Shale gas: safe enough for the future?

Natural gas is trapped in certain rocks (shale). As long as there is still easily extractable natural gas, we will leave that shale gas. But in the US, where the easily extractable gas is already running out, the extraction of shale gas has already started.
For the extraction of the shale gas, a horizontal shaft must be drilled in the shale layer with a derrick. Subsequently, liquids are pressed into the rock under high pressure, causing cracks and fissures to form. This is called 'hydraulic fracturingor 'fracking'.

In the US, people are very enthusiastic about shale gas. A lot of money is being invested and the shale gas industry is displaying impressive figures about the total amount of gas still trapped in the soil. Shell even claims that so much gas will be produced, that they will turn it into gasoline and kerosene.

There is also shale gas in the Dutch soil. Should we win that?
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