism are thus stimulated from within by the enemy administrators! Imams are still being imported by the government! These Imams with Dutch benefits, who control youth, aggressively propagandize the jihad against the West.
    Does KLM know how these hajj fighters trained to kill and commit attacks? Salafism is the only religion in the world that encourages violence by packaging it in the form of jihadism.

    When a government manipulates its citizens, that government has failed.

    Current administrators continue to argue that none of this has anything to do with Islam! Just as there are no moderate Nazis, there is no moderate Islam. There are only leaders and followers. Islam is an ideology and not a religion and is spread exclusively through terrorist war.
    Asymmetric warfare avant la lèttre.
    That terrorism is caused by Islam, a term that country administrators refuse to use. Samson and Rutte still speak of a simple “extremism” and call them IS “not Islamic”! So here there is a huge consensus among Dutch politicians that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Dutch politicians must therefore propagate that political Islam is good for the Netherlands !! Unfortunately, Islam is political, because it is an all-encompassing worldview. So we cannot escape seeing that Islam is dangerous. It is the basis of the bloody terror against Western civilization. No radicalization without Islam. Whoever does not want to kill unbelievers is himself an unbeliever. 
    PVDA + VVD Politicians are stupid!
    They are completely stuck. They're in a corner they can't get out of.
    The leaders cannot lead, because they are behind the facts that they themselves deny. Citizens do not follow them. Then there is no other option than to save, hold on to your position by biting yourselves, calling all opposition to populism and hoping for a miraculous escape.

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