Hamburger jobs are rapidly being taken over by robots

A legitimate complaint by left-wing critics of today's market economy is that once well-paid factory jobs were massively replaced by low-paid "burger jobs" - low-paid, unskilled jobs such as preparing burgers. And even the pitifully paid burger jobs are no longer safe. Several companies have developed fast food robots that produce tasty snacks for a fraction of the cost of even a burrito folder or pizza maker paid by American standards.

The burrito box prepares the well-known folded tortilla with cheese, rice and beans in a few minutes.

Box Brands, a California-based company, developed the BurritoBox to provide small kiosk operators and pump operators with an extra service to customers without having to invest in staff or a restaurant. The BurritoBox, two copies of which have now been posted in Los Angeles, is showing a commercial during the minute, which takes the device to roll a steaming hot burrito. According to the website of the makers, there is a lot of interest in the device.

The BurritoBox is far from unique. The days when coffee machines represented the pinnacle of technology are long in the past. There is, for example, a hamburger robot Alpha Momentum Machines that can deliver 360 burgers per hour. The device, which replaces at least five to six employees, pays for itself in a year. The owners want to put this amount saved into better ingredients so that, in their words, gourmet food becomes accessible to the masses.

The pizza baker is also not safe. Preparing pizzas is indeed quite easy to automate (there is even one 3D pizza printer developed). Developed by a Dutch-Italian joint venture Let's Pizza let the customer choose between various varieties and then knead the dough, form a pizza and cover it with the desired topping, after which the pizza is baked in an infrared oven. All this in less than three minutes. The machine is reportedly already a resounding success in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. For around 30,000 euros, the gross annual salary of a pizza baker, you are the proud owner of a copy.

This will happen with increasingly unskilled and, incidentally, many forms of skilled work. Clearly, the government's adage that unemployment is culpable is increasingly being overtaken by facts. Rather than constantly inventing new bullying for people on social security benefits, the government can do better work on retraining and further training for the unemployed and the introduction of a basic income.

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    1. Because people who earn their money in criminal circles stop doing so when they have a basic income? I think that is a bit too blunt, of course it will make a difference, but with the introduction of the minimum wage a lot of criminals suddenly started working because they were no longer dependent on the criminal income? I rather think that they will see a basic income as a monthly bonus and the group that forms less crime as a result is quite limited. I'd love to hear more thoughts from you about how much you think this will have an effect (and why). 

      1. @Anno.


        My joke was a little thinker, in which I wanted to make fun of Opstelten and society. Mister does look like he visits the hungry wage slaves of a burger joint every day. Then speaking with full mouth, (poops) not wondering what the very young staff, (there and elsewhere) have to endure in terms of legal crime. They work in the legalized criminal circuits of this government, well below the minimum wage they should actually earn. Give them a basic income, let them study, and let criminals take over their shitty job as community service. My girlfriend just lost her job, her contract was not renewed. Not because they no longer have a job for her, but because she has been on sick leave for a long time with cancer, and she is 55. In the meantime she has been replaced by such a very young thing, which without any job security, for a starvation wage (the absolute minimum) had to take over her task. In the meantime, we all know, and now many from our own experience, that employers are often forced to take such low-key measures these days. Rich project developers have converted the picturesque-looking shopping centers in our country into very expensive, priceless luxury slave sheds. The existing middle class was therefore turned over, only the very big ones remained temporarily. They have to pay rent of hundreds of thousands of euros annually, but the customers stay away. And so they too will die. You don't have to be very predictive for that, shop after shop is empty, and the entrepreneur is desperately on welfare. On welfare they are then forced to sell all of their possessions before anything is paid out at all. However, entrepreneurs have qualities that make them an entrepreneur. Many of them take the criminal path, which makes them temporarily independent again. For them, Opstelten is always happy and with a full mouthful of talking, there is no such thing in this society, yeah ……. However, if a basic income is realized for everyone, then no one has to sell their sour goods, earned with sweat and tears. If such an entrepreneur finds a new and legal way to start up with initiative, then that will happen, so are entrepreneurs. The jail is also full of former entrepreneurs who have defrauded the tax. It's not just murderers and burglars sitting there. Crime is hypocritically stimulated, and it just pays off. Those who sow the wind will reap a storm, harass social workers with community service orders, make social hatred flourish.       

        1. That hamburger Ivo and his party have come up with something new to stimulate crime and unemployment. Zero alcohol tolerance policy for vehicle drivers. If you also smoked a joint the previous evening (on a Sunday for example), then you are really the cigar on Monday morning, they always find something. And so there will soon be more catering and other companies going to the bottle. The terraces remain empty, tourists and visitors stay away. And always on Monday morning alcohol, drug controls, and extra kilometers of traffic jam. And so the Netherlands becomes a crime :(

      2. If you don't have to worry about your sandwiches, you will be less likely to go down the wrong path. Most criminals have a pan loose somewhere and actually need help. While also protecting society from them and themselves.
        I think a Universal Basic Income is a good start. After that, there is much more to gain.

  1. Such meaningless professions should not exist in modern society. Three cheers for all automation!

    Until now, automation has only led to an increase in prosperity, intelligence and stability.
    How can we ever achieve the ideal of lighting when the majority of the population has to give up their life as wage slaves to make burgers, pizzas, etc.? What a waste of our capabilities!

    1. Well, our capacities may also become redundant at some point.
      And what should we do again, create extra long university courses for people with a not so high IQ?

    2. I am also very much in favor of automation, but I still disagree with you. Restaurants are a part of the hospitality industry and if social interactions are considered important somewhere, it is in the hospitality industry. Fast food restaurants may be the exception to the rule, but 'real' restaurants have to rely on traditional, artisanal and authentic cuisine, which is part of the service offered. So when I go to an Italian restaurant I expect good chefs in the kitchen who can serve me a tasty dish and that I can judge, and not a service that pushes a button on a machine. There is probably a market for robots in the hospitality industry, but it will be quite a job to keep robots out for positions where interpersonal contact is highly appreciated. I wouldn't be bad about that.

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