UPDATE: Why Donald Trump Is Likely To Win The US Presidential Election

June 20, 2016 Visionary predicted the following.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to be constantly throwing in his own glasses. Appearances are deceptive. He is far from the stupid blow job he is often portrayed for in the European media. He follows a sophisticated strategy, which is excellently explained in the video below.

At the moment, the competitors, mainly Hillary Clinton, are not prepared for what lies ahead. In the past, Trump has managed to take out the most dangerous competitors one by one, associating them with negative catch words. Establishment candidate Jeb Bush, for example, was associated with 'low energy', a huge turnoff for workaholic Americans. Cruz has been characterized again and again as 'lying Ted'. Successfully again. Now it's 'crooked' Hillary's turn. Only a lawsuit against Trump for defrauding, or a cast-iron independent candidate, can get in the way.

Trump takes on his opponents one by one. Can it still be stopped?

UPDATE: contrary to what so-called experts like Maarten van Rossum and the like thought, and the main stream media predicted, this prediction turned out to be true. The number of Trump voters turned out to be about ten percent higher than in the polls of the main stream media. Donald J. Trump, if not assassinated, will become the next president of the United States.

30 thoughts on “UPDATE: Waarom Donald Trump de Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen waarschijnlijk gaat winnen”

  1. Trump is certainly not stupid. Then he could never have had such a success as a businessman. But he seems to be a bloated ego-tripper. You often see this with successful people in any discipline. Enough examples of successful movie stars, pop musicians, business people, politicians (and even scientists popular in the media such as the late Carl Sagan) who have a gigantic inflated ego and therefore no longer criticize themselves or accept criticism of their actions. But even if Trump were to become president of the US, he absolutely does not have a free hand to carry out his plans announced in the election campaign. There is always Congress that can get in his way. See Obama who has by far not been able to accomplish everything he intended.

  2. Trump is clearly a businessman. He has a lot of knowledge of psychology in the sense that he knows how to use human weaknesses to be able to sell successfully. This is what every businessman / advertising agency does: give a familiar and convincing picture of a product without going too deep into the real factual arguments.
    I think he gained a lot of knowledge in this way about how to play an entire population group. It gets scary that the majority of the electorate gives in to his rather flat and aggressive sales talk, instead of reason. Trump is actually a fine textbook example of how elections are everywhere, albeit to a less extreme degree.

  3. I have been following the American presidential elections closely from the very beginning. Donald Trump (last name has been changed from Drumpf to Trump) has no chance of winning these elections. The candidates from the republican camp were all unsuitable and no one can replace them in time now. The Republicans desperately want, and this is publicly noticeable in the media, to get rid of Trump. This in addition to the fact that as I predicted, at least 50 % of the republican voters will now vote for Clinton. Donald Trump has been killing Republicans for decades.

  4. Like many, I closely follow the elections in America and from day 1 the Don is my favorite.
    I think the Americans are not concerned about a changed family name and are very aware of who is the right man in the right place.

  5. I think Trump may well go on to win. First, there are already voices that he is doing his best to get back into the flattery of the Republican camp. So we can expect a 'charm' offensive in that direction in the coming weeks and months.
    And as for his presidency, a president has a large staff, a cabinet of educated people of strong opinion, a civil service, and the like around him. For many decisions, he will be the first to take the advice of - in particular - all kinds of specialists. So his 'erratic' policy will not be that bad in practice.
    After all, we also thought that weird third-rate actor Ronald Reagan would be nothing as president. But he eventually handed out the 'knock out' blow in the Cold War to the Russians. And that is not nothing!

      1. Well, except for you, of course, there were few in the US or elsewhere who supported Reagan in ramping up the nuclear arsenal. For example, I can remember that the whole Malieveld was full of protesters. And those weren't just linkos!
        Science in retrospect is always simple.

    1. It also helped, of course, that in the USSR Gorbachev came to power and purged the hardliners there. If that had not happened, I doubt that the soviets would have given up as easily as they did now. If a figure like Putin had come to power in the mid-1980s, he might have given the economy a free hand, but certainly held the political reins much tighter in hand. See eg China.

  6. Well, the Washington posts that have been running from the moment he applied to ridicule him have ended his campaign prematurely several times.
    They are so credible that after Orlando they had to change the headlines because they are not true and to avoid lawsuits from Donald against them and they are no more welcome on his campaign then you are credible as an objective newspaper.
    They try to portray an image of someone that is not correct.
    But if you are American and you can choose from: I did not have sex with that woman or Make America Great Again what would you do?
    But yes the Americans have two choices

  7. The USA is in the hands of the Jews, DT or HC both are 1000% behind Israel. HC is too bellicose that doesn't win. DT was also president in the simpsons (which already 'predicted' a lot). but well in principle it doesn't matter who wins (all pawns), everything is fine for israel and that counts, that's all. from the USA (washington) mainly the Germans are also being destroyed by, for example, forcing the mass migration of Muslims through pawns merkel and co.

  8. Jaja Antares you are a true visionary, you look at the news objectively and there is no division among the democrats.
    Hilldog aaaaow

  9. Facebook news, too bad that is not real news, if that were true we would have known for sure.
    One of Clinton's biggest backers.
    The Clinton killings are hard evidence, women who commit suicide because they were oppressed by Sexpedo Bill Clinton and the lesbian Hilldog, the wars that are facts, the chaos, the poverty etc etc etc etc
    But everyone has his opinion.
    How the media puts someone away says enough, but people talk about it and they know the truth.
    But the great thing is that the Americans realize that too.
    So on to 8 years of make America Great Again.

        1. "Good morning, what a beautiful day."

          Many ignorant people will make that wish in the future, just over 8 light minutes before they notice that the sun has exploded.

          Enjoy it………….

  10. unbelieving Thomas

    You don't have to be a visionary to see that HC was chosen years ago by Wallstreet to become president of the US in 2016 .. The witch HC will passionately roar everything that her bosses whisper to her ... all. In exchange for money. and power ... she learned while working as a lawyer ...

    1. Haha, laughing with that Facebook nonsense is not normal.
      Too bad people believe that.
      And yes electoral fraud let 4 million illegal immigrants vote and then supposedly take the popular vote.

      Professional activists who are paid to take action

      Fortunately, a fresh wind is blowing across the world, and for people who don't want tailwind, you have Facebook, npo, think and other nonsense.

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