What is life like in a space colony?

Now that finally, after forty years of stagnation, the beech is thrown into space colonization, it is time to think about the question: living in a space colony is for me?

We do not think about it, but the earth is a small oasis of air and life in an endless sea of death and emptiness. Space colonies are small islands of air, (at floating space stations) artificial gravity and habitable temperatures. Literally every molecule of air must be wrested from the environment. Outside the colony you can only get in a spacesuit. Sunbathing outside or other earthly pleasures is not an option. Yet living in a space colony also has its advantages. It is a small, closed community where everyone knows each other. A kind of space village. Weightless sports? It can, in some cases.

It is annoying that you can peek into the garden of people further away with binoculars. The most practical way to generate artificial gravity is to design the space colony as a rotating can ...

Seat in a space colony.

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