Society is embittering. Both in the original sense and in the ambiguity of the word. The fast communication through the wide range of different media causes overexposure of the average person. The NOS News and the old-school paper version are partly responsible for this, but only complicit. The bits and bytes from the electronic dreamland are the real culprits.

Due to the increasing amount of possibilities in both the digital and the 'real' world, it is easier to become soured by what you do not own or cannot do. The bar is constantly being raised, making it increasingly difficult for people to achieve happiness that meets their standards. People used to work hard and they were happy if they could keep their family going without too much fuss around it. Appreciating this simplicity has disappeared and is now drowned out by the pursuit of the multitude of new gadgets and other technological changes that happen every day. Going with this momentum will never end what you will be satisfied with. A vicious circle of a demand for materialism answered with a renewed demand for materialistic units.

Especially due to the lack of practical use of all these developments, I do not participate in this anyway and, seen by telephone, I like my € 25 Samsung mobile phone from the Mediamarkt. Calling, texting and accepting call waiting, my gadget is complete. Having a constant responsibility to always be reachable via WhatsApp, e-mail and other communication sources gives me the jitters and I will, as long as I can, avoid being relaxed.

The bits & bytes are not only responsible for the pimped mobile phones, but also for the social platform changes that have taken place in recent years. Today's youth are switching to digital language instead of Dutch and now only show their feelings through e-motions. Online social standing is becoming increasingly important and must be present in more and more places. Number of likes per photo / updates, relationship status and number of friends all have an influence on the daily self-image, where especially the adolescents are still looking hard for confirmation. It would be a shame if this confirmation came about as a result of some numbers and edited photos on the internet instead of developing a cool real-life personality.

The emerging Facebook generations have to watch out for this new form of leukemia.
Before you know it, the youth determines their self-image on the basis of these digital statistics and part of it is destroyed. Leukemia will steadily claim more victims. Maybe time for some online cliniclowns who can treat this disease on random profiles and offer a cure through anonymous 'likes'.

2 thoughts on “E-volutie”

  1. Daanweustenraad
    resumerend: culturele organisatie bij aanpak van knelpunten; maatschappelijke zin van technische ontwikkelingen, marktonderzoeken en ideeënontwikkeling.

  2. Gezien in Eilat/Israël; grotere gezelschappen (gezins – of bedrijfsmatig) samen aan de lunch – of dinertafel communiceren uitsluitend buiten het gezelschap om met hun gadgets. Samenzijn is verworden tot Eensaamheid. Typefout is bewust. Gadgets dragen hooglijk bij aan de Verdeel & Heers systemen van de Nieuwe Wereld Orde.

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