Pill against aging in sight

It was a discovery with a bitter aftertaste. Rapamycin prolongs life, but causes diabetes. Now that researchers have managed to separate these properties of this drug, a new life-extending drug is emerging without the harmful side effects.

Live longer, but with diabetes
Rapamycin (sirolimus) is usually given to prevent the patient's body from rejecting the donor organ after a transplant and as a therapy for cancer. Previous studies showed that rapamycin extends animal life (in mice) by around fourteen percent, but at the same time increases glucose intolerance - a side effect also reported in humans.

Brazilian plaque commemorating the discovery of the rapamycin-producing bacteria, which has already saved the lives of many transplant patients. Incidentally, the bacteria produces more useful substances. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Action on two different proteins
David Sabatini of the Whitehead Institute for Miomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his colleagues gave the drug to genetically engineered mice with the genes for rapamycin's target proteins turned off. In doing so, they discovered that rapamycin responded to two important nutrient-responsive proteins, MTORC1 and MTORC2 (mammalian target Of rapamycin complex 1 and 2).

Rapamycin has been discovered in the soil bacteria Streptomyces hygroscopicus, a bacterium that occurs on Easter Island (Rapa Nui). The substance suppresses the immune system.

After the study, it became known that the action on the gene for MTORC1 prolongs life, while the action on the gene for MTORC2 causes diabetes.

Only life extension
Sabatini's team is now working on a form of rapamycin that only acts on MTORC1. If that succeeds, and the researchers can prevent their new variant from causing unpleasant effects elsewhere in the cell, a drug would be created that could effectively extend the lifespan by a number of years. If the effect would be as strong as in mice, it would be an average of ten years in humans. This comes at a price: even after elimination of glucose intolerance, suppression of the immune system means a reduced resistance, including against certain cancers. So don't cheer too soon.

The second step to a thousands of years old human dream: immortality, is getting closer. (The first step, discovering healthy living habits, is already commonplace). Incidentally, life extension in itself is not the most interesting goal. We have been living ten years longer than before the Second World War, but unfortunately the period without chronic diseases is just as long. The real challenge is to extend the time that people live without chronic disease, so that the quality of life improves significantly and it also becomes worthwhile to extend the time that we stay alive.

David M. Sabatini et al., Rapamycin-Induced Insulin Resistance Is Mediated by mTORC2 Loss and Uncoupled from Longevity, Science (2012), DOI: 10.1126 / science.1215429 (paywall)
Pill against aging a step closer, Kennislink (2012)

20 thoughts on “Pil tegen veroudering in zicht”

  1. When I read this piece about life extension through a pill, I still get a lot of mixed feelings. When I look at myself and take my physical and mental condition, I ask myself, do I want this ?! I think when you are young, the urge to survive is greater than when you are a door older. In addition, it is in my view a contradictory fact, which goes against any legislation of life. Normally there is a time of coming and going. That people dread going, regardless of the reasons, I can also put myself forward. That is the diversity of thoughts and feelings around this, based on many experiences in this and / or that being and / or her life. But in my view, this life that I am in now is only part of the next part of life that will come afterwards. Yes and how you look at it again is also diverse for many. If you could already speak of a legislation of life, it is a given that the physical part will be burned out and that the spirit would like to have rest there. The only positive thing I could think of that pill would relate to a young child, if for whatever reason he sees the end approaching. But here too I have a lot of comments. The system is simply made and / or designed and recorded in Ben's blueprint. So finally, why make that pill, things go as they are recorded in the blueprint and fortunately people cannot change that. But do not be afraid, the fear of death can be overcome. Mvg, Paul.

    1. Right you are Paul, I think that ultimately death is nothing but the stage before conception. You were not there, you knew nothing, until you came, saw, and in that chaos you had to orient yourself to what will haunt you to death. All the pain of knowing remains stored in you as a memory, that may well be over for me. They may love me for eternity, the hereafter too. I read carefully the pieces you write, normally do not comment, but admire your insights, keep it up.
      With Fr gr André.

  2. Paul sometimes you say good things, but now totally disagree with you.
    There are also people who have a wonderful life and I can well imagine that such people would want to extend their life. Not everyone has seen life after one life cycle.

    Same for André. Memories are not carried by every person as an unbearable burden throughout life. Some can also accommodate and enjoy unpleasant memories. If there is still enough to live for, why should a person not be allowed to extend that life (if at all ever possible).

  3. I would like to live twenty years longer, as long as it is in good (mental) health. Imagine, you have learned all the hard life lessons, then you would like to enjoy that experience for 20 years longer, I think.

    1. Stef and Germen, I wish you everything, including a longer life through the pill. Stef, after 1 cycle it is impossible to experience that through the experience, what can actually be experienced, maybe we need 100 cycles or more for that. I also think that the older you get, you have to ask yourself whether your mind is still of that time and whether the mind can actually experience it.
      Germen, I think, as I have already expressed it above, that they are rarities, where the mind still works so optimally in old age. There will inevitably come a moment when those old brain cells start to fail the mind. But yes, let it be clear that it is everyone's choice and whether or not it is her own choice to take a pill or not, fortunately I don't have to make a decision about that. Mvg, Paul.

      1. Exactly Paul, and it just depends on what hard life lessons you had to endure, because some of them are intolerable. They continue to disrupt your emotional stability like a heavy burden, if those experiences have been too traumatic. I had to keep going because if I got out of it, I would ruin the lives of my loved ones forever, so I took responsibility for it. It made me think differently, you can see the consequences of the suffering that happens to others in completely different perspectives. The disadvantage of that position is also the shared anger about injustice, I absolutely cannot deal with that anymore, and then I have to be careful not to make a mistake. I have been left with psychoses, for which I am taking medication. Sometimes when I am very tired, things don't go well. I have never harmed anyone, but the statements that sometimes come out to me are unacceptable in such a case. I know that myself, I am thoroughly sorry afterwards, and am amazed that it happened. I do not expect any understanding from others who cannot look into my past, no one can imagine anything about it. Trauma, and what it can do to your mind, changed my thinking. Despite all therapies, you cannot get rid of it, you only learn to deal with it through that therapy. My shame has also gone to talk about it openly, which in the past I only discussed in confidence. I then communicated an apparent friend, who is now out of my life. To then have to read that he easily burned me down again when I was attacked by him, I found and find a heavy humiliation. He also suffered a lot in the past, and learned to compensate for it in his own way. But I cannot understand that others had to be victims of this, and in particular women. I still love the old-fashioned stamp, and I always keep the door open when I let a lady board my vehicle. I was brought up old-fashioned, and yet emancipated. That has an effect on the present, so I always stand up for them. It is very regrettable that others do not always interpret this correctly, because my reactions are sometimes wrong (I owe this to myself, make no mistake). It is true that I have now found measures against it. Stop writing at such a moment, but cool off first. I grant people eternal life, in whatever form, with all the normal pleasures they choose. But think like you, sometimes it should be enough. New beginnings can be like redemption.
        With Fr gr André.

        1. Andre, the saying goes for good reason, there is no house without a cross. My life has been a very eventful life, of which I sometimes did not understand anything, why was always the question that arose. It is not my habit to fold straight out of the house, but sometimes it is necessary, this is such a case in my view. In the 4th grade of primary school the same thing happened to me as you. 35 years later there was a reunion of that class, where many conversations were about the teachers, it turned out there were 2 boys who had been abused by the same teacher. 1 was completely devastated after 35 years. A few years later I ran into this teacher, as a civil servant at the municipality behind a counter. We looked at each other for a minute, he lowered his eyes and turned me around and left. Then I lost my own flesh and blood twice, while that was not necessary. I was 22 years old. Because of this event I ended up in an ochosis. Destroyed everything I built with my own hands. The next day I wandered around with a weekend bag on my back, I wanted to go to Israel, but stranded at Syria and then slowly but surely went back again. In those 7 months I have known hunger and thirst, slept out in the field, night in, night out. The cold crept slowly and steadily through your body and at the crack of dawn, if possible, you looked for a brook and or something like that to freshen up your face, I stank in the wind for an hour without noticing in. And was as thin as a bar. On that journey I met a lot of good, unimaginable. I can give you a few more examples. But never got an answer as to why. I only got that answer in 1980, when I met my last wife with her 3 children. In 1985 we got married and in 2010 we celebrated our 25th anniversary. It was only on that day in 2010 that I really got an answer to the why, when we all sat together with our 7 grandsons. I came to the conclusion that I had acquired great wealth. Mind you, it was a matter of trial and error. Yet. I have always been lucky in my life, to mentally recharge my energy in solitude. Preferably in the field or along the seawall, to hear the murmur of the sea and let the wind blow through my face. By going back into solitude, I came to rest spiritually and many questions were answered. Sometimes I still do it and then there is a smile on my face. Often my current wife comes along, she knows everything about my past, and experiences the mental strength that we acquire. Andre, if you ever find yourself in a situation again, look for the silence and get peace, believe me the answers will come naturally. Mvg, Paul.

        2. @ Paul.R: ever heard of the Aunt Betje style?
          This is a science forum, not a chat room for old guys.

        3. Paul, it's unbelievable what a person can endure if they have to, and I hope people understand that this was written in connection with the above article. My family already has houses on the sea, where I often enjoy the peace.

          Archibald don't act like a child when adults record their experiences. You are unnecessarily hurtful, we have not done to you either.

          With Fr gr André.

        4. Dear Archibald and Andre, as andre says, archibald you are hurtful, but Andre people are only hurtful because of their ignorance. Be happy for them that they did not have to go through that experience, that is again the power of positive thinking. He has 1 point, it is a scientific forum, but sometimes archibald you have to put the rules aside for a while to achieve the right thing. Chapter closed as far as I am concerned, or there must be questions, reassure them and I will answer them as best I can. Mvg, Paul.

      2. As I read this, you want body rejuvenation rather than life extension, if you could choose.

        What would you rather want after that, if you had to choose; a young mind or a young body?

        1. Preferably both, but with the possibility to repair the consequences for my mind. I don't want to be like I am Julie. Medicines are not everything. You wouldn't really want to tinker with life lessons, and the memory suffers. That my grammar suffers from this is still up to that point, but that I had to attack others and myself like that, no, that is no longer necessary for me. You can never turn back the past, maybe that was my Karma too. That is why I am now beginning to accept it, and with it the consequences and benefits of dying. What's good about that, I don't know. I am just tired of looking for solutions to my problems. And who wants to be covered by the WAO forever, because there is no other way? I'll keep it going for a while, but forever? I do not think so. A young mind in exchange for dying is not such a bad exchange. Maybe that's possible, I don't know. I consider incarnation a possibility that I cannot rule out given my spiritual memories, who knows what is there, and so many have gone before us.
          With deserved warm greetings to a friendly lady.

        2. My grandfather would have said, good boy, just keep going. That kind lady is certainly entitled to the well-deserved kind regards, also from my side. Mvg, Paul.

      3. Paul, in most old people the brains continue to function well until around the age of 80, although there is some deterioration. After the eightieth year you do indeed see faster deterioration. The good news is that scientists are increasingly getting their finger on this process in this regard too. One day you will have to die, but why not postpone that moment a lot?

        1. Germen, fortunately I have a good outlook for another 15 years. But without craziness, I think when I look at myself and certainly at my body and the related (current) ailments, I should therefore take even more pills. Medicines have side effects, which do not always make you happy. I try to avoid these drugs as much as possible, by looking for a replacement for them in my food as best and badly as possible, not to mention as far as I can afford the good food. But food does have a preference for us. In my view, you could maintain and counteract the deterioration of the body, including that of the gray brain cells, by eating the right food. Because we get the chemistry we need from the food, which we consume. The bacteria convert this in such a way that the blood can absorb it and transport it to the relevant department, which is actually a wonderful system if you think about it. But there is another fact, namely our DNA. In my view, you should actually have your own DNA examined in order to obtain the science of where the deviations and / or deficiencies are present. In other words, if parts of the DNA were to be missing, it can nowadays be updated with medicines, but here too all data is not yet established and or has not yet been investigated. Because don't forget there is no more complex system than our DNA. There are also subjects in the DNA for which there are no medicines yet. Just like cancer, research is still being done diligently, people are already well in the right direction, but it is still not complete. And actually quite logical if you assume that there are 3.4 billion data linked to it per data, differing from 10,000 / 50,000 to millions of data. So calculate how many possibilities are interwoven. Now they have brought back the basic data, just don't remember exactly how much, I thought to somewhere in the 2 billion, but still. So if I have defects in my DNA and my standard of life is extended, I wonder, what about my ailments, will they be remedied by that, I have a lot of question marks about this. If your DNA is in reasonable condition and everything is functioning properly, you could consider the pill for life extension, but that also remains (fortunately) everyone's free choice. First so far. Mvg, Paul.

  4. Peer Polderman

    Jesus, you have to be very insecure not to accept death,
    Fuck death, live every day like it's the last; with or without drinks.

  5. Take care of the grandchildren when you are 110…. they are then… 55 ???

    And if you are that old yourself, you will be unemployed for 60 years, because over 50 it is a bit over if you have not dug into a permanent job.

    Happy New Year!

  6. kimberley pex

    Something that suppresses the immune system is never good. I have crohn's, and have had several immune suppressants. No, I am just happy with the natural resistance. I suspect that people who take this pill are more likely to die of flu or inflammation. What a mess with the Divine self-healing ability. Building resistance is useful, not breaking it down.

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