Video: Disappearing Dead, Economic Optimism about Immortality

Is death in danger of extinction? Ray Kurzweil, the Millennium Man, thinks so. He is currently already following a sophisticated diet of nutritional supplements, injections and medicines to maximize the chance that he will reach 2029, the year in which, according to his prediction, computers will be as smart as the smartest people. This, again according to Kurzweil, will generate an explosion of scientific and technical knowledge that will make life extension and immortality a viable business.

And where we have to leave all those people, when the living no longer make room by dying? Kurzweil has an answer for this too: go up, young man, go up ...

18 thoughts on “Video: Disappearing Dead, Economic Optimism about Immortality”

  1. It seems like the worst thing that could happen to me: immortality. The idea alone would almost make me drink and smoke. (simultaneously)

    1. Intercessor

      If you are immortal then you can save a lot of money together for a long time, and with that money you can have the Venus project built.
      Or stimulate space colonization.

    2. You therefore have a lot of time to get bored, and perhaps find a solution to many of the problems that exist now.
      I wouldn't be surprised if many people spend even longer in the virtual world (games, etc.)

  2. Would be nice if your body were immortal (except for possible accidents).
    But then dictators like Stalin, Kim il sung, Hitler and other psychopaths could also oppress their victims forever. Sometimes the only way for a regime change is when the dictator dies. In Zimbabwe, for example, everyone is waiting for Mugabe to go out of the pipe. Imagine that it is immortal ...

  3. I myself think that immortals will periodically, individually visit each other between the stars, and here on earth. Finding someone who will suit you forever is not impossible, but very difficult to find. I would leave that to chance and never plan again, because I have to have that ingrained compulsive need for love and cosiness. I always came along for coffee, because people have two faces or more. Literally exhausting all those conflicts everywhere, where I don't see the point. In the village where I live, people make the best of it, as I wrote before, but I don't participate. I am part of this community, and they share their news and problems in the area with me because they trust me. But participating in their parties and gatherings in the village hall, no. I don't want that anymore, and they respect that. If I could, I would live in a large, self-sufficient starship on my own, with a colorful group of pets. Then after years of traveling and studying, finding the company of others like me to exchange interesting knowledge, discoveries, and information. I may find companionship for a while between people who have given up on the conflict of relationships because they know instead of just wanting. It also seems to me to be a condition for wanting to be immortal, to be at peace with yourself and others, because of the balance that knowledge gives from experience.

  4. Immortal is nothing, because everything is constantly changing. And because everything is constantly changing and yet no matter is added, everything is immortal.

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