Speech of an honest politician (2): the good news

After the gloomy words of it first part of the speech, the politician now comes up with reason for optimism.

The good news is, dear audience, that we are only at the beginning of the greatest era of growth in the history of mankind. And the Netherlands is in a good position to make maximum use of this. How? I will explain that to you.

The Netherlands is energy independent

You are led to believe that there is a lack of energy. This is incorrect. The energy is really up for grabs and comes pouring down from heaven at the same time. The Netherlands may not be as sunny as the areas on the equator, but the Netherlands itself annually receives the same amount of sunshine per square meter as the electricity consumption of a frugal person: 1100 kilowatt hours. Unfortunately, our solar panels are not yet so good that we can use all this energy, but this is soon to change. At the moment, the record holders are above thirty percent. Thirty percent of 1100 kWh is 330 kilowatt hours, a little less than a kilowatt hour per day. The Netherlands uses a total of around 900 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year. To generate this energy, we therefore need 3000 square kilometers of solar panels, about ten percent of our land area. The good news is: our roofs alone supply nine hundred square kilometers. That's a third. We can generate the rest with floating solar panels at sea. It is no problem to install 2000 square kilometers of floating solar panels on our 60,000 square kilometers of North Sea.

The biggest problem at the moment is storage. But we can also do something about this, for example with hydrogen. At present, the efficiency in the latest electrolysis plants is eighty percent. That means that for every ten kilowatt hours of electricity that you put in, eight kilowatt hours of hydrogen are released. This allows us to absorb usage peaks. In return, we no longer need to import a drop of oil. Because we produce all the energy we consume ourselves. From the sun, supplemented with wind and nuclear energy.

No more waste separation but plasma separation and raw material extraction from waste

We also stop the nonsensical waste separation. Separated waste hardly saves energy and, above all, takes a lot of space, time and effort. If we all waste through the plasma separator hunting, we only need one waste container instead of four. We dig up the waste dumps. These will be our metal mines. This will create extra space for nature and housing. And we no longer cooperate in the destruction of other countries by mining.

Asylum is different from immigration

My progressive colleagues believe that the Netherlands has a duty to accept immigrants if they apply for asylum. My more xenophobic colleagues think that the Netherlands should no longer admit anyone at all. Both is bullshit. Asylum is a right we shouldn't change, but immigration is a favor. Asylum must remain asylum, and immigration, immigration. The purpose of asylum is that refugees can stay in a safe place. Any safe place. This safe place does not have to be the Netherlands. The Netherlands is only a small country and very densely populated. There are more obvious places to migrate than the Netherlands. As long as the Netherlands organizes this safe place, the Netherlands will comply with its ethical obligations.

Up to the stars, through good politics. source: NASA

Freedom of religion is the glorification of irrationality

My colleagues from religious parties such as SGP and NIDA want to ban blasphemy. Suppose God is almighty. Then He is above what people say about Him. Suppose God is not almighty. Then why bother? There is no need to protect the truth, just to protect lies. That is why we see that people who defend lies, and who depend on the lie to maintain their power, are most frantically calling for censorship. The Netherlands is a free country, and freedom made us independent and great. Freedom of religion is the favoring of fabrications over the truth. We can never agree with that.

Foreign policy according to the Golden Rule

The Netherlands is a beautiful and prosperous country, where life is good. Of course we grant that to the rest of humanity as well. So we stop parasitizing the rest of the world, and sow death and destruction there under the guise of peacekeeping missions. We will only participate if the majority of the population has advocated a peace mission. Otherwise not. The Netherlands is becoming a tax haven for multinationals. If we can't make money honestly, then not. Naturally, we are also tackling multinationals that want to evade tax here in the Netherlands by imposing criminal charges on them. With this we work together with our well-meaning friends abroad. We will also lift all import duties and import restrictions on imports from poor, underdeveloped but democratic countries. We work together where possible, for example with scientific research. But we cancel all international treaties that violate human rights or reduce our independence.

Right to live, good health care and right to work are human rights

At the moment houses are unaffordable, because the rights of bankers are considered more important than the rights of the population. This also applies to healthcare. At the moment, there is only socialism for bankers and health care managers, not the population. We are now going to turn the tables. Houses are to live in, not to make big money. So we are going to build large houses that are also affordable for people with a low income. Health is a human right, earning from the suffering of others is not. So we're invalidating the patents of any pharmaceutical company that demands extortionate prices, and we're going to make those drugs ourselves.

The right complains that people on social security benefits are parasites. The Left complains about the continued cuts and harassment of welfare recipients. We have a solution to this problem. We will abolish social assistance and replace it with a work guarantee. Every Dutch person is entitled to a government job at the minimum wage. People with a work disability will be given adapted work. This way we can all live fair and productive lives, and no one has to look down on each other. Because everyone works hard.

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