Fable of poverty in the Netherlands

There is a land by the sea of cheese, clogs, mills and water where according to the Prime Minister there is no poverty. Don't be hungry either. After all, that is not possible, because the social facilities are the best in the world. Every cheese head would like to believe this. Moreover, according to the followers of the Prime Minister, there is no poverty at all in the country if you compare this with the situation in Africa or Asia.

There was once…
The poor inhabitants of this little country hang their heads and endure their poverty. Fortunately, there is no one who believes that they live in poverty, because they are deeply ashamed of this. Being busy every day making sure that you don't have enough money to get your children to go to school well cared for and to be able to pay the bills at the end of the month is not something you like to advertise with. It is even more terrible when you have to ask a food bank if you can come and get a food parcel every week.

Many years have passed like this. The poor don't exist for the rich plus government and the poor keep silent out of shame about their fate. They deny their own existence.

A man who broke the silence ...
One day a man decides enough is enough. He stretches a huge canvas over the city square with the text: "I am poor" and announces that a large demonstration will be held in the city square on 1 May. He prepares for this event for months. When the big day has arrived, he is alone with the banner in the square. Nobody wants to show that he or she is poor or disagrees with government policy. He is the only protester.

Disappointed, the man squats down on the deserted square. He sits down in the silence of the banner. Then suddenly someone appears and walks right up to the man and says, “The moment you see that you are poor, you have discovered the greatest wealth in existence. 'The man shrugs and replies:' What is the use of all my friends there who have to live their lives in poverty, without necessity because the prosperity in our country is unevenly distributed? The figure answers: 'Demonstrating means standing up for yourself, appreciating yourself, and knowing that you are worth standing up for yourself. You see your self-worth and are rich just by having this feeling about yourself. Your action on this square is the first step. Continue your actions and try to convince the poor of the wealth they possess. There will soon come a day when they will see themselves worthy of standing up for themselves and demand that everyone be treated equally in this tiny country by the sea.

They will no longer let themselves be pushed into the corner where the austerity hits fall. They will stand up for themselves as proud and worthy people and choose a government that builds a humane society.

Rob Vellekoop
Initiator delangemars.nl


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  1. The last time the Dutch people moved was in the 1980s. Never before had so many people mobilized to demonstrate against the strategic placement of nuclear weapons. Those bitches (20 pieces) are simply stored at Volkel Air Base and the people have had it checked. What I want to say is that a lot has to be done before we Dutch enter the barricades. The situation is still not bad enough for many people and people remain safely on their own island. It is precisely the less fortunate who clump together, but that is usually seen as an alternative or strange. In that regard, everyone is well indoctrinated to think in boxes as much as possible. Anyone who falls outside of that is looked at with suspicion and therefore not heard. In that regard, George Carlin was right years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxa5-c3G4qM
    I had thought that the proverbial “madness” would have broken out long ago, but nothing could be further from the truth. Until the average Dutch person can put their pride and shame on their side, the action will remain limited by the oversimplified spouting of comments on sites like this one (no offense).

  2. I am all in favor of us being honest about poverty in the Netherlands. What is already there and what is yet to come, because not a single step has yet been taken to contain the economic crisis in any way. The Netherlands has by far the highest mortgage debt in all of Europe and already one million houses are flooded with the mortgage. In addition, unemployment has never been higher than at any time in the history of Statistics Netherlands. In short, things are just going really bad in the Netherlands, despite what the politicians and mainstream media want us to believe.  

    However, personally I wonder whether protesting will be of any use. What is happening right now is a totally logical and predictable implosion of the completely outdated money system we are currently using. Dutch and also European politicians have nothing to say about the money system that we should use, so where are you aiming your protest? The Bank of International Settlements in Basel? The ECB in Frankfurt? The Bilderbeg people? And if they matter, the average banker and politician have a salary that makes it difficult for them to experience poverty.

    I think a lot of those people think like this:

    They can protest all they want as long as they pay their taxes.
    ~ Alexander Haig

    This youtube video also shows the problem well. By protesting you are actually asking the people who have now put us in this position and are not treating you well to treat you better… Is that useful to keep putting your fate in the hands of those people?

    I think rolling up your sleeves is the most constructive, taking back control of your food production, setting up local money systems, generating renewable energy, etc. There is plenty of work, there are enough people, there is access to information and skills enough. Time for a new era.

    -) In the light of survival

  3. Good story.

    In response to the above comments: It is not either demonstrating or rolling up your sleeves. It is both. Stand up for justice. The drivers are terrified to the masses that are about to move. Just look at the past… In addition, it is indeed necessary to develop initiatives that make crooked straights, where we help each other and learn to use our resources wiser. Divide = multiply.

  4. Certainly good points in previous responses. There are many people who discuss it with each other that things are getting worse and that creates awareness that something is wrong, only the picture seems too big for many to oversee. I hear a lot of noises in which it is indicated, we cannot change that, that is too big for the ordinary person The people who really decide certain things do not even see the ordinary person, let alone care about it. how we live.

  5. The system also ensures that the social pressure for employees and the self-employed increases, which puts them in a kind of blackmailable position. When asked to make extra hours, for example, many do not dare to refuse because of the pressure that has arisen because of the risk. They could lose their jobs, with all the consequences that entails. Perhaps one of the underlying reasons why the protest is less likely to gain many followers. Plus considering that in recent periods there have been all kinds of rumors about the upcoming new spring agreement making people much easier to get fired, making people feel redundant and easily exchangeable that keeps them away from daring to protest against certain things, both at work and in public.

      This David Duke?
      "A former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, [4] [5] and former Republican Louisiana State Representative."
      In 1995, Don Black and Chloê Hardin, Duke's ex-wife, began a small bulletin board system (BBS) called Stormfront. Today, Stormfront has become a prominent online forum for white nationalism, Neo-Nazism, hate speech and racism. [89] [90] [91] ”

      1. Yes I mean Henk, I know that his past cannot be tolerated, what indoctrination can do with a person, but fortunately you can learn in life and still contribute something to bring the truth to the fore. it is also open about it and for me it is not about him it is more about the inside info which exposes the roots of injustice of the system. That is more of value in this.

  6. I don't mind at all that I don't have a lot of money. Don't be ashamed of it at all. It's just how it turned out. But by being creative I can manage quite easily. Appreciate so much better the things I do own. Which are not for sale and have worked hard for, but are gold true. Do not demonstrate yourself because that is always based on incomprehension, anger and aggression, and 9 out of 10 times ends in violence. Do not love the unrest that comes with it. Live from love, act from love, and also do things from love. Prefer to talk to those ministers to try to open their eyes. And furthermore I trust in fate and For me this is the road that I have to walk. And should make the best of it. And also enjoy how my life goes. Sometimes very spicy and difficult, but always very challenging, adventurous and very educational.

  7. The Dutch can only work together and take to the streets when it comes to football / cycling / tennis etc ... then they are one people. But when it comes to standing up for their rights they are just like a herd They can also celebrate a party, as long as there is drinking / eating / entertainment then they are there. On Kingsday they cheer like madmen, not knowing that these nobles have been pissing / cheating on them for years and then screaming ... Long live the Queen who told us in her New Year's speech WE MUST ALL REDUCE ... well they certainly and certainly not, because they DON'T EVER PAY TAXES YET, I would be ashamed to explain such a thing to millions of people on TV. know no shame.

    The Dutch economy has been destroyed by the banks and a number of major earners who are still causing the problems.
    The whole of the Netherlands is participating to get everything back in order, EXCEPT THEY !!!!!!
    People sacrifice income in order to continue working,
    People are fired because there is no more work.
    VAT has increased even though everyone already earns less.
    Traffic fines are so high that it is easier to commit a crime (cheaper).
    Pensions are under pressure
    Next-generation pensions are uncertain.
    The housing market is completely flat.
    Basic insurance went up considerably
    There is no money to refurbish rental properties,
    Employees are fired because there is no work for them anymore,
    All kinds of taxes are going up.
    There is unparalleled waste in healthcare.
    More and more food banks are emerging.
    People can no longer afford their health insurance.
    Many already live in poverty
    And so …………………… .. we can go on for a long time.
    Housing associations have boards that are increasingly rewarding,
    Social services still have boards that earn way too much.
    Banks that caused all the trouble have not even made an apology.
    The management of the banks still pays itself bonuses with 5 or 6 zeros.
    The salary of many in the charity sector is goddamn high.  
    Municipalities pass on everything they lack on the inhabitants.
     In the Middle East, ordinary people can still enforce business by jointly resisting their exploiters and faith pushers.
     Should we not gradually revolt and make demands instead of doing what the legislators impose on us and we do not want.
    If, for example, we once occupied the Dam with many people, WITHOUT violence, until something is done about all that grabbing and shifting the blame to us, the citizens.
    Not giving up a bit of a lot but back to a normal income. That really does not have to be Modal, but it does not have to never be possible while others live in real poverty.
    BANKERS, big earners and PICKERS are ashamed !!!!

    1. The quote below by Robert H Hemphill from 1934 causes some concern, but given the circumstances it is remarkably up to date. After careful reading we detect a curious similarity with what the chaos theorists tell us today, especially… 'so important that our society can collapse'. This phrase seems to refer to the so-called 'decision window' and by extension the choice we can make between the 'collapse' or the 'breakthrough trajectory'.
      This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Every dollar we have in circulation has to be borrowed, both cash and credit. If the banks create artificial money in abundance, we will live in prosperity, otherwise it will be bitter poverty. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one sees through the whole picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost unbelievable, but still true. It is a very important topic that intelligent people should research and think about. In fact, it is so important that our current civilization can collapse unless it becomes widely known and understood, and we do something about it quickly.
      Why the quote is remarkably up-to-date can be seen from the recent warning by Gerald Celente. The reporting in the media leaves nothing to chance and the suspicion arises that history is going to repeat itself. That is, unless an alternative can be found, as was already advised in 1934.
      According to top researcher Gerald Celente, the world is on its way to a new world war. We are in the middle of the greatest experiment of all time. Banks are forcing governments to put more money into the system in order to survive. But all this money created out of nowhere ultimately leads to nothing. The world is currently in a depression. Celente compares the current situation to the depression of the 1930s, only he notes that the current money supply is barely backed by gold. The current pattern is similar to the one leading up to the second world war: crash - depression - currency war - trade war - world war. We are currently in our late 1930s.

      1. mother tongue

        Weird that the money from the central banks goes to the systemic banks so that they can pay the interest to the elite. But debt slaves like you and me are allowed to go bankrupt for lack of rotating money ...

        1. Intercessor

          We must not let banks go bankrupt because they are too intertwined with our economy, they say in The Hague (Wouter Bos if I remember correctly).
          But maybe that's nonsense again.

  9. Dear Visionary and Readers,
    I myself am one of those people who went through poverty. Fortunately, I never had to live on the street, but after my boss went bankrupt, I quickly went from bankruptcy to unemployment benefits to social assistance, because there was nowhere work.
    There was work, through the Uitzendmafia, but I was made verbal promises three times that I would be deployed full-time, while I signed a 0-36 hour contract. Then after two weeks I was surprised with a 20-hour schedule, and when I called my Uitzendmafia contact for more work, I was doubly surprised with the fact that the current client demanded 40 hours of availability from me and I therefore did not even had the opportunity to take a second job.
    I call them Broadcast Mafia because they are criminals. They are 'just' sellers. They withhold all the nasty facts about the job and sell you the job, just like a salesperson would, so they can collect their commission. They do not have a sense of social responsibility and in the meantime you are working hard for a wage that is below the social minimum. And they get away with it, because 'unfortunately' they can't schedule you more often. 
    Since I was wealthy enough in the past, I own a house for sale. While my mortgage debt was rising, according to the Dutch state, I was not entitled to any supplements or support, because I was allowed to eat the 'profit' of my owner-occupied home. So we indeed had to knock at the food bank for food.
    If you want to see poverty, you should have a look there. There is so much poverty that the volunteers can only provide the people with food for two days of the week. Every extra day that I had to pay for groceries myself actually meant that I could no longer pay my bills.
    In addition, my wife is Bulgarian, and that because of her nationality, she is not allowed to work in the Netherlands for the first five years or to claim social resources, so she did not count towards social assistance. So I received assistance at the level of a Single Parent for my entire family, which is more than € 140 per month lower than assistance for a family with children.
    Situations like the above you might call special 10 years ago, but nowadays it is no more than normal. I can name three cases in my neighborhood alone that are in the same boat as me: owner-occupied home and social assistance, without any prospect of work, which paid enough to pay your bills.
    My neighbor had the same problem: after being unemployed for two years and not being able to pay his mortgage for two years, because his social security benefit for a single person was a mere € 800, - his house was thrown into foreclosure sale. There was no less than one person present at the auction, a pawnbroker who renovated the house a bit and now rents the house to students, who agreed to the starting bid of € 70,000.
    My 45-year-old neighbor now lives with his parents with a mortgage debt of € 80,000 and no house. He has now found work, but he cannot really enjoy it either because the state has seized his wages. 
    It is crazy here in the Netherlands. And it keeps getting worse with all the bankruptcies. 
    The poverty you describe, which nobody wants to talk about, will soon be impossible for anyone to ignore, because then half of the population will be in it. And believe me that the anger can then no longer be kept.
    In my time I have learned to live with little poverty and I will continue to live that way, even when I find work again. Next month I will live with my family with my mother, because I am going back to school (HBO Social Work & Services) and that way we can put some money aside, because my mother has also had to bite on a piece since the divorce, while my father lives on one hectare of land in a castle. But that is an other story…
    Visionary, I will definitely return to this site more often. Very interesting. It is news that unfortunately is not covered by the mainstream. 
     Daan van den Bergh

    1. Recognizable story Daan, when I was still a financial manager in larger companies, as a person I regularly experienced disgust at the system and those who work in it. Man is the means to get money and to enrich oneself, economy and what it really means is a side issue. And who does not participate and aspires to moral action, can leave, very simple story. We see the consequences every day, thanks for your truthful story, many will try to deny it, but that is what we nowadays dare to call democracy, a real shame of course.   

    2. mother tongue

      Recognizable Daan and, just like Alfons Borm, it was time to put up a big middle finger. Or, like me, two middle fingers soon, I was born with it.
      It is a pity that the Dutch do not join hands but treat each other unfairly.
      Because where else do those 7 million lawsuits per year come from.
      So fuck the rest!

      1. 'Because where else do those 7 million lawsuits per year come from?
        So fuck the rest! '
        That is a curious position that you take in Moerstaal, because apparently you are taking it
        the position of those you wish to reject in your argument, while it is impossible for you to know all the backgrounds of the things you mention here, what if one is forced into this position by the corrupt workings of the system? doctrine seems layered to me because with that you may be unintentionally complying with the guiding direction that has been factored in to divide humanity with which the divide and conquer strategy of the system works. I certainly understand your frustration, but it does not seem to be very productive Have faith in your own intention there are many others who share your inner intention because I believe I recognize your origin which seems to be good! Mvg Jasper.

        1. Dear Japser, when people are oppressed in a system that has been saturated for a long time, they will express that horizontally, which increases the number of lawsuits. It is at this point that it becomes very dangerous for the whole of society but politics still have not understood that and they are taking it a step further. Expressing our frustration is therefore congruent with the situation in which we find ourselves, it is then an art to also discuss the liberating alternatives so that people can use the power of the frustration for good. In the other case, the feeling of oppression is growing and that is grist to the mill of less bona fide movements. 

  10. Impressive story Daan van den Bergh, yes indeed a lot of hidden poverty and sorrow, it puts you back in your place just as hard, but it can also have enriched you without the dark, light is less visible, if you know what I mean by it But that does not alter the fact that I wish everyone the happiness in life and no one should suffer. The contradiction is that it can bring out the best in you. But there are people who have been even more miserable in this world. it has also become much more visible to you. There is a lot of good information here with a wide choice. Mvg Jasper.

      1. That could be very good news Keimpe :), although I am going to investigate this critically because the name gives me an alarm bell I as a reader have to trust them in advance that the name indicates that can also be a media strategy / manipulation sublime packaged In the name, there is a fine line between paranoia and mindfulness and that is where critical scrutiny comes in. For example, it would be covered in both the main stream media and the more reliable media, until then 'a promise a comfort to a fool 'but thank you again for sharing, it remains a time to pay attention.

        1. Not very smart of me to respond implicitly (lesson) but the message is from Feb. 2013 and nothing has changed significantly to me, nothing has been in the news so I am even more skeptical to accept it as truth. Mvg Jasper.

  11. Well, I also experience it from more than 30 years of entrepreneur to social assistance with a wife and child of 10 no water no saving gas you call that lucky I have well water I am used to something but well it was not the intention The Netherlands has a hydrocephalus well, two samson and rutte but the effect that is now precipitating on the world I had long seen coming, the gas discoveries and the pill and condom use together with the energy bill are the basis for an incoherent society where the cost price p / p is particularly hard has gone up. It is actually very simple it is easier to live in a thatched farmhouse with 10s than just in an apartment. The first costs 10fold less energy. Shell is the main cause of the global crisis 6 years ago, the Arabs said a price of $ 60 per barrel of oil is the maximum the world economy can bear. The price is reflected in everything right down to the plastic pen. Since the Second World War, the Americans have been living above their means at the expense of the rest of the world.It went wrong when the gasoline price went up for them as well 4 job families no exception and then just drive with those drinking bins of course you have less money left of course you can no longer paying the mortgage, of course, the banking economy will thunder than in course Dutch and European banks had invested billions there to earn easy money.
    Of course Jan is average fucked why? Because they are just stupid and the large masses follow nice and easy. It is not that difficult to boost the economy again. If we can discharge bank debts then we must also discharge all human debts So my offer when I come to power (dictatorial power)
    1 eradicate government and royalty.
    2 Free solar energy for everyone (investment in money 50 billion)
    3 Free grow LEDs for everyone (including vegetables ;-))
    4 Free Healthcare for everyone
    5 Everyone works for free
    6 Abolition of money
    7 Free provision of everything \ needed
    8 Abolition of ID cards Passports
    9 Abolition of prisons (stealing no longer exists)
    10 Equal rights for men and women
    11 abolition of registered marriage and partnerships simply everything free
    12 Name and Surname? pfff you should know if you want to name daughters after mothers and sons after fathers
    13 Possession doesn't exist unless you never die again ;-)
    king of the free men who are also kings and kings of the free man
    As a dictator I dictate freedom for everyone away with fascist Netherlands clearing of civil servants and Roman laws and fattening up

    1. Have some good news for you, we've already got rid of those debts. That is, if politicians want to wake up. No lack of precedents.
      Modern Debt Jubilee
      Debts in relation to the future earning capacity of developed economies have reached unsustainable levels. The current debt-based monetary system has been able to fuel a super-debt cycle for decades, which has now passed a critical limit. A monetary reset is therefore inevitable and - depending on the solution chosen - will have to be preceded by a debt cancellation program, also known as debt jubilee.
      Nothing new
      High debt levels and forgiveness programs are timeless. About 2000 years before the start of our era - at the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and the kingdom of Mesopotamia - this was already happening. Known, for example, is the code of Hammurabi, king of Babel, dating from 1762 BC. This code stipulates that debts are forgiven under certain circumstances. At the time, the waivers were functional to continue the stability of the community. Rulers wanted to maintain social cohesion by preventing people from having too much debt or property. Today, debt cancellation can be a pragmatic part of a monetary reset.
      Quantitative easing for the people
      Providing citizens with liquidity is an alternative to the so-called quantitative easing (QE) programs that central banks deploy for the banking sector. This form of liquidity provision can be seen as a QE operation for the citizens. The money that has to be created for this is not - as with the current liquidity programs - put into circulation as debt. Each citizen receives the same fixed amount, with the simultaneous obligation to pay off debts - if he has any. This includes all categories of private debt, such as mortgages. In addition, the government can oblige young people up to a certain age to reserve this money for future study costs, for example. Adults who are not in debt can save the money received or use it for consumption. (read more)

      1. mother tongue

        Brilliant! I seriously wonder why no politician is voicing this possibility. Why money to the banks so that they can pay the rich elite the interest, but the bottom so the debt slaves go bankrupt?

          That is the key question indeed, there are several reasons. We can deduce a lot from the dynamics of the decision-making process.
          Decision-making theory
          Given the neutral scientific burden of proof, the question arises almost spontaneously who is to blame for the blatant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If we consider our democratic system, it seems logical to point the finger at political authorities, as they were after all elected to serve the population with due diligence. Despite our feeling and conscience being put to the test here, we can still raise some doubts. Namely, to what extent is this information clear and known? We invoke the attenuating circumstance decision-making theory by Herbert Simon, he formulated a number of axioms to describe this theory:
          1. Man cannot possibly know all the alternatives for a decision
          2. he cannot all compare the alternatives he knows simultaneously
          3. As a result of the first two axioms, man will not choose the optimal alternative
          4. Man has a set of routine actions
          5. These routine actions all exist independently of each other
          6. every problem is considered simultaneously with the existing goal
          7. As a result of 4 and 5, 2 will only come into effect when routine actions are no longer sufficient
          A number of scenarios arise from this, if we make the different options open for discussion and (1) they are followed up, then the debt burden is transformed into an element of limited or limited rationality, in line with the Financial Relativity Theory that we consider a novelty. We assume here that no one can be found guilty out of ignorance, but the new information can be charged at that time, so that previous policy decisions can be revised. If the information (2) is not honored, we can speak of guilty negligence and serious negligence, the consequences being inhumane.the dilemma of shortsighted politics)

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