Video: A day in the office of the future, according to Magic Leap

Augmented reality startup Magic Leap was too late to demonstrate their augmented reality system on TED, but it is finally here in mid-March 2015: the Magic Leap augmented reality demonstration. In the video below a first introduction. The system is very similar to Microsoft's comparable glasses.

I think augmented reality in this form will put an end to office ailments such as mouse arms and the like. in any case, boring office life will be a lot more fun, when visitors (or colleagues) will soon see office workers rummaging wildly in the empty air. Or when they engage in a bloody virtual Wild West feud with their colleagues during recess. In this way office war gets a completely different meaning ...

As a child I dreamed of fish swimming in the air. Augmented reality makes this dream - and much more - come true.

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