The Nature of Sex

A beautiful documentary about perhaps the nicest invention of mother nature: sex.

From the sea horse that mates in an hypnotic underwater ballet to the rodent who copulates until he literally drops dead, THE NATURE OF SEX spans the globe to illustrate how an astonishing diversity of life forms find their mates and conceive, raise, and protect their offspring.

This Web companion to the four-part series takes a close look at the primal instinct that causes animals to come together in order to pass along their genes to the next generation. We also examine how timing can be key in the mating process, and how varied sex contracts create not only new life, but diversity, in both animals and humans.

-) Part 1 - The Primal Instinct
-) Part 2 - A Time and A Place
-) Volume 3 - The Sex Contract
-) Volume 4 - Sex and the Human Animal
-) Volume 5 - A Miracle in the Making
-) Volume 6 - The Young Ones

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7 thoughts on “The Nature of Sex”

  1. A beautiful video of mother nature and her system. Here too you can see how diverse the possibilities of copulation are. In other words, it is absolutely nothing strange to humans. Mi there is a bit of difference for me, because I don't have to think about having to fight first to be able to achieve a copulation. Then I can have an hour or more break to perform the actual act. Mvg Paul.

  2. Germs, as far as I am versed in this matter, the neocortex is part of the cortex cerebri (cerebral cortex), which is located on the outside of the brain. If you were to reason in logic, the gray cells should have evolved along with the tasks they have to perform. In the most complex matters you can imagine. Since humanity expressly distinguishes itself from the animal kingdom, you therefore also see a much more complex effect in humanity. Mvg Paul.

  3. I think the problems can be traced back to two points:
    1. Differences between men and women. Men often aim for as many casual quick contacts as possible, while women who remain with the child and therefore have to raise it, want a man who offers stability and protection. You see this not only in humans, but also in most other animals. This creates the necessary tension.
    2. All kinds of social values and norms that want to limit the natural sex drive in the least and almost prohibit it in the worst case. Think for example of the prohibition of sex before marriage and limitation to the sexual drive to a monogamous relationship. At least for men, that's unnatural.
    The only ones who do not have to adhere to those values and standards are the rulers who have issued those standards. They allow themselves everything (see for example a ruler with a harem or types such as Berlusconi, Prins Bernhard and DSK).    

  4. Tombraider, Germen also talked about problems and so did you. Problems are also mentioned in the video and / or in the small text. What you indicate as a distinction between man and woman, I see as a natural law. You also talk about norms and values, usually it is the religion that indicates this. The natural drive, regardless of its or its complexity, is a normal death. That there is a difference in sexual maturity between both sexes is actually also a well-established concept. In humans, sexual maturity is usually quite young, from about 12 to 14 years. The religion could not cope with this fact and therefore they drew up their own legislation, in this case most of all in Christianity. There are still plenty of countries where a 14-year-old girl is married off. The difference in the latter is that it is usually never voluntary, but an obligation. Mvg Paul.

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