'Legalization of hard drugs halves crime in the USA'

As before during Prohibition, Usanese organized crime has grown due to drug trafficking. Voters in the US state of Oregon have now decided in a referendum to decriminalize possession of small amounts of all drugs, including hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. How will this experiment turn out?

Since controversial President Nixon declared the "war on drugs" in the 1970s, several South American countries and Mexico have been disrupted by the lucrative cocaine trade. The Usanese ghettos fared little better. The war on drugs has produced only losers all over America. Reason for more and more thinkers to wonder whether the all-out war on drugs is such a smart idea. After all, crime is getting stronger and now has a clear incentive to look for new users, read: to make addicts. The war against drug users is also giving the police a full job of trafficking, with about one in two prisoners in Usa being held for drug use. Drug use is in principle a victimless crime. This also made the minds ripe in Usa to introduce a radical measure: what if we legalize all drug use?

In principle, legalizing drugs could halve crime in USA. Source: Steve pb / Wikimedia Commons ex. Pixabay

The uproar surrounding the raging US election campaign between Good and Evil (stick your own labels on your choice of senior citizen) is a bit snowed under, but in the US state of Oregon on the Pacific west coast, a very revolutionary proposal has been approved by referendum. Namely, the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of all drugs, including cocaine, heroin and LSD [1]. Instead of severe penalties, a $ 100 fine is now being introduced for possession of drugs for personal use. In the US, nearly 50 percent of all prisoners are incarcerated for drug offenses. [2] In theory, then, legalizing drugs would cut crime in the US in half. In practice, many criminals are likely to look for another source of income. However, this will have a more peaceful character. Counterfeiting branded goods, for example, is also very lucrative and a lot safer. Will crime in Oregon drop drastically now? We will find out soon.

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