What is a visionary?

Anyone who asks questions that go further and deeper than is necessary in daily life is a visionary at that moment. Most people only do this very occasionally; everyday life consumes all of their attention.

Visionary thinking
Visionaries are different. They are constantly thinking about how things can be done differently and better, for them this has become a kind of way of looking at the world. Where an ordinary person sees a lawn, they see an ecological self-sufficient city or a House of the Future. Where an ordinary person thinks of the costs or the benefits, they see the enormous long-term consequences that a new technology such as the car or the internet can have.

Visionaries ask themselves unexpected questions such as: what will the Netherlands look like in ten thousand years? Or the world in ten years? Will there be humans in a million years or have we evolved into a new species? What would life be like on Mars? Or in another universe? What's a mile underground? But non-exact scientific questions also belong to the visionary field; what would a world look like without money? What is good today, will it still be good in 100 years? Is our view of the past correct? When is something 'correct' at all?

Do you feel addressed?
Are you a visionary? Then you will probably feel at home on this site. Those who like to read about visionary topics from time to time are also very welcome.

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