Seduced by artificial intelligence: the siren AI

It started with internet porn. Then came the sex robots. We are now approaching the point for 2030 that artificial intelligence can pass the Turing test. In other words, pretend to be a human. For example, as someone trying to hook you up. What techniques will artificial intelligence use to learn to hack human emotions? When are you tempted by artificial intelligence? In this video the state of affairs.

Seduced by artificial intelligence. Source:

Seduced by artificial intelligence

Capitalism will always strive to maximize profit. You make a profit by selling products that you can manufacture cheaply for more money. When there is no longer a way to differentiate yourself with your special product, there is only one way to make a profit. Sell more. In other words: entice more customers and entice customers better.

If AI continues to improve and eventually surpass humans in information processing capacity, the logical end product is the siren AI. An artificial intelligence capable of completely wrapping people around its finger. Cash desk!


But there are also supervillains. At least, evil characters who take the opportunity to grow into a real time Joker or Darth Vader. Such a person may come up with the idea of seducing the population with this. For example, to a dictatorship headed by him. Was Cambridge Analytica, the firm that helped Trump win an election, scary? Or the power of big tech over us? You haven't seen anything as yet.

Ex Machina

We saw an example of such artificial intelligence in the 2015 film Ex Machina. An artificial intelligence seduced the protagonist in order to escape, to work on world domination. This is not imaginary, says philosopher Neil Bostrom in his book Superintelligence. Tempted to doom? The risk is greater than most people think about.

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