New economic crisis also without corona

Although the new corona virus has provoked an economic crisis because all economic activity has come to a standstill, such as aviation, nightlife and sports, a new crisis was about to happen anyway.

Growth economy
The economic growth of the past few years was the result of a gigantic bubble in the housing market and the stock market, which was inflated by keeping interest rates artificially very low, making it more attractive to borrow money and pump it into the economy in this way. .

The covid-19 binding spines (red in this picture) are extremely good at binding to ACE2 receptors in human cells. Much better than can be expected from a recently jumped armadillo or bat virus. Evolution or genetic engineering? Source: US government (

Also, people no longer save money and spend it instead. After all, you no longer receive interest on your savings, which makes it unattractive to keep a close eye. That is why people are going to spend this money. it also makes it more attractive to invest your money in shares.

Housing bubble
The prices of houses, the rental price of a home and shares soared as a result and there comes a point that no one can afford this anymore and when that is the case the entire market collapses. We almost got to this point before the corona outbreak took place.

Capitalism expired
Why did this take place? Because capitalism is no longer tenable. We live on a finite planet on which infinite economic growth is not possible. However, the current rulers are terrified of losing their power and try to maintain it in every possible way. Partly for this reason, there was a huge push to, for example, 5G and the internet of things in spite of all the possible dangers that many scientists have pointed out. The elite are only interested in staying in the saddle and do everything they can regardless of the long term consequences. The covid-19 corona virus is an ideal smoke screen or cover to push off all the economic problems that awaited us anyway.

Origin of covid-19 corona virus
According to the official account, the corona virus comes from bats that were sold and consumed in a special market in Wuhan, China (According to it official story, via consumed armadillos, sold on this market, which are said to be infected by bats, ed.). This could easily be true and we are also in a sunspot minimum allowing more cosmic radiation to reach the earth promoting mutations in the organisms present here and therefore also in viruses. However, many major disease outbreaks occurred during periods of low solar activity including Spanish flu in the centennial minimum and earlier black death in the Sporer minimum.
However, there is also a large laboratory located in Wuhan. In any case, the Chinese government is not known for attaching much value to ethical norms and values. China was on the eve of a gigantic population explosion as a result of the years of one-child politics, which resulted in an extremely large male / female shortage. This would have major economic consequences for China in the near future. For example, there could be a possibility that behind the scenes they have designed the new virus in a laboratory and released it on the population so that the politicians and other rulers can keep their hands clean and thus contain a popular uprising. (It latest research seems to indicate a natural origin. However, it is striking that the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the covid-19 virus (the 'spines' on the outside of the virus particle) makes very effective use of the human ACE2 receptor on the outside of human cells. This then arose through natural evolution as an undetected virus among the Chinese population, according to the researchers the most likely explanation. In theory, this could also be done by genetic engineering, by copying this RBD from an existing virus, although the researchers found no match with a known virus and this seems to have evolved independently - ed.)

One must have a very open mind in this.

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