The periodic table Francium (Fr)

A series of articles on the different elements. The Lego blocks with which we, our earth and the matter of the universe are built all have their own specific properties. In this series we go through each element step by step and we look at some useful things the wikipedia has to say about it, along with an interesting video of the University of Nottingham with which various experiments are done with the element in question.

Today number 87 of the 118 elements, Francium (Fr).

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Few industrial uses of francium are known to date. Sometimes it is used in radiological examination in combination with radium used as a neutron source.

Remarkable features

Francium is the heaviest known alkali metal. It hardly occurs naturally on Earth, but it can be synthesized by thorium to bombard with protons. Because the life span of francium is very short, only few properties are known. Chemically speaking francium has the most similarities with cesium.


Francium arises in the Earth's crust from it alpha decay from actinium. Since this is a very slow process and Francium isotopes have a very short lifespan, the total amount of Francium on Earth is always very small and is estimated at 25 to 30 grams. It is only found in uraniumminerals.

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