Video: What If Every Tax Return Is Public?

In Norway, every tax return is public. Would this make a difference?

The Panama Papers (in which, incidentally, Americans are emphatically missing), the result of a successful hack on the Panamanian trust office Mossack Fonseca, sow a storm of dismay in politics and business. Icelandic President Gunnlaugsson was forced to resign after fierce protests from enraged Icelanders and many other politicians and celebrities were also in dire straits.

While many tax laws are so ludicrous that they actually beg to be evaded, a significant portion of the tax money is used to do useful things. In that case, it makes sense to introduce low, but unavoidable taxes. Paying taxes must also become a matter of honor again. At the moment most people consider someone who pays a lot of taxes to be a schlemiel.

Tax haters celebrate the day of the year when they start working for themselves. The later in the year, the higher the tax percentage. Source:

3 thoughts on “Video: wat als elke belastingaangifte openbaar is?”

  1. Artikel: “Op dit moment vinden de meeste mensen iemand die veel belasting betaalt een schlemiel.”
    In Nederland is dat niet zo, maar in heel veel andere landen inderdaad wel ja. Vaak zijn daar dan ook redenen voor zoals corruptie, wanbeleid, willekeur en landscultuur.

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