What if super intelligence arises on a desk?

If you are smart enough and have access to the internet, there are many possibilities to become very powerful or very rich. Think of the success stories of the founders of Google and Facebook. Desperate people, for example an entrepreneur on the verge of bankruptcy, will therefore in the near future be able to choose to create an artificial intelligence that is smarter than the smartest human being. This in the hope that this artificial intelligence will prove to be the lifesaver. But what if creation turns out to be stronger than the creator, which is by definition the case with advanced AI?

In this movie.The Awareness, a little less than twenty minutes, this thought is worked out. Three highly intelligent people who have earned their spurs in IT and science, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have not hidden their concerns about the emergence of strong AI. Beings smarter than humans are by definition uncontrollable for us. Yet these creatures will come. This is inevitable given the advancement of information technology. We have about ten years left to prepare for this very vital issue. Hopefully we have the right answer, and we don't end up as humanity in dyustopian SF films like the Terminator series. Will we be able to come up with the equivalent of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?

4 thoughts on “Wat als een superintelligentie ontstaat op een bureautafel?”

  1. No, just no! This video also failed to convince me that strong AI is going to beat their makers. The equivalent of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics already exists. Robots are not malicious by default and each machine does not start anything without an energy supply. So off is really out! So if the smart person continues to include stop buttons in the design - precisely - with strong AI, they will never be able to become smarter than humans. Please go to sleep peacefully. ;-)

    Problems will only arise when terror cells or powers -willfully- start removing stop buttons hardware. But then it is again about (groups of) people behind the robots and the battle between evil and good forces.

    How robots can disable humans will be virtually known, but how humans can disable robots is not yet fully known. With an ax, stick or big hammer you will probably be able to come to a end. And powers (with the exclusive right to violence) can of course use even rougher artillery. It is therefore undeniable that there will be deaths with strong AI and that accidents will not happen either. When people start to think of it as accidents, there isn't much going on and wars involving robots fighting the enemy are actually humans with an advanced tool at their disposal.

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