Will there ever be a world dictatorship?

Running is no longer possible. Neither escape, because the dictatorship stretches across six continents and all oceans. Everywhere you see the unsympathetic face of the Father of the Fatherland on buildings and posters. A world government, usually of an extremely unpleasant nature, is a regular fixture in all kinds of conspiracy theories and doom prophecies. Could there be a global dictatorship?

States keep getting bigger until they break up
Since humanity's inception, it has been divided into countless groups, ranging from wandering hunter-gatherer families to states of over a billion people. Over the course of human history, these groups grew steadily. For example, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany once consisted of small princes, which were regularly swallowed up by a large European empire that was soon again in a state of decomposition. Sociological research on completely isolated islands (which includes Earth, of course) shows that these tend to break up into a few distinct realms. Without a common enemy, local interests take precedence.

Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor in all of China, had all the workers who knew access to his grave killed.

Superstates are becoming increasingly technically feasible
Large states that are going to expand beyond their natural boundaries usually don't last very long. The distances and political tensions in such a superstate become so great that it becomes ungovernable. This happened in medieval Germany, which in theory was a large empire, but ungovernable in practice (also because the Christian separation between church and state made legitimacy for multinational governments problematic). The smaller France, which had been centrally ruled since the Roman Empire, proved more manageable for the powerful French kings.

However, that changed. In the last four hundred years, all kinds of handy inventions have been made for an ambitious dictator. For example, every effective world empire had a good road network or other communication system (such as the relay runners of the Incas), which enabled the king to quickly learn of a local uprising and quickly dispatch his troops to suffer a dire fate for rioters. The visionary, but extremely cruel emperor Qin Shi Huang understood the need for this and provided his country with a uniform road network. Fast road links, telegraph cables and wireless communication now make transportation and communication easier than ever. In the time it once took to travel through the Netherlands or Belgium on horseback, someone can now fly around the world twice. The two states with the largest population, China (1.3 billion) and India (1.2 billion), each have more inhabitants than the entire world in 1850.

Recipe for a world dictatorship
The first requirement is a need (real or perceived) for world government. At this point, most people are more or less satisfied with their local government and would at most prefer to live in a smaller state with our kind of people. States have therefore become smaller and smaller since World War II. There is only one known case of a state that expanded democratically: Germany. In the past, states grew by swallowing up other states. This has not been officially allowed since 1948. A dictator-to-be must therefore work differently.

Charlie Chaplin made fun of Hitler in (and as) The Great Dictator.

1. Create a global problem
If you want to become a world dictator, you have to ensure that there is a problem that can only be solved worldwide. A climate disaster, a worldwide gang of terrorists spreading deadly viruses or an alien invasion of shape-shifting reptiles, for example. You will have to ensure that the UN is given much more powers. Politicians who oppose you are irresponsible populists who endanger human lives, endanger the survival of humanity and democracy.

2. Create stakeholders
You must also ensure that a large group of powerful people has an interest in supporting your dictatorship. Civil servants or a large army, for example. Make sure they can keep their power only through you. Avoid alternative power sources. Encourage corruption in this group and occasionally sacrifice a scapegoat. In this way you keep your stature as a stern, just leader, you keep your subordinates weak and - very important - both the people and the subordinates see you as their primary ally against the other.

Controlling information is essential in dictatorships.

3. Censorship and secret service are essential
A world empire has the greatest imaginable centrifugal force, so you will need an extensive secret service to be able to take out troublemakers in time. No martyrs, so arrange for a natural death such as cardiac arrest. Blaming them for a crime is really ideal. Nothing against some justified popular anger to keep the mood among your people.

Checking the information provision is crucial. There are mass media, but unfortunately there is also the internet. So, for example, in order to be able to catch pedophiles or weather terrorists, you will have to take some temporary measures in the public interest, of course, if the circumstances allow it, will be reversed.

4. Destroy the middle class
The middle class is your enemy. The starving masses can be kept with a few pennies, but the middle class just needs your alms and is not compromised by corruption like your subordinates. So make sure you keep the middle class as small as possible, compromise them and let them dangle by demanding permits for everything possible. Tolerate violations, but do register them for later use by your Secret Service.

Create a domestic enemy
There's nothing like a global conspiracy to legitimize a brutal police state. The more grotesque and absurd the conspiracy, the better. All your political opponents, of course, belong to this group. Make sure you don't pick up all your opponents at once. You will need them badly to legitimize your regime.

6. Create your own symbol language and mysticism
If possible, try to design your own religion or modify an existing religion. Invisible overlords who punish and reward after death are reliable, inexpensive and provide obedience to death.
Things like folk songs, shared rituals and the like are very important. Declare these sacred. Herd compulsion is very important. She helps keep a grip on the masses.

What did you say? Are some things already familiar to you? Vigilance is and remains a must ...

9 thoughts on “Komt er ooit een werelddictatuur?”

  1. "Will there ever be a world dictatorship?"

    Probably not, for a reason already given by the writer himself: every great state will sooner or later fall apart. No person, or small group of people, is able to control the whole world, to the farthest corners.

    Apart from that, even if it will theoretically be possible to rule the entire world, there will in practice always be opposition to a world dictator to be. Today there is actually no longer one hegemonic state, there are some states that surpass the rest of the world. Think especially of China and the US. In many cases these countries are polar opposites.

    Theoretically it is quite possible that there will ever be a world literature. But in practice this will not go smoothly, and there will certainly be opposition. Is it not from countries, or from critical citizens, of which we are getting more and more worldwide?

  2. But isn't a world order, in whatever form, by now the only option to tackle the world's problems EFFECTIVELY? Because maybe a bit pessimistic but I see it getting worse and nobody seems to have a vision… doom I tell ya!

      1. Hi Germen, I am referring to overpopulation, food scarcity, energy supply, superbugs, environmental issues, terrorism, corruption, natural disasters, conflict minerals, war, etc. I see the various well-meaning states making alarmingly little progress towards sustainable solutions. Or is that really just me?

    1. "But isn't a world order, in whatever form, by now the only option to tackle the world's problems EFFECTIVELY?"

      I think a world order, in the sense of an organization that stands above the countries, is indeed the only long-term solution to solve problems.
      But even such an organization would always have to count on resistance when it tries to install a dictatorship.

    1. And go and set those priorities. The idea alone evokes many a fascist association. I have a gloomy view of 'our future'… in addition, as a kind of NATURAL, we are also quite doomed to fail?

  3. I think the whole question of whether there will be a world dictatorship is a bit naive ..
    it is already there!
    only in a way that few people see.
    there is a group of people who represent global organizations and the largest corporations. these are the people who determine what happens in the world.
    I describe here the group of people you will recognize in many conspiracy theory as 'the men behind the curtain'.
    but whether or not you're a conspiracy thinker, about the existence of this elite,
    made up of the most influential people in the world, don't hesitate.

    we now only have to ask; what form will this dictatorship take?

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