Mind reading: now possible to write text with thoughts

Mind reading is now a fact. After years of research, a team of researchers has succeeded in generating written text based on brainwaves. Will everyone soon be able to put together a book, or will secret services abuse this technique?

Our brains produce a pattern of brain waves, very weak electromagnetic fields that can be measured with an electroencephalometer. Every thought has a unique pattern. As early as 2011, researchers have succeeded to dream to read. They shared this by showing subjects images and storing the brainwave patterns that occurred. If the same brainwave patterns occurred during the dream, the researchers knew that these images were part of the dream. Now another group has applied a similar technique.

Recognize phonemes
All language consists of sounds, phonemes. These are vowels and consonants. We use the Latin alphabet to represent these phonemes. The Latin alphabet is less suitable for displaying tone languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Igbo) and click languages (Xhosa, Khoisan languages), for example. It is important that we think in terms of sounds. When you think of the word 'panorama', you hear this word in your head, as it were. Or you see the letters. This also produces a certain brainwave pattern. This brainwave pattern can be read. Although our brains are largely the same in structure from person to person, the way we encode engrams differs from person to person. That means that if we think of a certain pattern, different brainwaves are created for every person. Mind reading must therefore be individually trained for each person. Fortunately, the number of phonemes is limited. All sounds in Dutch can be described, for example, by about forty phonemes. That is, you could train such a system by distinguishing 40 groups of brain waves. In the English, in which this research has been conducted, there are a comparable number of sounds.

For the late Stephen Hawking, the slow way his communication device produced words was a constant frustration. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ninety percent confidence in mind reading
In the trial, the subjects read ten short sentences in their minds. Their brainwaves were recorded. In the test setup, the researchers were able to recognize ninety percent of the 'thought phonemes' in a sample of ten short English sentences, in real time. This succeeded after just seven minutes of training using a neural network and a heavy new Linux-based PC. For this they used the open source scikit-learn software package (written in the language Python), which learned to associate the stored brainwave patterns with the phonemes. Obviously, it is relatively easy to distinguish ten sentences from each other. The technique only becomes really interesting when individual phonemes can also be accurately distinguished from each other. Then I could write this article at thinking speed, which is about ten times faster than my typing speed.

Rescue for paralyzed patients
The late Stephen Hawking, as well as thousands of others, could, resp. can only communicate by moving their eyes. If there was a device to convert their brainwaves into spoken and written text, it would break their isolation. They could then speak and type. In improved versions, even the intonation of the voice can be controlled by brainwaves. They could operate their exoskeleton with their brain.

Wearer of an aluminum hat. After this discovery, these will probably become a lot more popular. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mind reading dangers
Unfortunately there are also dangers with this technique. Die Gedanken sind frei is a well-known German proverb. That is now going to change completely within ten years. If secret services succeed in improving this technique so that they can read the minds of prisoners, it will provide dictatorial regimes - in practice almost all governments - with chilling power. From a futurological perspective, our computers are currently hopelessly primitive. Around 2029 you can buy as much computing capacity for a thousand euros as the 'raw power' of the human brain. Computers will then be about a thousand times faster than now, if Moore's Law continues.

Brainwaves of sufficiently accurate quality can now only be received by sensitive electrodes placed under the skull by surgery, as in the two epilepsy patients who participated as volunteers in this trial. Of course, a somewhat nasty regime does not turn its hand for such an intervention. By using (not yet existing) room temperature SQUIDs or such extremely sensitive measuring equipment, brainwaves could also be read at a greater distance. Hide an EEG meter in a budget VR helmet and play test sentences during the intro of a free VR game supplied and voilà. Mind reading then becomes a breeze. Are wearers of alu hats not as crazy as we think? Interesting times ...

David Al. Moses et al., Real-time classification of auditory sentences using evoked cortical activity in humans, DOI: 10.1088 / 1741-2552 / aaab6f, Journal of Neural Engineering, 2018


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  1. Dit commentaar heb ik geschreven naar aan leiding van een article dat ik las:

    The particles that are speeding out with 70% of the speed of light, are also are accompanied by virtual parts, that are lightning up in visual light. Experiments in the past with magnetic waves,(30% of the speed of light realized in a switching system) showed us the way they become visible. They also found that the virtual parts can have mass during a short time,borrowed from space itself. Specifically the mass is interesting to me, because we artificial created that mass. Mass means gravity, and this is artificial gravity made by humans. Anyway, what can we do with that kind of gravity, that is the question. Can we make that for spaceships…….:


    Verder; Stephen Hawking was mijn grote held en ik probeerde altijd al zijn gedachtengangen nauwgezet te volgen. Kun je wel nagaan hoe vaak ik er wel niet naast zat, en wie niet. Recentelijk is postuum een laatste verklaring door hem gedaan.

    Hoe hij bewijzen wil dat het multiversum bestaat, ik heb geen idee, maar logisch verklaarbaar vindt ik voor een multiversum wel……..

    Dat de antimateriedeeltjes gereageerd hebben met de resten van een ouder universum in de directe omgeving.

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