World peace visionary or utopia?

World peace, the idea that there is no more war worldwide on earth. Is this a realistic visionary idea or is it nothing more than an unattainable utopia?

Earlier it became clear that war is a great way for the financial elite and the corporatocracy to make good money. Total global annual sales in military goods now exceed 300 billion dollar. Is this the greatest obstacle to world peace? As long as war is economically interesting and it is an effective tool for gaining wealth through theft of resources from other countries for a particular group of people, will there ever be world peace?

This US war veteran tells his own experiences and explains in his view that wars are not about the struggle between two or more peoples, but that the real war is one of the elite against the middle and underclass. An extremely inspiring and honest story:


In addition, we can also take a look at who actually played a role in wars in the past decades.

The US and Europe feature in this all too often with NATO. It seems that we in the US and Western Europe have a great responsibility in many wars after World War II. If we stopped doing this, would world peace stand a chance?

This video below shows what is happening in the name of NATO to “help” other people and what the US and Europe are doing to “bring democracy” to countries that have not necessarily asked for it. To what extent can you bring peace through the barrel of guns and the bombing of people who think differently from yourself?

And it is strange that we never see images of civilian casualties from these areas with us in the press? When is someone a freedom fighter and when a terrorist in the eyes of our mainstream or 1% media?

What would the world look like if the money that now goes to weapons and wars were spent on improving the living conditions of people worldwide?

And do we actually want world peace in the Netherlands? Do we really benefit economically from a peaceful world?

If we look at how many our pension funds still invest in the arms industry and how strong many Dutch banks still do invest in the arms industry, that is not at all as strange a question as it may seem.

Companies in the US and Western Europe are the largest arms producers of the world. Thereby was The Netherlands per capita measured, the largest arms exporter in 2008. And the Netherlands is still at the top of the lists of arms exporters today.

In addition, it is partly companies from the Netherlands such as Shell that after wars gain access to raw materials from other countries, which was often not possible before the wars. When we know our royal family major shareholder of Shell then we may also understand why Beatrix on state visits to sell Dutch weapons.

In short, is it secretly not the case that the west, and especially the elition, just makes double money from wars?

Is world peace a feasible visionary concept or is it an unattainable utopia? And if it is economically disadvantageous for the Netherlands, Western Europe and the US, is world peace desirable at all? How do the readers feel about this?

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31 thoughts on “Wereldvrede visionair of utopie?”

  1. Your analysis is correct. However, I think it is even simpler.
    Consider the popularity of war games. The truth is, the vast majority of men just enjoy fighting. If it wasn't, those war games wouldn't be that popular.
    Also take a look at what boys play with: guns etc.
    I fear this is a very basic instinct.
    If the problem were the system then a revolution would help, but the problem is the nature of the individual human being.

    1. Hmm, I think you could be right about that, Roeland. However, should a government not be able to successfully mold that instinct into other forms if they want to?

      1. What should be considered is that the old-fashioned 'elevation of the people' arguments would play a role in eg programming.
        Now it is all about blunt commerce. Also, games of violence could simply be banned. At the very least, policy can be tightened up, especially when it comes to products for young people. 
        The role of blunt commerce that further stimulates the 'lowest instincts' purely for profit should be curtailed. It is also possible to make games where the best instincts are stimulated. However, the game industry is all about profit.
        Just a reaction to Will. When people fight, they run the risk of the police joining. There is no such risk in a game. I don't want to think about what the world would be like if there were no law books and police and everyone could beat each other with impunity.

        1. @ Roeland, I heard an interesting theory today that it might be in the genes of men to wage war, partly because if men were successful in this, so many new women could conquer / rape and the survival is therefore extremely dangerous but in the event of success also extremely successful way is to pass on the genes. 

          Women, on the other hand, are only at risk in wars and therefore much prefer stability.

          No idea if it is true, but it does give a new view on the matter. War as an opportunity to spread your genes for men.   

    2. Playing a war game is different from fighting.
      If the vast majority of men enjoyed fighting, wouldn't there still be a lot of fighting? I think that is not so bad.
      A lot of people enjoy winning, not only men, the win aspect also comes to the fore in a game such as goose-board or people-annoying, have you played? Are you power-hungry now?

      That there is such a thing as 'the problem' seems a misconception to me. There is all kinds of things and all of this creates things that people can label as right or wrong.
      But I agree with what roeland brings up at the end of his message. In my view the system is an enlargement of every individual and I see things happening that I see as wrong and the unconsciousness of people can have a lot of influence on that.

      Does world peace mean that you can no longer argue with your neighbor, partner, child?
      Or does it mean that you are not physically abusive but only mentally?

  2. Intercessor

    I think world peace can only be achieved with world government.
    Peace within Europe was also the original reason for founding the European union.

  3. World peace, as Roeland says, is only possible when a revolution in consciousness takes place. When we realize that the amount of resources that make up the basis of the arms industry - or any industry - are finite. So the more energy we put into it, the shorter we can maintain this system and thus the power of these elite and multinationals will be over. Furthermore, we must become aware that possession is based on an illusion and that any form of egoism is harmful to the individual and thus to society as well. Duality exists in thinking because it is a condition for thinking. However, we see that virtual duality as reality and live after it. As long as we do not become aware of the impossibilities of thinking and fully accept them, world peace remains a utopia. The first condition for world peace is that there is peace within yourself. Go for it !!

  4. @ Douwe, aggression is already being successfully cast in other forms, just look at sports such as boxing, karate volleyball, football, handball ... etc. So what's aggressive in handball and volleyball? Not much… people can put their energy into it and therefore lose some aggression.
    And of course ... as an alternative we can also market some more sex robots for men and for women ... that seems to me to be good against aggression.
    And finally… we can just abolish tanks and start throwing cannonballs ourselves, then a war won't last very long :)

    1. Barry, too bad about those hooligans, isn't it? Wouldn't a kind of aggression hall be a solution; where you can take off unlimited, a throwing and throwing room, an isolated screaming room, a room with the worst computer games, and a separation cell with all kinds of pillows and stuff. Perhaps a gap in the market?

      1. @ Julie, yes to be honest they can do away with football… the football itself is a nice sport but those damn hooligans just mess it up everywhere. A throw and throw room already exists in the form of American Wrestling, isolated screaming rooms also exist in psychiatric institutions and rooms with the worst computer games also exist. And separation cells with pillows also exist…. all this together in 1 building does not yet exist to my knowledge and idd could well be a gap in the market. We just put some government leaders in those rooms and let them fight the old-fashioned way, when those heads of government are taken away with a hearse that tens of thousands in their armies have no reason to go to war either. And if those army commanders, commanders, generals and so on want to fight on, we then place them in those buildings to indulge themselves on each other until Jan soldier can go home aimlessly. And if all of that doesn't help, perform a lobotomy on them or unleash an army of behavioral nanobots on them. Anyway, this was just ff funny .. world peace is not a utopia, it does mean that it has to be actively worked on.

  5. World peace is coming.
    At the UN they have known that for a while. They also have that in their loft. At least, I remember that they put up a future event, that the swords will be forged into plowshares. By the way, they have that from someone who can do an awful lot (I'll tell you), but one thing is not going to happen to him, that is lying.
    There is a simple reason for this, that He cannot lie: namely, everything He says just happens. That is a matter of having authority. In His case supreme authority. Very nice!
    With a few billion more people I know Him personally. In five weeks you will also have a day off on that. That day is so worthwhile, because then He once showed that He also has more to say than death. Because behind death, let's call him the Grim Reaper, there is a disgusting evil power, a strong spirit. In the end, however, not strong enough.
    Since there are swarms of evil spirits, one third of all angels, I have learned, headed by the liar from the beginning, the shining star turned into a black bitch, it makes no sense to assume now that we can make world peace here.
    That's because all those evil spirits when given the chance make a lot of people do evil things. They succeed in that very well!
    You can read all about it here on
    Now we have a thick Handbook with hundreds of predictions in it (no predictions, which are part of looking at coffee grounds), of which so many have already come true that the truthfulness of the rest need no longer be doubted.
    The period to which this thread beckons is not very far away anymore, as the signs of the times show us. We have a name for that too; the millennial kingdom of peace, that glorious time is called.
    (which is 1,000 years due to the black bitch being locked up for so long, and all)
    If there are people among you who would like to know more about it; a lot is already known about it ...

    1. @ Julie, hahaha… so this was “unconditional love” in the darkroom… people looking for meat, reminds me of a TV series where I keep seeing commercials: P

  6. After the first atomic bomb was tested on Hiroshima, a group called pacifists slowly but steadily emerged. That was roughly 50 years ago. In my view, those were the Visionaries at the time. Never heard of this movement again in recent decades. So the conclusion is that it does not last and people lived with the idea of a utopia. But with all due respect to these people it still bears witness to the fact as long as there is dualism, it will be given of war and peace. I have not yet talked about the other interests that play a role in this. So it remains, at least in my view, a quest for the common man to try to survive in any way. If you then look back, among other things, in the history of wars, the same man is the first who slowly but surely gets back up again and fortunately rebuilds what was destroyed and picks up the thread of life. So peace my eyes is a utopia.

    1. There may no longer be a group called pacifists, but some of the people will of course still exist. I feel that much of the ideas of pacifism have found continuity in the non-violence movement. The question they were confronted with was how to deal with an aggressive oppressor. Answers seem to have been found in the ideas of non-violence / non-violence.

  7. Dear Will, that there are groups such as non-violence / non-violence, there will be several groups in the world in that area. The UN should be a forerunner in this. Nothing is less true. The divisions are often very great and because of the diversity, I think it will remain a utopia. Let it be clear that I have a lot of respect for these kinds of groups, But it will never live a long life, history has proven that. But yes, we can always have hope and maybe someday ??? Mvg, Paul.

  8. I notice a question to me from Hannes dated March 4, whether I read Mr. Lindsey and LaHaye enthusiastically.
    Ah, Mr Hannes, I say then; I read a Book (also available to you) that has held out against the tribulation for a few thousand years and has been denied, contradicted and raped (they call the latter 'interpreting'), but never disproved. So very sustainable !!
    The fact that some Americans have saved a little money by attaching assumptions to them and even inventing entire series of novels does not detract from the authenticity in my opinion …… Or does it?

  9. am db bd, your religion is something you determine yourself, fortunately. But I get the idea that all those black things and demons shouldn't get the better of you, that's bad for your peace of mind. Now a very good book has been written about this, maybe an idea to read that, it will drop you a lot from the heart. But don't know anything is necessary, everything is allowed, so it remains your choice.
    "An Unusual Conversation With God"

  10. World peace will never come about as long as it has no clear function. As long as there are people who do not benefit from world peace, it will not easily arise.

    1. What is a good rule is the Golden Rule! Which is also in the FAQ of this site. Biggest challenge is to live by it as you have already noticed.

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