Future technology, from 2022 to the year 4000

Some future technology is already available in rudimentary form. Think of quantum computers and wetware, the interface between brain and machine. Predicting that this technology will become more effective and cheaper is therefore quite safe. Or that it gets new applications.

Truly disruptive technology is harder to predict. That is technology that gives people capabilities that they did not have until now. Especially technology, which is the result of new scientific breakthroughs. Still, the creators of this video, a brave attempt. This is based on existing trends and known physical laws.

The prediction in the video that the Alcubierre drive works is controversial. The effect on which this drive is based has not yet been demonstrated in an experiment. Although the warp field on which the Alcubierre drive is based is a valid solution of the general theory of relativity.

That is, valid, if negative energy exists on our scale, not just the small particle scale. And there is a method to create it. We can also build wormholes ourselves. In principle, you could even travel time with that.

Wormholes and warp drives are still unproven future technology, but theoretically possible. Source: Genty / Pixabay

Do you think nanotechnology is small? Well, it can be even smaller. Imagine storing an entire factory in the space of an atom. In theory this is possible with femtotechnics. Technology on the scale of an atomic nucleus. We may be able to manipulate the strong nuclear force in the future in the same way as the electromagnetic force now. Then completely new techniques would arise. And new opportunities. New things to experience and explore. Think of a visit to the interior of the sun, or the earth, for example. That, and much more, would then be possible.

New laws of nature, future technology

Everything stands or falls with the question whether our laws of physics are the only laws that exist. Or that new laws may still exist. Indeed there are things that we cannot yet explain with the laws we now know. So we have no idea what dark matter is precise. And where those huge rings come from in heaven. So big that they are almost the remainder of one collision with another universe appear to be. When we discover new laws of nature, we also discover an enormous number of new potential devices.

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  1. The real question, of course, is what we can do up to the year 100,000. Is science eventually over or is there an infinite factor or magnifying glass hidden in it? Or is existence in the end an eternal repetition of moves and a hollowed-out cardboard box? I think we will be surprised that the universe offers us so much pleasure that we will not experience yet another repetition in a million years.

    When humanity goes through a constant fall and revival, you may wonder whether actions actually matter in the end. Especially when there is a limit.

      1. People's longing for money, power and selfishness often has to do with underlying problems. If we cannot resolve them, it will certainly play a role.

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