Video: Europe from 3000 years ago to now

In this video a short animation of how Europe has changed over the centuries. The once incredibly complicated map of Europe is getting simpler… until it becomes more complicated again after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fiddling with national borders seems harmless, but never forget that thousands of people have died with every change.

The one below is much more detailed and was discussed earlier on Visionair.

It is striking how “boring”, so nice and quiet, the period after the Second World War was. With the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia as an interruption. What would the future map of Europe look like? A European Reich, each ethnic minority its own country, or are we finally fed up with land grabbing after more than a thousand years of bloodshed? It is hopeful that after a millennium of bloodshed we are now sadder and wiser.

And whether it was better for that, in terms of land grabbing? On the contrary. Below a video of the period around the beginning of the Christian era, 1000 BC to the year 1000 AD.

2 thoughts on “Video: Europa vanaf 3000 jaar geleden tot nu”

  1. Ik denk dat we uiteindelijk op den duur alleen nog industriële productiegrenzen zullen kennen, (meest gunstig bewezen locaties) geen landsgrenzen meer.

  2. I
    vind het heel cool egt waar maar ik vond het moe lijk te begrijpen
    maar op school leer ik het nog wel
    Maar op school heb ik geschiedenis over vroeger en ik zit
    In groep 5a

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